Nuclear decontamination aliens

November 5, 2011 14:01

Nuclear decontamination aliensThe information stated retired military officers of the Air Force United States, reported the claim that since 1948, aliens poyavlyayutsya near nuclear installations of the United States and Great Britain as a result of these events fails nuclear weapons.
They say it was a case where an unidentified flying object landed in the Royal Air Force base. But law enforcement authorities all the information about the event is kept secret.
Six retired officers and one former conscript, and retired Captain Robert Salas, said: "We tell you the case of the real lives of real officers of extraterrestrial flying, which everyone knows as a UFO."

 First Captain Salas witnessed suspicious incident that occurred March 16, 1967 at the base of the Air Force Malmstrom, which is located in Montana.
"At a time when the UFO flew and hovered in front of my eyes on the base, I was on duty. Or instantly turn 10 nuclear missiles Minuteman. A similar incident happened in another place five days later. We flew objects is an increased interest in our missiles. They're obviously not from this planet, "- he said.
Colonel Charles Halt said that about 30 years ago saw an unidentified flying object over the base of British Air Force Bentwaters near Ipswich State. Base Ipswich — one of the few places where nuclear weapons are stored. Unidentified flying objects emit light rays over the entire base. Just after a few minutes Colonel Halt heard the announcement on radio that extraterrestrial beings have landed on the basis of storing nuclear weapons.
In 2003, there was another interference in the work of extraterrestrial beings air bases that store U.S. nuclear stockpile. Testimony of 120 retirees or retired military personnel, are stored in the form of a documentary in the security

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