On the Australian golf resort settled man-eater. VIDEO

On the Australian golf resort settled man-eater.  VIDEO

On the Australian golf kurorote Carbrook Golf Club settled in Brisbane sharks, and the owner has no intention to dismiss. Now this — sight, making the club the only golf course with such serious obstacles for the players, points Sky News.

After one of the sharks were flooding into the lake at the 14th hole — and now lives there about half a dozen sharks bulls. Fish of this species are slow, unpretentious food, but are known for their aggressiveness. It is often the shark bulls appear in reports of attacks on human fish — especially common incidents involving freshwater species that can live in the rivers near settlements. Those who live in the Lake Golf Club specimens reach a length of three meters.

"Can not believe how close they are — just a few feet — admires the club general manager Scott Uogstaff. — Nothing wrong with that, it's great for the field. They are amazing for the time that I work here, I love the sharks."

Uogstaff recognizes that while the fish in the lake is enough to feed the sharks, sometimes it throws the meat to those often comes to the surface. Visitors like it. He said that many of the players specifically stop near the lake, stopping the game in anticipation of sharks. Since the appearance of sharks has increased orders for corporate parties, recognized manager. A monthly club tournament was named "Shark Lake Challenge".

Most of all, according to SkyNews, from the appearance of sharks lost local kids who used a couple of coins into the water dragged the fallen golf balls. Now this business is prohibited.

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