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Carefully look around yourself, brother, Ocean view their past, extending deep into the centuries, and you will realize that the only real truth of this so-called "civilization" — a genocide of Slavs. Consistent, and persistent covert destruction of our history, culture, traditions, our semey.I first we see endless attempts to destroy rusichej — descendants of the Rus, anciently existed on the vast lands of Asia and Europe.

No wonder the word "race" tune «Rasha». It is easy to see how our spaces in the native Russian quietly but relentlessly squeezed out all the key positions in the government, ideology, finance, mass — media, culture, science … We bang their heads with our brothers, the Ukrainians and Belarusians, with other brothers by race, solder , our youth wrap narcotic narcotic and debauchery, and women and girls are trafficked out of the country as sex slaves. It would be naive to believe that this is in itself that the reason our "mentality".

Looking at the map are 19 century, we see that the people of Western Ukraine called themselves the "Red Russia", the inhabitants of woodland called themselves "Black Rus", located in the upper reaches of the Dnieper White Russia, and the lower Dnieper stretched Little Russia. This is in addition to Kiev Rusi.A were still peoples of northern Russia — Novgorod, Vilna, etc. etc … "The Tale of Bygone Years", "The Tale of Igor's Campaign", a large number of church literature suggests that a few centuries ago, our ancestors were proud of the title of the Russian people. Nordic birch bark 10th century tell us about the complete and universal literacy of our ancestors. Vikings called our country "Gardarica" — "Garden State." Excavation of Tripoli, Arkaim, kites shafts Sunghir, Ladoga, Ryazan, Novgorod, Krapivna settlements, and many other places give us to understand that our culture is still there and has never been interrupted.

This is evidenced by all of our national epic. Another thing is that many carefully destroyed the evidence of our past, especially the pre-Christian perioda.Bolee, look at the European and Russian maps of the 17th century, we see that the Great Tartary, extending down to the Pacific Ocean, and included a part of India, half of the current China. Received in Europe called "Mongolia" — "The Great" (or "Magog") — it was part of the European expansion of the free Russia and was called so until the coming to power of the Romanovs, under the dictation of the western compose tale Mongol invasion of Russia. In fact, we understand — that there was a civil war against the invaders, captured our western lands. Therefore, on the side of Timur-Chin (Genghis Khan — this is a military position) and the Cossacks fought (floor Knights) and detachments of the Russian princes who did not wish to take interventionist ideology that destroyed Slavic birth. Great Wall of China is not accidental and impregnable battlements facing side of the wall to the south. A trident, — attribute Cossack power find in excavation Shang (Ukrainian "Shana"), the symbol of which was a sacred bird Feniks.I therefore still have a country Kazakstan, where the city of Alma — Ata — "Father of Apples." Kings Urartu (Armenia nyneshn.) proudly called themselves Roos-I, Rusa II, III .. Roos . One of the former names of Azov — Kazak, the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, there is still as-Tarhan. And there is the G-Rusia, which in the American ideologues try to rename to Georgia … and the Scottish national fabric with clan (clan patterns) called Tar-Tang.

Hundreds of people of different nationalities in the past called the Russian people — carriers Spirit Races, In ancient times, the Russian people had no slaves, no borders, no lenders and gentlemen, no parasites and thrive in a foreign labor population, as we can see diligently advertised in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, China, Peru, and t.d.Mirovozzrenie and attitudes Russes was imbued trust and love for each other, nature, one of its kind and the Creator. Measure of human behavior had a conscience ("co — News" — "co-lead" — the collective knowledge of the people about his mission and way of life.) Just over a hundred years ago, the number of the Slavs and the Chinese, for example. the world was about equal. PA Stolypin predicted that every 20 years, Russia's population will double — in the event that the authorities ensure peace strane.No … In western developed the idea of "money — commodity — money", completely displacing meaning and moral value of human life itself. It was presented to the public as a pseudoscientific concept that promotes the production of goods and services for the money. The latter, in turn, is expected to spend on the purchase of the same goods and services.

Thus, each member of the society became a cog in the world production car, managed international financial oligarchy. Regardless of who owns the means of production. The true meaning of the proposed community of "democracy" is simple — the total power of money over the activities of life itself cheloveka.Posle capital of Europe enslaved by the idea of money and agents of influence was "implanted" in Russia. Here, she was presented as a progressive alternative to the autocracy. As "bait" was used the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" — the natural to the soul of any Slav aspirations. As a result — the split of the Russian state, the society and the bloody civil war that has cost the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters. And by this time Russia was already embroiled in a world war, Russian blood flooded expanse Evropy.Odnako Russ stood again teamed up and honestly began to build a world of freedom, equality and fraternity. Moreover, it was able to rally in the name of this goal, many people who wanted to escape from the dominion of the British Empire bled and local tiraniy.V Unlike colonial policies of other countries, parasites of the oppressed peoples in the Soviet Union Slavs all forces contributed to the development and prosperity of each people. As a large and happy family — they took on the duties older brother — carers, protecting, strongly supporting their brothers and sisters. Now the western propaganda machine is trying to denigrate the role of Russian in the USSR, but anyone can learn about the real situation of the people at that time and the statistics of the surviving numerous sources. And after the war, the practice of friendship, and by and large, generous support of other countries and peoples — the Soviet country was spending worldwide.

The next act of this terrible drama — in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, western puppeteers organized hunger. Millions and millions of victims. With great sophistication destroyed peasants for centuries to feed our country. People were dying villages, and to the west the river was flowing grain — ostensibly for the purchase of machinery, equipment and so on. And now the servants of those who made and served the sentence for Russia, cynically accused Russian in various famines and genotsidah.No our homeland again survived. Still, her sons and daughters continued to build for their children a brighter future. Community, the backbone of the Communists, "on the ground" — those who are on their shoulders "pulled" out of the country all offered her tests — people were sincere, extraordinary, loving home. At that time in Europe in Germany cultivated another democracy — national. The same forces, the same tools, but for a variety of "internationalism" (diluting the spirit of man), was replaced by "nationalism" (blinding his soul). It is worth noting that the Germans (the descendants of the Celts) — on the roots of the Aryan brotherhood with the people of Russ (eg self "Prussia", or the city of Rostock, Leipzig (Lipetsk), Ulm, Lübeck, Vera River, Wind, Good, Ilm, Indus, Ohm, Eagle, etc …).

At the head of Germany was put Shikelgruber with questionable pedigree and environment, further developments as we are already well izvestny.V USSR at the time of repression destroyed the entire top of the Red Army, technical and managerial elite, Vivid re (disarmament). Exsanguinated selo.Dve fraternal nations — the Germans and the Slavs — face each other for a thousand years-honed techniques. Two hammers torus whirled toward each other, grinding fate and life of the whole kontinenta.I not millions, but tens of millions of souls — The scale of the devil bloody sacrifice, arranged for our planetary evil spirits predkov.No rusichi died with the name of the motherland's lips. This means that it is not dying at all. Your grandfather or great-grandfather, who came not from war, invisibly present in your life and seychas.Ni external or internal enemy could not break the spirit Rusov. You and I know that the price of their lives was released all the Slavic world, had the opportunity to live on half a century of conscience, accumulating light in their dushah.Nesmotrya the Herculean efforts of countless "fifth column", enveloped entire top strany.Soglasis that if we truly comparable to those half a century after the victory with our surroundings, we compare the morals, motives, actions, scale people, and most importantly — the results of the fruits of their labors, the difference is not on the side of his contemporaries.

Carefully studying the post-war period, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, comparing this era with international experience, gradually come to a simple logical conclusion: the Soviet Union — it was the most successful and impressive experience of state-building in the short history of the Soviets was implemented mira.Posredstvom true principle of democracy. A person of any nationality and any class can realize its aspirations and talents to the full, take any position in society. Strengthened and developed friendship. The highest level was raised image of healthy families and the man himself — the creator of his destiny. "All the best — to children" — children's products were subsidized by the state, were of good quality and inexpensive. With

otsialnoe service was really free. Free and with high-quality education, health and social services. And much, much more … Most of what we habitually surrounds and now, has been created or built in the Soviet era — roads, cities, ports, factories, power plants, ships, advanced science, parks, reserves, gardens, theaters, cultural centers. And much, much drugoe.No main wealth and property of the country was a man. And in this country you and I was lucky roditsya.Strane, have left us with beautiful songs, beautiful film, beautiful cities and beautiful people. *** The next step millennial attack on Russia. "Divide and conquer." As a blueprint in the republics of the USSR and the Slavic countries breed nationalist movements activated disidentstvuyuschaya intelligentsia and churches of all kinds. Through Western "non" (in reality — nadpravitelstvennyh) funds generated countless social, religious, "human rights" and other organizations, preceded by a one goal — to break the company into pieces, disorient him, have a nationalist "ruckus" in the end specify a single enemy — a Russian, an already intolerant naityazheleyshie blows. The most sophisticated pitting one Slavic peoples — in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. ("We will win Russia when Ukrainians and Belarusians will forget that they are Russian" — said A. Hitler.)

To impose upon the western "culture", with all its evils of slave society, (under the current "democracy" the role of "overseer" of the slaves takes purse and the banking system). Media and television under the power of the international financial oligarchy. Uncontrolled population starts fooling endless shows, soap operas and promotional clips, denigrate past of our people. And: "For slaves, just music, music, music!" (The same AG) There are literally forced upon private enterprise of questionable services and even more dubious goods, with industrial, defense companies openly broken and stolen. The remaining "afloat" company under the power of international financial groups, or under the control of crime, as well coordinated from abroad.

Society kriminalizirutsya and tramps. The basic rate — of raping young. Chastity and virginity — the basis of the health of the nation — are outlawed. Note — the vices that are forced upon us the Western world — prostitution, drug addiction, corruption, reket, pedophilia, homosexuality, mafia, etc. — do not have analogues in the Russian language, they do not exist and was not in the Slavic mentalitete.I finally comes triumph "demonokratii." Dismembered Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Moldova. Everywhere sets up puppet governments, multinational korporatsiy.I order houses etc. etc. Based on the fact … like changing our reality to you, it is not difficult to guess what reality is waiting for us and our children a few let.Rabstvo. Physical and spiritual. Or complete destruction. The events unfold with avalanche последовательностью.Отступать nowhere, man. For us — the land of our fathers. *** What delat.Dumat. Hard to believe myself evaluating all the events taking place around you, and the fact that we slip media. Against us and our history is a large-scale ideological war. Streams of lies fall on man the very first days of his life up until his last breath (so most people instinctively fear of death). The man himself now, as never before, placed in inhumane living conditions. He literally "lock-in" total, parasitic existence, which has to give all his energy to the destruction of the surrounding space. To the Slavs, as creative people, divine-city has long turned into a ghetto .. However it is in an urban environment germinate seeds now sanity. A huge number of talented, gifted people who have to deal with bills for imported useless, harmful to society affairs, more and more thinking about his mission.

The surrounding ocean of information you shine a grain of truth, the amount of which will grow in proportion to our desire to take it. Learn to find these nuggets of common sense, critical sensing avalanche of general information and use the truth seen through the good — our primary task. And — the more significant issue to think about, the less chance of getting a ready answer, or at least a hint of the surrounding (and is surrounded by) your world, who taught only to memorize and listen (to be). Steer happening — in you samom.Poetomu decisions currently have only yourself, stimulating their thought — the most powerful weapon of man. Thought you enhanced in Time is a dream, which creates Yav.Poetomu no one but you and I will not break the course of our lives. And the power to carry that you and I est.Razmyshlyat best in the open air, while natural background will help build a positive thought, and the lack of third-party and technocratic vibrations will not divert it away. Measured walking align individual rhythms of the heart and brain, improve your on — structure. In such circumstances, people tend to come to a wise decision, and then act. Timely and effektivnym.Mozhno certainly strive to find enemies. Sdelano.Mozhno This is sure to be even find them. And it will be sdelano.Vozdat them accordingly. And again — it will be done.

But do not forget — everything that happens to us — there is only with our consent, tacit or loudly. And shifting the responsibility on foes Races, we equip them unnatural powers and forces. Naturally, in any case, can not be absolved enemy, hoping that he would repent. (Basically, it's the public understands only the law of force, thus validates our "immunity.") But more important — to understand why it happened? How is it that the Russian people lost integrational his idea and spirit? Why are we losing their ancestral memory, have become pawns in other people's games?

Conclusions it is essential — this tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. Makes no sense to speak out about their intentions and beliefs, demanding responses or public response to his every deed or action, to protect and samovozrozhdenie Russia, especially from strangers. Similar and so be attracted podobnymPoetomu we definitely meet people that are in fact our brothers and sisters — people that carry at least a drop of Russian blood and stored in their genetic and ancestral memory events many centuries. Happened to the secret only with his brother. And then our collective thought will make a whole, while maintaining the personal aspirations of each, creating a circle. Moreover, each is effective Circle (Cola), and then give way to the self-preservation instinct of absolute faith in their own strength, and the same freedom to make a rule for resheniy.Nepisanym Rusichi should be disinterested as his strength and usefulness of help brother — Rusich. By purchasing goods with it, taking it to work, greeting Rusich — neighbor, involving him in a mutually beneficial partnership, helping him to move up the career ladder, listening to his songs, you increasest good state of our naroda.My not in any way against other people (our Brethren) and wish them prosperity. This is provided that their activities are not aimed at the destruction of our world. This is the first. And the second thing: love Rusichi your kith or kin — a sense disproportionately large scale. A state of affairs is that the attention and, accordingly, its forces out now, more than ever, you need your brothers and sisters — too Nedodaev them for the last thousand. Believe me — they need your warm eyes and kind thoughts.

In ponimanii.Stoit wonder where and why out such a fabulous tool for infinite series, shows, commercials? — Where are the funds? — From the future — ours and our children (and grandchildren already), from the resources of our own Earth. — Why? — That we are the future, as well as resources, and thus their power — given voluntarily, as slaves. Telekanalizatsiey poisoned. The Great Patriotic War is under way at the information level. Our enemies are constantly developing provocation enforcing them improvised arms, and with the help of evidence prepared by the wine is transferred to Russian, pitting people between soboy.Informatsionny plan of life — is the area of the Spirit. Therefore, in order to survive in this struggle, Rusich will awaken your spirit, feel the unity of itself in the world, to learn to feel the truth "between the lines." All their creativity, natural wit to send the promotion and development of Russian, Slavic principle of existence of society. At the present level of development of means of communication, observation, accumulation of information disclosed to a Russian inexhaustible possibilities. In this area, people honored age can manifest themselves most worthy, Truth protecting their children and grandchildren. "Public Alert" — a decent retirement for grandmothers — salvation from death grandchildren ..

If we again look at the history, we see that Genghis Khan, and Bogdan Hmelnischky, and Ermak and Emelyan Pugachev, as well as other outstanding generals — the information aspect of their struggle for liberation and put to the fore. In this way they have always been absolute support from the local population, were well aware of the designs of the enemy, and therefore had the opportunity to make mobile proactive rather than reacting to provocation late vraga.I most important — was saved countless lives of his soldiers-worthy sons of the fatherland . therefore comes to the fore the importance of yazyka.Russky language — the carrier of energy, power and memory Rusich. "RCI words firmly" — teaches ABCs, instead of which we slipped off alfabet. Using the word in his speech with Russian roots, you create a brilliant and honest future, so Russian people lie just silly — untrue words hinder our dreams come true. Verbosity also infests a human life — it's like the dust in his eyes. Each of the Russian people, suffering the most severe language expansion, however, retained a fair amount of native Russian. The most striking examples — Ukrainian and Belarusian. No wonder our enemies are making so much effort and money to break the three fraternal peoples — they know that, when combined, we get the power to penetrate the depths of human existence. Using istotnogo languages — Russian, became the One in diversity .. Rossich, rasseyamye ("Russea") around the world since ancient times, saving energy Russian words in the languages of all peoples in fact, keeping in genetic memory of the peoples image of the divine origin of man — and his Istotny Language. A distinctive feature of any native Slavic community, the lack of a pyramidal power structure. Any pyramid structure can be easily evaluated under control — it is enough to establish control over the top. Since the days of princely dismemberment of Russia we have repeatedly experienced it myself. Slavic groups are connected in a honeycomb — contact with friendly groups and families are only equal. Participate in global projects or actions occur only if there is good will and full consent.

The bodies of collective interaction formed from the bottom up, when Veche nominated most worthy of the famous. Effectiveness affairs in this commonwealth incommensurable. Russia also connects into one — the Spirit. Therefore, Russian, once they are up against impossible to beat ("I — Russian soldiers.") "One in the field — a warrior." This method of fighting for what is right — we, the root. In this case, the person is like the sun. He "illuminates" and analyzes the situation, he comes to some conclusions, he makes a decision to act, and he executes his plan. In this thoroughly understands the balance of forces — external and internal, and his enemy, he "connects the world." Therefore Cossack — "Kharakternyky" can not pull on provokatsiyu.I yet .. "the world" — the only way, uniting our people will survive the coming times. As a single organism., Capable of feeling pain every kletki.Kak a single soul, and understand and support each of its particles — kaplyu.Osnovnoe confrontation Rusichi for now — it is a battle for his his family, his Rod.Semya — is it a special jewel. It is broken, and it seems — by objective circumstances. It is not. People flee from the land of helplessness. It is easy to restore the integrity of the family and kind of — consistently, slowly, in stages. Beginning with conception, its gestation. Next — births, which is not a disease but a normal woman in love .. Lullabies are half upbringing. The second part of education — by example. No requirements and lectures, not pedagogic evasions and personal life parent helps the child create a personality, unique and complete. Parent now, more than ever, must fight for the mind of a child, his every thought. Now, we are more betray their children, voluntarily and with the first day of placing them into the power system. Instead, to create the conditions and circumstances of the child, in which he nurtured the color ("RA") in itself. ("Ra — hardness", "Pa — s — d"). For this we need to recreate the joint case, each of which would be — "with — being." Family holidays, family businesses (where all the money — in the family), family dinners, family games, family trips, and many other generic activities helps people find their home — a large and maluyu.Netrudno guess that in your home, on your plot of land, it is immeasurably easier than in a "hung" conditions on the floor. When a child, transgressing the threshold of his apartment, gets into the ruthless clutches of the system. What is happening now on the streets — is not chaos, it is a terrible spectacle, directed and organized a global system in which our children in the role of the "energy of meat." But to leave the city, placing them at the mercy of the enemy, you should not. First, they are — the sources of income of the majority of people, who with the right motivation is not difficult to increase and return to a good cause. And in the — second — the main value of the city — our people whose souls are beginning to wake up. And each of them (us) is in the city, in the workplace, at home — is a great opportunity for the rebirth of our common Rodiny.Poetomu involve in a quiet (or not) to fight in his place — in the first place — for the future his children, began to cultivate a Russian, you earn the respect of family, be sure to improve relations with them, especially — with the same detmi.V extreme situations, and they are, unfortunately, not uncommon — especially adults need to protect young adults from the reckless behavior that may be deliberately induced foe. Protect your line is necessary by all methods, depending on the situation and not trusting anyone.

And again — the diversity of today's methods of combat, technical equipment allows you to actively participate in the actions of any kind and the elderly as well. Molodyh.Otnoshenie meriting respect to Mother, wife and daughter also requires changes. After all they are — the goddess, equal to you and support you in times of weakening parasites. No wonder at — Ukrainian — wife — "squad." Not a princess, seeking a servant, and others, with love. From ancient "Deva" means "goddess." How Bereginya protecting their homeland, she also has a number of advantages inherent nature. Unfortunately remarkable women now spend their strength in the devastating, "glamorous" direction, not-so-harmless, under more scrutiny. When you protect a child of his hearth and it works flawlessly and without mercy. She is to be understood, from the dangerous, destructive, and are already widely destroyed her family ochagi.Dengi — is a means to achieve his plan. Instrument.No in any case not the goal. Set out to make as much money, you will soon become a servant to other people's plans. Striving zarobotat money at any cost, you are making a lot of stupid and harmful things that all come back to you and, in fact, form sudbu.Tsel your life — happiness ("s — part of e") — consisting of the parts, the lack of any one of which knocks man of the desired state. Try to buy a live healthy tooth. Or yesterday for the execution of plans den.No money is needed as well as more (time, energy, ideas, etc.). Therefore, they should be a lot (and will, no doubt!) Just need to understand their nature and the forces of equivalent items. Do not waste energy on the obscene, serving other people's plans. Use your energy to things conceived you. Society is now a demon — trates helplessness in spending money — endless apartment repairs, mountain nedonashivaemyh things, stupid trips to foreign countries for your unloving people, car slavery, and more. Even a slight insight regarding these "holes" where funneling your strength — will release an unprecedented amount of money, time and opportunity in our common dele.I more: money — do not earn. Them — attract. Under ideyu.Ne lend themselves under the authority of the person in your world who are lean. Choose their place of work and from the position of the heads of the spirit. Rusich should first get rid of debt and unnecessary obligations, because if you have someone, then you work and live on nego.V eventually all the money and resources of the country should be only for the people of this country. And to work for the revival of Births and Nature.

Now we come to the main task Rusich — to the very meaning of his existence … Live Earth … Just feeling, knowing, or even guessing that Earth — live, you'll be able to justify and explain its presence in the world. Relation to the mother — Earth — the basis of all ethics and philosophies of the world. Without the awareness of any conflict in the society looks like the fight parasites with parasites. Therefore, brothers, — learn to love it like a child loves the warmth and the heartbeat of his mother. Learn to understand and feel it, like a child feels and understands the mother's feelings and stremleniya.Bud deserving son or daughter of our common Mother of all their actions and aspirations are correlated with its main prednaznacheniem.Rodina — this is what "born". This is not the bridges and borders, no power lines and high-rises. Motherland — is your kind and In-kind. At Thy Rod sheer life. Therefore the most important activities of the Slav, as a Russian — the preservation and revival of the nature of our planet, the review and analysis of its business solely from these positions.

We need to change their system of values, bringing to an important place for nature in all its manifestations. Inherent in our people wit and resourcefulness we will to understand and use to their advantage all the natural phenomena and the rational use of the earth's resources. Must reconsider and restore the ecosystem of cities, choosing to use only eco-friendly and economical tehnologii.Poskolku West (and by this term can now be safely attributed and Asia) took on the role artisan producing technocratic means of consumption, and the role he will leave. Himself as primarily an ideological prerogative we provide a thinking man, understanding and reducing the universe, and to this end chooses the appropriate specific case of technology and methods. By promoting this or that sphere of production. For example — autonomous heating systems and life support, solar and wind energy storage, communications, computers, electric motor, etc. … Fair to say that the current Euro-technocratic civilization to man and the earth piled up huge debts. And to survive, they will have these debts vernut.Naprimer, as a result of collusion between traders in oil and car manufacturers have been deliberately "frozen" production electric vehicle and its use. Although the last 4 — 5 times more economical gasoline, and in the 1910s, the world existed even trucks to electric motors. Subsequently, all the attempts to organize the production of electric ruthlessly podavlyalis.V result — for 4 generations, residents of cities and especially their children (exhaust gases are heavier than air and travel along the ground) caused by transnational corporations are doomed to breathe toxins emitted by vehicles and poison us. (Incidentally, Now doctors revealed a relationship between crime and the accumulation of heavy metals in the brain and blood.) And this — just one of the small shtrishki out of the picture the world around us. Or War? (".. Earth, the surface of which we live, is in itself a living organism that possesses the circulatory system, the respiratory tract and nervous system of their own." Arthur Conan Doyle.). Over the millennia Orthodox ascetics withdrew in the lap of Mother — nature, in order to understand the dimensions of the Creator's plan and His Power. Only through the field of the earth a person can interact with the world svetil.Poetomu pointless simply to gather in groups and to convince each other, what we are good, correct and unfairly tesnimye.Rase prove necessary chores of life itself on our rights as the judges. All branches of life have to be revised because the current patterns of social values and behaviors of this person at least stupid, as a maximum — imposed for its own destruction

.A person should belong to himself all the time — and then waking up — before going to bed. And from this position should build their daily actions and reflexes to zhizn.Otnoshenie to all phenomena and the conditions of our life should be reviewed and corrected. Culture, education, credit, fashion, sports (not to be confused with physical education), media, technology, trade, manufacturing, leisure, food — and many other phenomena of our everyday life to be careful — "antipotrebielskomu" peresmotru.Otnoshenie to Nature, Environment us and gives us everything — the key to your understanding of the world, and thus to be buduschemu.Nam rethink and reorient its land of zemleunichtozheniya in true "farming." They are: planar (subsurface) methods of cultivation, the use of organic fertilizer and mulch for the formation of long-term combined plantation forest — garden (permaculture), increasing the role of landscape design in the person's environment, restoration of native plant varieties and products. The history of the world shows us where the face of the earth disappearing forests and gardens, it is transformed into a desert.

In the presence of forces and means, as well. important — desire — participation in realigning our businesses for environmental production, their withdrawal from the role of raw material and technological appendages zagranitsy.Krome order — cleaning of rivers and water bodies, improvement of methods of disposal of waste. And much, much more — each of us is talented what — something personal. In this area should make comprehensive, educational, and other systems penitentsiarannaya obschestva.Zdorovy lifestyle. It would be naive to assume that Nature gives us the strength and health for its destruction. Internal processes of the body with hundreds of invisible netey associated with the environment and nature. Basic law of physics (from Greek «Physis» — nature) — is the interrelatedness of cause and effect. The rest of science is its particular manifestations, classification and inventing terminov.Rusichu also need to learn to hold their attention directly on the forms of nature. Young foliage, stream, surf, birds, the rustle of leaves, the sky, animals, insects, stars, sunrises and sunsets, people, winter trees, rocks, wind music … — contain a wealth of extremely dense, strong information that affects us extraverbal , harmonizing us and build our processes. In comparison, the computer speed and volume appear useless and Bill Heyts — just lucky prosthetist. The nature of the — a great worker — both within us and without, and it will not meshat.Podobnym same way you have to learn to fix your mind on bodily processes and sensations, and not to jump the thought like a monkey, events and vremenam.Chuvstvuya your body or what — or the process of it, we bless, is thus uluchschaya and simultaneously begin to comprehend. Cultivate your joints and ligaments, learn to pass waves through the body and strengthens your spirit spinu.Togda stronger, your thoughts become clear, arbitrary direction and bringing freedom and radost.A Earth and your ancestors bless you by force.

Then you gradually vossozdash lifestyle. Native. Glorifying Rights.

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