Not passed the fingerprints — pay a fine 875,000

Judge of the District of Gomel Galina Sytko fined the chairman of Homel regional branch of the United Civil Party of Belarus Vasily Polyakov at 875,000 rubles. The activist refused to surrender to the police department fingerprints, and against him the administrative report for disobeying a lawful order or requirement of a public official.

The judge rejected the motion of Mr. Poliakov to its interests at the hearing to represent the members of the UCP, lawyer Leonid Sudalenka.

Himself Vasily Polyakov explained to the court that the fingerprinting humiliates his dignity, and the paint, which is used by the police for fingerprinting can damage health.

Moreover, fingerprint is not known as stored in the police. There are cases, such as in Mozyr, when activists handed over the prints, but now they can not find people to go again require fingerprinting procedure.

Lawyer Leonid Sudalenka draws attention to the fact that the law does not provide for fingerprint registration liable for refusing to be fingerprinted. Judge Sytko established a legal precedent by punishing it for activist fine of 25 basic units.

Penalty Basil Poles going to challenge in the regional court and, if need be, and the Supreme Court, and the UN Committee on Human Rights.



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