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December 11, 2011 13:58

Increasingly, died trying to reach with our world through radio, tape recorders and computers, and even appear on TV screens

The main source of strange occurrences below the book is French scientist Camille Flammarion "Mystery of Death," in which he tried to summarize thousands of messages sent to him from all over the globe.

 Flammarion, analyzing the cases of the appearance of phantoms from the world, says: "All these examples show us that the dead come back from the dead in order to settle some personal matters, to demand the return of its own, unpaid debts in life, or to make amends for their indiscretions."

Now let us turn to his archive. Let's start with Russia: a letter dated October 13, 1899: "my grandfather's brother Earl Thaddeus Chatsky after the death of his father saw him in a dream, and the dead man had told him that before the death of a neighbor took 10 gold ducats (at the time a decent amount!) , and for that amount the lender did not want to take from him a receipt. He asks his son to pay him the debt. Earl took it to sleep, as usual, and did not react to it. But the next night sleep repeated. Then in the morning, he harnessed his horse and went to the neighbor. All confirmed, and he returned the sum. On the third night, the father again appeared to him in a dream and thanks. "

Quite similar case of modern life, sent to the editor by former AA pilot Alexandrov from Alma-Ata. "The neighbor, whom I knew well, his wife died. On the ninth day he saw her in a dream. She said: "Pick up the sofa, there is a fanerku notebook in which recorded debt. Please return them to the people. " Her husband did the morning, she said — everything was correct. This notebook and debts of his wife he did not know anything. "

REQUEST from the afterlife

Personality E. Blavatsky is very contradictory. Someone thought it was a brilliant medium and almost a guru, but someone — a clever crook, con artist, and a plagiarist. She died May 8, 1891 and then was his friend, the famous French novelist Juliette Adam, at a seance. Through a medium, she said, "I died and left the colonel his will, in which I beg cremated. Just as burning in India, in the open. Here, when a person is burned in a closed furnace, he loses his mental nature. I urge you to write to the colonel, that he did not dare burn me, although I have a feeling that you will not convince. " At the same time the spirit of Madame Blavatsky made the same warning to Madam Adam, as she also wrote a will in which he asked her to be cremated.

Adam was impressed — this will, no one knew. It seems true follower of Blavatsky, Colonel Olcott or did not get the letter in time, or he did not listen: Blavatsky was cremated in London.

Exposing KILLER

Italian Count Ubaldo Benny was the director of a factory in Montecorvino. Booker worked there a Garibaldi Veneziani. As often happens, and not only in Russia, the accountant was caught stealing, and the director promised to report it to the company management.

August 24, 1916 Earl went to Motseru to buy a horse and do not know why as a companion took a bookkeeper. The next morning, passers-by found the body of a graph with multiple wounds near a small grove.

Suspicion naturally fell on the accountant, he was arrested, but the evidence is not enough. And then the judge received from the Commissioner of Police Spoleto, where the family lived in the graph, the message of the two letters from the Countess Annie Benny, the widow of the deceased, and his mother Catherine Benny:
"I hereby declare that the night of 24 August, I saw in front of her husband, who said:" I bought a horse stolen. Find the intruder. He has a spot on the eye. Annie Benny. "

"At night, 26 August, I saw the murder of my son. I saw how he was driving along a deserted road, when he was attacked by an intruder. The attacker was a special sign — an eyesore. Catherine Benny. "

By the way, between Spoleto and the scene of the murder — 500 miles.

We note that the ghost of Count very carefully did not mention the name of the murderer: and so he was arrested, and the message from the other world did not give the investigation. But mother and daughter told a characteristic feature of the killer, who has never seen.


In my assumption, what we call the other world or the astral world, is actually made up of two completely different worlds. One is a virtual, somewhat similar to the virtual world of computer gaming. Only the players in it are sleeping and the astral bodies of the dead, as well as stable thoughtforms. This world is unpredictable and fantasmagorichen and equally can be blissful and nightmarish. Familiar to us of the time is not there, it is rather an endless change of paintings, as in a kaleidoscope.

But because sleep is strictly localized in space and time, life on earth, the astral body of the deceased, if the coordinates of the destination, it's easiest to see him in a dream and give the right information.

At the same time, the astral body, whether living or deceased, can get out of the virtual world to the real full, four-dimensional world, and to move in three-dimensional space, and on the arrow of time (hence the prophetic dreams).

The dead often communicate through intermediaries, formerly known mediums, now — psychics. A process of this communication perfectly demonstrated in the American film "Ghost." Unfortunately, adults mediums nesharlatany nowadays rare. But found that to see and even interact with the phantoms of the dead are young children around the age of two to five years.

Reincarnation — most often the victims were young children

The next way — reincarnation. Most often, the victims were the same young children, but gradually the consciousness of others displaced by the master mind. But there are very few cases where a head injury after the alien consciousness completely or partially replaces the master mind of the body. As a result, the deceased is able to continue the existence of someone else's body.

Much more frequent — it's brief incursion into the consciousness of the consciousness of the deceased adult, so called ZMP — a disease of multiple personnel.

Finally, in recent years, the progress of science and technology is not left unattended and the underworld. Increasingly, died trying to reach with our world through radio, tape recorders and computers, and even appear on television.

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