Official data on the extinction of the population in Russia


National composition of the population of Russia according to the 2002 census

Final data published census in 2010.

Since 2002, Russia's population has fallen by 2.3 million people (1.6 percent) and is 142,857,000 people. This is confirmed by the final data of Rosstat on the outcome of the population census of 2010, published on December 16 in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". In terms of population of the Russian Federation is the eighth largest in the world, after China, India, U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rosstat has come to the conclusion that the rate of decline in Russia's population is accelerating. From 1989 to 2002, the country has missed 1.8 million people, and over the next eight years — is 2.3 million. And the loss of the rural population is three times higher than in urban areas. Since 2002, the fixed mass extinction of entire villages — during which time they decreased by 8.5 thousand. Another 19.4 thousand rural settlements exist legally, but de facto they have no one lives.

The average age of Russians — 39 years. This is evidence of a slow aging of the population (in 2002 the average age was 37.7 years).

The proportion of women continues to increase slowly: their 10.7 million more than the men. The number of married couples, compared to 2002 decreased by one million and 33 million, of which 13 percent are in the informal marriage. In this case, the divorce rate has increased, while the number of unmarried persons under 16 years of age decreased.

With regard to the ethnic composition of the population, there is remarkable the number of those who refused to state their ethnicity. Compared to the results of the 2002 census, the number of those increased by 2.7 per cent to 5.6 million. Russian perceive themselves 80.9 per cent of the population (in 2002 — 80.64 percent). The share of the second largest nationality — Tatars — remained the same and amounted to 3.87 per cent. Third place, as before, take the Ukrainians, but their share has decreased from 2.05 to 1.41 percent. Next on the list are the Bashkirs, Chuvash, Chechens, Armenians, Avars, Mordovians and Kazakhs. Compared to other ethnic Chechens, Avars and Armenians demonstrated particularly high population growth.

Population census was held in Russia from 14 to 25 October 2010. Costs of its implementation are estimated at 17 billion rubles — writes

Russians has decreased by almost 2.5 million.

Russia's population over the last 8 years has decreased by 2.3 million people.
This information was provided on the basis of Rosstat national census of 2010.
According to official data, in particular the Russian village suffered: the loss of the rural population — in? Three times higher than in urban areas. Since 2002, the number of rural settlements in Russia decreased by eight and a half thousand.

At the end of the previous census in 2002, Russia ranked seventh in the world in terms of population, now — eighth.

Russia is still far ahead of China, India, U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are now ahead.

In this case, the rate of decline in Russia's population, according to Rosstat, accelerated.

Earlier, scientists mapped the extinction of mankind, according to which Russia will die in 2888, and Ukraine — in the range from 3000 to 3299, according ru.tsn, ua.

Scientists have made calculations, Ukraine will become extinct in the interval from 3000 to 3299, and Russia v2888 year, ie after 800 years.

Scientists have mapped the extinction of mankind, according to which Ukraine will become extinct in the interval from 3000 to 3299, and Russia in 2888, ie after 800 years.

Scientists explain that the forecast extinction of other countries is based on the so-called net replacement rate (WHC) — the average number of girls born in the average woman's life in a particular country, and lived to the end of the reproductive period at these levels of fertility and mortality.

Around 120 countries this ratio is greater than one, that is, with each new generation is growing not just the number of people, but the number of girls, and the extinction of a country is not threatened.

According to scientists, the majority of these countries — developing c common high birth rate, but there is a fully developed, such as Ireland, Israel, New Zealand.

In 73 countries it is less than one, that is, sooner or later, women in this country will be left, and replicate without the population (men) will not be able to.

Scientists have explained, to understand when the moment comes, the female population was multiplied by the WHC, while the result did not reach the 1.

"The number of multiplication operations — is the number of generations that are needed for the extinction of the country", — experts state.

Next, the number of generations multiplied by the average age of childbearing, which made the number of years will pass before the birth of the last woman in the country.

Adding to this the average length of a woman's life, scientists have the date when the last woman dies of self-reproduction of the population of the country and stop (in the list of endangered was not only Russia, UAE and most Western countries, but also in Trinidad and Tobago, Vietnam and Myanmar).

According to scientists, the map has been drawn up, based on the latest date — the death of the last woman.

According, 10 countries who will die before all Macau (2628), Hong Kong (2740), Bosnia (2770), Russia (2888), Malta (2908) Slovakia (2957 r.), Singapore (2978), Romania (3074), Hungary (3104), Ukraine (~ 3200).

10 countries who die later: U.S. (177 773), Virgin Islands (15787), Saint Lucia (15 176), Tunisia (14,898), France (12,519), South Korea (9955), Azerbaijan (8759) Australia (8602), Netherlands Antilles (7984), Norway (7977).

2600-2999 year3000-32993300-39994000-5999> 6000-999910,000, and moredo not die

Map of extinctionHow long Russian, of course, no one believes, because the column "nationality" in the passport no. The total population was considered, and then only with grief in half and probably wrong …

Here for example, there is a lamentable gap in the calculations.

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