No official mourning. People — there is

Among the dead and injured from the bombing of the Minsk April 11 — Many residents of the regions of Belarus. But today, none of them has declared official mourning. Shares of trouble occur at the initiative of the people. Meanwhile, police and security forces began actively calling on interrogations of opposition activists.

Vitebsk Region

On giant screens in Victory Square — concert recording of "Slavonic Bazaar"

In Vitebsk, signs of official mourning for the victims of the Minsk terrorist attack on April 11 is almost negligible. State flags with black ribbons hung only on the individual institutions.

Regional Library named after Lenin.

Victory Square in Vitebsk on huge screens svyatlodyednyh broadcast recordings of concerts of "Slavonic Bazaar" entertainment and advertising. Including on April 16 — despite a report to the City Council website on the abolition of all such events before the end of this week.

The screen on the Victory Square.

Incidentally, the site executive committee mentioned that among the victims of the explosion is one representative of Vitebsk — 19-year-old Julia Shokel of Miory. In fact, at least four of the victims compatriots; Julia Shokel andAndrew Lutsko of Mershchyny, Ivan Jakimovich with Sharkovshchina yes glybachanka Julia Samuylov. Information on the affected young people gathered and published by the independent website freelance journalist Konstantin Shital.

According to official sources, Miorsky executive committee offered to help the families of the victims compatriots, but they still refused. The local authorities in other parts of these proposals do not say.

The action for the victims was held in the Deep

Affected supports public: Deep April 13 Rally in favor of the victims of the terrorist attack. Said one of the participants:

"The action was announced on the Internet. Everyone could now come and take part — to help distribute leaflets, printed where the account to which you can transfer the money to the victims of the Minsk terrorist attack. The action lasted about an hour, we gave out over 300 leaflets. "

At the funeral shares assumed to come orshantsy, Polochans and residents of the regional center. In Vitebsk, flowers and candles left near the underpass in Victory Square, and the first to make it Vitebsk students — yesterday evening, said the medical student of the University Svetlana:

"We have a lecture series on a scrap of paper to hold a rally of solidarity. And yesterday evening, people came, and in the underpass hitched a note, it read, "We are against terror", "mourn and pray", leaving candles and flowers. "

Street cleaners impromptu memorial not touch.



People mourn, police questioned the opposition

The Brest region rallies mourning and sorrow over the tragedy in the subway, and in Brest KGB and police began to summon for questioning the opposition.

Brest chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Ludmila Denisenko was summoned to the local department of the KGB. The investigators were interested located activists on April 11. On this occasion, the investigators advised not to take part in the event "gasoline-2," says Ludmila:

"The first question I was asked — where I was on April 11? I am very detail painted his day and gave contact numbers of those people that had a meeting. Other than that, I have something to ask what I think about the explosions that I know anyone who disseminates information about other explosions. I said that our party is very negative in the terrorist attacks. "

Two men in plain clothes looking for my brother.

The police officers came to the apartment of a member of the movement "For Freedom" Constantine Turchynyaka. He was not at home, the police talked with his father activist. They reported that the reason for the visit was an explosion in the Minsk metro, said the activist's brother Denis Turchynyak:

"Two men in civilian clothes were looking for my brother. He was not home, but his father, who opened the door, asked why they are looking for Constantine. The police said they want to know where the activist was April 11. But it was just that day in Brest. I do not know whether it has started a witch hunt, or harassment because he has the belief, or is it because that on December 19 last year, he was in an area of Brest? . "

However, Denis Turchynyak not rule out that the reason for the search for his brother might be the fact that the police were not able to attract before Constantine to fingerprinting.

An impromptu meeting in Brest, mourning — in Baranovichy

In Baranavichi mourning, which will last until the end of the week. Among those who died in the explosion — a native of Baranovichy Olga Solovyov.

The region today continue the action of mourning. On the eve of an impromptu meeting was held in Brest. Today the action will take place in Baranovichi, said a representative of the State Light Industry College, in this city:

"The action was organized by our students. But she got quite a response. She was joined by students of all educational institutions Baranovichy. Additionally, will take part in a demonstration at the Eternal Flame and the representatives of the city administration. The action will begin at 17 o'clock. "

Lev Margolin

Deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin coordinating regional policies of UCP. He is convinced:

"It is the people in the regions imposed the idea that the opposition and the perpetrator — the concept is almost the same type. Therefore, members of the opposition will call for questioning, to seek answers to the questions: where were at that time than can be justified.

I believe that it is in the plans of certain special services. They are now very much, and some have a certain degree of freedom in their actions. So they are activated. "


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