On the border of China and India have seen over 100 UFO

November 12, 2012 23:35

In recent months, between 1st August and 15 October 2012 on the border of China and India there was more than 100 UFO. The extraordinary outburst observations of mysterious flying objects caused concern authorities.

According to witnesses of the "sphere yellow rose over the horizon, with the Chinese side and walked slowly across the sky for 3-5 hours before disappearing."

Sightings stumped Indian army units, including the Air Force, technical intelligence NTRO and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

The military authorities, who are responsible for the border between the two huge Asian nations, to exclude the possibility that they were drones or low altitude satellites.

Border guards sent a report to the headquarters of Delhi, describing the scope, as unidentified luminous objects (NSO), which shone day and night.

In September, the Indian Army has established a mobile ground-based radar and spectrum on a mountain near Lake Pangong between India and China.

According to the data, although one managed to capture the UFO in the picture, it did not catch the radar, which means that the object is not metallic.

Also in September, a team of astronomers from the Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle village watched Unidentified luminous objects in a few days. Although they could not understand what the objects, they rule out the possibility that it was a meteor or planet.

Two years ago, the Indian Air Force, who observed the UFO, found that it was probably Chinese lanterns. In addition there have been other sightings of luminous objects from China.

Although scientists are not sure what these objects are, they are in no hurry to call them aliens from another planet.

"There is no evidence that UFOs have an extraterrestrial origin," — explained astrophysics. "Their involvement in extraterrestrial objects — it is rather a fantasy, not a fact."

Recent UFO and that it could be?

1. UFO on the Baltic seabed

In June 2012 the Swedish company Ocean Explorer discovered something that had never before witnessed. When she examined the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland in search of sunken treasure, recorded sonar unusual object.

At a depth of about 85 meters was found circular object with a diameter of about 60 meters, which is very much like the fictional spaceship Millennium Falcon from the movie "Star Wars." Were versions that the object was a possible secret base during the Second World War, or the alien ship. Specialists believe that the object was formed thousands of years ago during the Ice Age, and perhaps this is a natural formation.

2. UFO in Antarctica, August 10, 2012

In early August 2012 on a research station Neumayer-Station III in the Antarctic watched a round object. There was a lot of versions, from the fact that it can be weather balloon to speculation that a ship from another planet. However, the official version has not been proposed.

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