Nikolai Khalezin: Free Theatre did not ask for asylum in the U.S.

Artistic Director of the "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin znyapravdiv reports that the team leaders have asked for political asylum in the United States.

"In connection with some" procedures ", we probably should be in the United States, but in a strange coincidence four people are now in England, two — in America, and the rest — in Minsk, where he played days play back «New York'79». But in America, we still find ourselves in some time, as we begin month tour in New York, where he will be played 39 performances at the theater LaMama ", — Khalezin wrote on his page on" Live Journal ".

After the events of December 19 2010 Khalezin and his wife, the director of the "Free Theatre" Natalia Kolyada left Belarus. Christmas carol was arrested on December 19 during a street protest and the next day the district court Condo fined 30 basic units (1.05 million). Khalezin was some time locked in the apartment Special Forces.

"I dropped the information that we pass on criminal case as a partner in organizing the riots, "- said in January Khalezin in his blog. Jan. 11 in apartments parents Carols and Khalezin were searched.


Khalezin "Free Theatre" Koljada

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