Off the coast of Sweden, a major oil spill

On the western coast of Sweden rescue services likviliruyut major oil leak. After the collision of two ships in the sea near the island of the archipelago Churn Boguslaw found about 110 cubic meters of oil spilled. This is one of the largest oil spill that occurred in Sweden.

10 September in the coastal waters of Denmark, two vessels collided. Early reports on the oil spill there on September 15.

The operation involved five ships and aircraft involved about 50 staff Coast Guard sends Swedish edition Local. According to rescuers, the last day of oil is no longer distributed by sea.

Ecologists have identified mass death of birds. According to preliminary estimates, several hundred injured, but in the future they may rise to thousands of individuals.

As reported, on August 10 in the North Sea was the largest oil spill in the last ten years. Leakage occurred on the pipeline company Royal Dutch Shell is about 180 kilometers from the Scottish city of Aberdeen. An oil slick has reached the size of six square kilometers in the sea has got more than 500 tons of oil, and the oil slick covers an area of approximately six square kilometers.

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