Our Vedic Divine Names

Which God was worshiped in Russia? For all existing current confusion of the ancient gods, in general, it is not difficult to guess what was the chief god of the Russian people. The word Russia (the old Ra-sion or Ra-Xiyun) indicates the god Ra. Other words also confirm this:

Time (in Pa + + I)

Culture (the cult of Ra +)

Tomorrow (covenant + pa)

Vera (Veda + pa)

Dawn (light + pa)

Early (top + pa)

Rainbow (Ra + arc)

Joy (Ra + Dusty)

City Hall — City Council building (Pa + soul)

Men (gods Ra) — today it means the army, but as the old Russian word "Ratan" meant to plow, it can be argued that the word "army" meant Plowman, who was later named as a peasant. The peasants in the Ra-called these people who have reached a very high level of sophistication.

Also, if you remember that the main river Volga in Russia used to be called Ra, it finally convinces allegiance this conclusion.

There are direct evidence of the fact that in Russia worshiped the god Ra — decrypting Russian birch bark made features and cuts, Grinevich GS repeatedly came across the phrase "we are the sons of Ra".

Lord Ra led European pantheon of gods, and he was worshiped in the recent past all of Europe, was not yet divided into numerous states and countries.

The principle underlying the creation of the Pantheon of gods

Now everything has been done to break the connection between man and the gods, and now most people to adopt atheistic views, resembling in this respect the animals that are not even aware of the existence of gods. The gods, like life, are capable of a self, but in nature, if approached from a scientific point of view, the gods, describes the modern religions, as there are none. However, there egregors (bad word — units) — psihopolya or astral-mental education, which are conglomerates of similar human thoughts. It was formed psihopole becomes a force that people take it as a god. Mass emissions of mental energy gives the unit structure and function (which is purposefully done by our ancestors), and the unit was converted to the active substance with the divine may be able to control the events in the community and determine the evolution of life on Earth. Astral designs are not similar to the mechanisms of the physical world as made up of emotion words and thoughts. However, they can be controlled by the priests with the verbal reference and control its functions.

Archaeological excavations in the Kiev region, near the village Shumsky shown that up to Vladimir reform faith in Russian pantheon included 12 major gods. The number 12 coincides with the number of months in a year. In astrology, each month is subject to one of the elements: fire, earth, air or water. There were three fire month: March July and November, three earth: August December and April, three air: September January and May, and three water: June February and October. Accordingly, there are three of four gods that differ in function. In nature, respectively, the researchers found four types of animal tissues, and 4 types of plant tissues, there are 4 types of temperament in serology are 4 groups of blood found in the genetics of four types of nucleotides, which make up the chromosomal DNA in the physiology of selected 4 types of instinct (self-preservation, sexual , territorial and food) — in different areas of knowledge, researchers independently extracted by 4 major primary element than reaffirm the fundamental law of the four elements.

Elemental Gods

Gods of the elements — earth fire air and water — were generated not by man, but by nature. This is also aggregates, but not of human thought, but a conglomeration of people emotional release animals and plants. Acts of the gods because of the predominance of animal emanations were rampant, so the priests tried to saturate them with human emanations, so they can be managed. Extant data elements earth fire air and water gods ruled accordingly: Yarylo, Makos, Stribog and bathe. Yarylo — fire — masculine, Makos — earth — female, Stribog — air — again masculine Kupala — water — female (on behalf of the words are bathed and font).

Gods age periods

The number "four" is the basis of the structure of the world and ancients used it in the device life. According to the Vedas one must consistently pass all four age periods:

To 24 years, he was trained students (from the word "shame", suggesting no sex at this age), he learned all the worldly wisdom: the basics of agricultural arts, crafts, knowledge of the rites and festivals, farming, communication skills, family life and in the upbringing of children, studied music, dance, the secrets of medicinal herbs, natural laws, volhovaniya and military art.

From 24 to 48 years old man could be a spouse and start a family and household. The girl in this age and youth. Turned into a man (muzchiny — from the word muse) took possession of creative energy. During this period, the renewable Rod, raise and educate children, to implement in practice the knowledge acquired.

With 48 to 72 years old man could devote himself to public service, to become a craftsman or a warrior. The man was no longer the main breadwinner of the family and the loss of it in the military campaign had no effect on the social reproduction of people.

After 72 years, a person automatically becomes an elder, sage, and this time it lasted for up to 96 years. In Russia, a person under that age often become strangers who walked Russ and shared their experiences. Pilgrimage as a mass phenomenon existed in Russia until 1917 and was destroyed by the laws of the new government.

Each period of life had its own god. This is most likely were: Horse (fire), Velez (earth), Sventovit (air) and Wei (water).

Gods kingdom

The analysis of the names of gods caste age periods shows that they are all male. While the gods of the elements have two male and two female.

There are four gods, found in ancient texts as in men, and in the feminine:

Perun — Peryn,

Way — Lada

Mar — Mara

Rod — deliver.

These gods were responsible for the various kingdoms — Perun (pronounced Pirun at home, not to wag in vain the name of the great god) was responsible for the realm of the gods, Lada — for the kingdom of men, Rod — for the kingdom of life, Mara — the kingdom of spirits. The current allocation of the animal kingdom of plants and minerals is not right, they were one of the ancient kingdom of life, as the minerals are also considered alive.

The gods and the gods of the worlds ways to improve

The Kalachakra, the ancient Eastern calendar, along with 12 year cycle has a 24 year cycle (it is considered that the change of the new generation is 24 years). A day is also no coincidence that 24 hours. Hence the Pantheon were still 12 gods.

Lords of the gods of the worlds: the law, Jav, Nav, Praise the lords and gods way of human development. In humans, there are seven shells (bodies) — physical, etheric, astral, mental, casual, soul and spirit. Seven ways, managed eight gods allowed to develop all seven shells man. Led the way, these are right.

The gods control paths of development:

Lelia Yaga (Yoga) — Hatha yoga, the physical body

Zhelya Yaga — zhnanni yoga, the etheric body

Tanya Yaga — Tantra Yoga, the astral body

Radegast Yaga — Raja Yoga, the mental body

Bereginya and

Trojan Yaga — Yantra Yoga, causal body intuition

Kostroma Yaga — karma yoga, the soul

Semargl — Yaga — bhakti-yoga, spirit.

Star Pantheon Lord Ra

24-packs all the gods, who were divided into 4 groups, control the main god — Ra, and the main god was called by the Lord. From antiquity to have survived magic squares, the essence of which is that the sum of the numbers on the verticals, horizontals and diagonals of the same number. Sometimes, instead of the numbers found squares with the names of the gods. The most powerful is the magic square, in the cells of which are precious stones, personified their respective gods. Their correct location, as is the East, provides a person fulfill all his desires.

The structure of the Pantheon Lord Ra

The diagram shows an asymmetric cross, and it is possible to conclude that the right to wear it around the neck had a long finish up.

Getting star Lord Ra from his magic square

The following figure shows the star of Lord Ra, obtained from his magic square consisting of 25 numbers from 0 to 24.

These numbers are the dates of holidays Pantheon of gods Ra. in it the sum of numbers in each column and each row is 60, that is the number of minutes in an hour, and the number of seconds in a minute. Why this box for? In nature, everything has a multiplicity.

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For example, the human body is designed for a specific numerical canons (the length of the head in an ideal fit in the growth of a certain number of times, etc.). And the divine pantheon, as a living organism, must be based on the laws of biometrics, or it will fall apart. And instead of the units of length used in the construction of the ancient pantheon of the unit of time, that is, the date of the holidays of the gods of the Pantheon. A well-organized holiday (right + ZD = building, that is, creation of Ra) sets the divine culture and civilization.

Numbers, angles, and dates of the holidays of the Pantheon of gods Ra

Names and titles.

System ranks among our ancestors was open so you can grow infinitely man and his cognitive processes. He was awarded the title and make up of the features specific to the god that man has been able to strengthen its developments, inventions, discoveries or research. Respectively, according to their function, and he received the title. For example: the function of the goddess Lada — to keep harmony and agreement, and the function of the goddess Navi — keep the peace. Title, made up of the functions of these two gods — Ladomir. Or rank — Zdravomudr given to man for his invention, which improves the health of (the sum of the names Stribog — to keep health and Wei — increase wisdom). However, current title — Candidate or Doctor (Science) — do not reveal the essence of the person, and now sometimes awarded for opening totally useless!

The destruction of the Vedic tradition in the world began with the destruction of the system name earthlings, with forgetfulness of his eternal and real names, which allows a person to remember all their past lives. People are usually born in the year and month of his former patron gods. Their numbers and dates — the code of the soul, which is given to man for all his subsequent incarnations. Without the knowledge of his eternal name person is difficult to return the turned in past lives and their ability to find their former hard divine abilities.

Names of aliases.

Christian Church gives to his congregation the names of the martyrs for the Christian faith, which further determines the fate of a martyr. Christian names were and are pseudonyms, as irrelevant to the names of our gods do not have! Connecting us to the egregore suffering, these aliases are pumped out of our energy, so we all have poor health and a little life.

Naming rights of the divine name, we are bringing it to achieve immortality, because all gods are immortal.

Everyone who has the alias names are automatically included in the satanic egregore and gained all the beech suffering and the full range of failure inherent in egregor modern "religions."

There are four types of names, aliases, which include current first, middle and last names:

1. The first type is associated with the names of animals, trees, objects and their properties — it is absolutely satanic egregor donors (Kozlov, Lopatin, Olkhov …). People with names such luck in a constant red, why they usually drink too much.

2. The second type is associated with insects, birds, or is derived from the Greek, Roman and Jewish names. This little bit lucky, but they periodically suffer losses as a result have a total of close to zero.

3. The third type of nicknames for people, "Winnings" within the meaning associated with dragons, snakes, amphibians, or start with the letter "I". These people, after several large luck necessarily out of luck, and if, after this, they manage to survive, they again began to drive to the next life catastrophe. (Gadyukino, reptiles, Levin — the Hebrew word for dragon, Makarov — by means Sancrea snakes).

To connect to our ancient egregore Satanists used the sound of "I". The prefix "i" to the name of the holy city of Rusal has transformed it into Jerusalem, Law — an icon, Govinda — in Jehovah. Almost all the sacred words were modified and weakened. Excuse "them" in the English still means "no» — imposible (impossible), impotent (unable). Compare: the word empire ("they" Perun +) means a non-divine!

Long beep "and" has a destructive force, and therefore, all the best, associated with the evolution of the sound made starting with "I": honesty, truth, art, concept, cure, the plaintiff, a source, a researcher perform a quick … "and" contrary stimulates creativity. Are there many words preserved in the language, starting with "J"?

4. The fourth type of nicknames given a special category of people who joined the secret society (mostly Masonic), usually they do not report their true names of those under threat of death. A good half of these names, as the confessions of some of Masons, it is forgotten the names of our ancient gods.

Ancient names.

In ancient times, names were given to people in honor of the gods and to reflect the month and year of birth. For example: Sviatoslav — reflects the birth year and month Sventovita Slavi; Relight — Sventovita a year and a month and Perun. etc.

The man in ancient times was not a name. Accompanied by the names of human life and to fulfill its function in each period of maturation. The number of names match the number of subtle bodies of man and thus had 7 names. It was necessary to thin shell of man turns into a thin body and had all the body's functions and properties of thin worlds. Thus the physical body needs connection with six thin worlds, gains the ability to thin bodies and become divine. Our consciousness easier contact with the body, which has the mind and the intellect than the shell, which they are not. Therefore, each shell was given a name. The man was working on the transformation of their shells in a thin body to gain divine perception and be able to live in the subtle worlds. That evolution was carried out, the etheric body must be perfectly natural and, respectively astral body — absolutely essential, mental — the perfect astral, causal (body intuition) — absolutely mental, soul — a completely casual, and spirit — the perfect soul.

Eight types of existing names.

There names are, patronymic, oberezhestvo, sacred, unspeakable, generic, the eternal and spiritual.

Real name — was given to the physical body of man, and consisted of two names of the gods: the patron and protector of the month, the person's birth. This was the first name of the person who called him around, and it acted up to 4 years in the period of the physical body. Real name determined divine destiny. Today, those who do not have your name, someone else reaps fate.

Middle name — the name of the father. Etheric body of man are assigned a father's name. Child's ability to broadcast a patronymic father and operated from 4 to 8 years, while there was a formation of the etheric body. It also served as the men's oberezhestva.

Oberezhestvo — real mother's name, assign third astral shell, which was responsible for emotions and their quality. Oberezhnoe name operated from 8 to 12 years, while formed astral body. Now the echoes of a name preserved in the form of names.

Sacred name given the fourth — the mental sheath person, it reflects the hour and minute of birth and acted during the formation of the mental body with 12 on 16. Poskoku sacred name could not use, as it was known only to close friends, but instead often used the alias. Sacred name of the person asked him the purpose and meaning of the Incarnation. If we compare the effects on human destiny and the stars name, astrological influence is negligible compared with the influence of the name. But if the position of the stars and the divine name of the person agree with their numbers, the influence of the stars on the principle of resonance multiplied by tens and hundreds of times, helping people discover the magical abilities of the organism.

Unpronounceable name reflects the hour and the minute of conception. This is a very important name. Man survives daily this point and at this point he did not do, because this is the entrance point of the evolutionary program, including destructive. Any spoken word at this point can be a program.

Generic name — they called casual shell of a man, it reflects the number of births and number shestdnitsy birth (used to be a six-day week calendar — 60 shestdnits a year divisible by 12). It acted in the period of the casual body from 16 to 20 years. Family name of the person to determine the status of the genus. Introduction of seven-day period as a result of the Christianization of the natural man knocked in 12-time rhythm, which deprived him of his ability to influence the nature and broke off his relationship with the gods of natural origin.

Casual jacket was already eternal.

Everlasting name — the name of the soul gave sixth shell of man, it consisted of two names of gods, pokrvitelstvovavshih chisu month of conception and the serial number shestdnitsy conception. Force from 20 to 24 in the period of renewal of human body soul. Everlasting name instructing a person to reach the body of eternity or eternal soul. Everlasting name man received even before its conception through "oklichek" deceased member of the genus, which would call for the birth of a young family. Therefore the eternal name as spiritual also called "nicknames." This name helped people to remember their previous lives. With each life a person comes with the same eternal name.

Spiritual name corresponded seventh shell and reflects the year and month of conception of man. Due to this spirit could take the form of the physical body, which was carried out from 24 to 28 years at a time when people wore the name. This name was given to all people, but maintained to the end of life of the priestly class.

So, to find out their true Vedic divine names, you need to know the names of the 24 first pantheon of gods — Pantheon Lord Ra, as well as your exact horoscope birth and conception, birth horoscope, their mother and father.

Vedic names are helping people to develop in natural laws, as in tune with the energy and awaken egregor Vedic gods.

Find yourself in this world it is very difficult even after receiving all the necessary information about ancestors like that, essentially Slavic Vedic way of life. Some still tend to Eastern methods of spiritual development. Persuade them not in our nature. For example, there are those who believe that meditation in the garden, peacefully splashing water and blooming plants for the pond, helping them to develop spiritually better. Well, everyone has his own way. And every duhovnoravivayuschiysya worthy of respect, if only because he decided to start this very way.

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