On the Polish plane crash site Russian authorities have changed the memorial sign

Polish planes with a delegation of families of victims of the Smolensk tragedy, which were sent to the crash of Tu-154 of President Kaczynski, unlike last October passed Belarus.

On Saturday, the eve of the first anniversary of the death of 96 victims of the crash of the Polish presidential plane Lech Kaczynski, , a second pilgrimage representatives of the "Smolensk families" in a terrible place padei10 April last year. In Smolensk, 104 relatives of the victims came from 40 families. If last year they flew through the next to Smolensk airport in Vitebsk, in This year, Belarus went around and landed in Moscow, although thus his bus trip to the site of the tragedy have increased by 200 kilometers and lost a few hours of time.

A time for "Smolensk families" is important because they need to have time on Sunday to 7 am at home — in Warsaw at the military airport will begin the first mass for the dead.

The second visit of representatives of "Smolensk families" in Smolensk, like six months ago, organized the wife of the new president of Poland Anna Komorowski.

The wife of Polish President Komorowski honored the memory of Anna Orthodox victims of Katyn on so-called "Russian part of the" memorial.

Smolensk met them surprisingly hard to April — wet snow and strong wind. Some saw this as a certain sign of mourning.

Relatives of victims of the Smolensk tragedy hiding from the slots under the same blue umbrella, many stood in thought, cried, tried to avoid talking to the press.

The snow and rain relatives of the victims in Smolensk hid behind the same umbrella.

The delegation participated in ecumenical prayers, relatives of victims laid wreaths and flowers at the lonely birch in which the presidential plane crashed to the new cross on the spot where the body was found, Lech Kaczynski. There were the names of all the victims.

Portraits of the victims of the disaster on the birch, for which caught the fuselage of the presidential plane.

The cross, erected Smolensk Poles in the place where the body was found President Kaczynski. Many Poles come from Smolensk Volozhin, Deep, Ivenets and other locations in Western Belarus.

Aluminum piece plane biting into the trunk of a birch.

They visited and the place where you do not hit the delegation headed by President Kaczynski — Katyn. On Monday, there have to meet the leaders of Poland and Russia Bronislaw Komorowski andDmitry Medvedev. Many mentioned that shortly before the meeting, the Russian side gave Poland more than a hundred volumes of criminal cases of victims of Katyn, and expressed the hope that the misunderstandings between Moscow and Warsaw in the assessment of those events will be overcome. As said at the funeral ceremony, son of the late Vice-Minister of Defense Stanislaw Komorowski Maciej, "Thousands and millions of Russians after the April 10 joined with us in our grief."

At the memorial stone, local authorities have replaced the plate. Now she is bilingual and there is no mention of that delegation, which died on April 10 this year, went to the graves of the victims of the NKVD murdered Poles.

The Polish delegation, arrived at the scene of the crash, said that at the memorial stone replaced the plate. Instead of the former Polish-language, which indicated that President Kaczynski and the other victims were flying to Katyn, the place of the murder of Polish officers enkavedistami, a new bilingual sign, where there is no mention of this. Families of the victims are outraged replacement. In fact, there was an international scandal. Doubts will lay a wreath at the memorial to the amended Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski and generally arrive on the scene.


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