Ordered to attack customers to search among the opposition

Opposition politicians perceived as a threat to the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that "the opposition can exist, and the fifth column in the country will not", and his claim to attract and interrogate opposition politicians who spoke of the attack, "no matter what kind of democracy."

The leader of the Belarusian Popular Front party Yanukevich in connection with the recent statements of the opposition Lukashenko said that those who are democratic activists in Belarus, many of the authorities should be regarded as a threat, including the current order Lukashenko "all draw and question" in the case of the attack:

"In my opinion, the main goal here is put — linking the explosion to the activities of the opposition. This line has already started the official propagandists, without naming anyone in particular. And now made innuendo in this regard, to this terrible tragedy somehow tied to the image of the Belarusian opposition . "

Political scientist Alexander Klaskouski convinced that the attack affects the image of the government, as the security forces were unable to prevent it, but if he has already taken place, the repressive apparatus can tighten the screws even more, search the opposition to shut her mouth:

"The head of state had attempted to balance — the opposition at all necessary, but need a fifth column. But in practice, who will be there to understand? Top tend to believe that all who are against the government — and it freaks them nothing to make a fuss."

Meanwhile, the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, made a statement in connection with the terrorist attack in Minsk, in which he called the attack a verdict for the KGB and other security agencies, "Society should not be held hostage to the fact that the security services were engaged political persecution."

Lawyer BHC Harry Pahanyaila critical of the statements that have been found for the night and arrested two suspects in the terrorist attack. After the explosion in 2008 detained dozens of people, he said, but did not find the perpetrators.

"Two of the detainees — a sign that started the investigation, it is necessary to work with people. But this does not mean that entered the real organizers and perpetrators of the attack. First, talk about a sketch, and then deny, they say that it is not the a person who is found with the help of video cameras. "

Mr. Gaddafi says that he hopes that this will find and punish those responsible:

"But, unfortunately, I have personally optimistic, a lawyer with extensive experience, no. Because our investigators have not learned to disclose such crimes. Distraction efforts and resources on political spying they fared, and disclosure of such complex cases — no."

Among the unsolved still serious crimes Harry Gaddafi mentions the explosion of July 4, 2008, the case of the disappeared politicians. The authorities may also use the Minsk terrorist attack, to strengthen "witch hunt", gross and massive violations of human rights, says Mr. Gadhafi, as it was in 2008.

Ex-presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou also has reservations concerning the claims that the perpetrators are found, as in 2008 also had such statements. It is worth paying attention to the actions of intelligence agencies in the terrorist attack, says Kastusyou:

"Power structures have very much. A blinked a terrorist attack. KGB must be proactive. And he does not own business, struggle with the opposition, does not catch the bandits."

Gregory Kastusyou expects that after today's applications Lukashenko intelligence agencies again will go to opposition activists.


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