Pahanyaila a coup d'etat: With the blame on others

The Ministry of Interior has announced the end of a preliminary criminal investigation of the events in Minsk on December 19, 2010. At the conclusion of the investigation, "produced ample evidence of an attempt to change the constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus by prior agreement with the representatives of foreign states and organizations that in fact the ultimate goal of a coup."

Rate this application MIA we asked for one of the defendants in the case, as well as Belarusian and foreign experts.

Vitaly Rymashevski

Ex-presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski, the accused for the events of December 19, now meets with dozens of volumes of the criminal case against him and several of his "accomplices":

"I see no legal basis for such a statement. I do not know that anybody at all of the defendants in the case on December 19 has been charged voiced by the Interior Ministry — about the coup, relations with foreign intelligence services, etc. Therefore, these statements are completely illogical. "

December 19 last year at the demonstrators had no desire to do a coup, says Mr. Rymashevski:

"I have not seen these people and had no relationship with these people. None of the former candidates or their teams did not comment on the possibility, plans for a coup. All the more so, to the main action of the coup was the beating of the glass in the Government House — it looks ridiculous. "

Vitaly Rymashevski believes that society should expect more "exposure" and scandalous material from the Interior Ministry, the KGB and the Prosecutor's Office, including the following trials.

Harry Pahanyaila

Lawyer Harry Pahanyaila notes that section 357 of the Criminal Code, "Conspiracy or other acts committed with the aim of seizing state power" really is not any of those arrested filed after December 19. However, according to Pahanyaila, paragraph 2 of the article — "Capture or retention of power by unconstitutional means" — you can show a current head of Belarus. This is how Mr. Gaddafi treats referendums in 1996 and 2004, the disappearance of opponents of the regime, dishonest election campaigns in 2001, 2006 and 2010:

"These are all links of the same offense on the content of the government, captured by unconstitutional means. And, apparently, sick imagination and new attempts to remain in power have led to the fact that the blame began to blame on others — that, say, the opposition tried to seize state power by unconstitutional means, violence, interpreting events in the Square as an attempt to seize power. "

By Harry Pahanyaila no evidence "coup" No, there is no evidence and the riots on December 19, despite the fact that the courts say otherwise, and have wrongfully punished several people:

"There is no evidence in nature. No one in my head there was no pans to seize power. There was the usual political struggle, and the rough, because under the current democratic government to use such a tool as the election is almost impossible. You can not change the existing power through elections. "

Alexander Klaskouski

The father of one of the defendants, a political scientist Alexander Klaskouski recalls that the first application for an imaginary coup attempt were made to the top of the pyramid of power, and now the Ministry of Internal Affairs reiterates this thesis:

"This horror story is designed to meet all the brutal acts of repression, harsh sentences and at the same time to hide in the shadow of the question of what are the people took to the streets, that is about the unfairness of the elections. Today we have a situation where the authorities themselves confused and propaganda aspect is not the same as the legal aspect. "

Mr. Klaskouski considers that the authorities are continuing their propaganda, and meanwhile gradually began to "unscrew" the situation back, as evidenced by reducing charges ten untried.

Camille Klysinsky

Expert at the Center for Eastern Studies Camille Klysinsky of Warsaw's statement also said the Interior Ministry propaganda:

"This is a classic propaganda action of the Belarusian authorities, which we have repeatedly observed. Regime has to find a particular object of attack, the perpetrators of what took place in December. It is known that he himself is not to blame, but all indications are that the main Belarusian authorities organized and zrezhysavali those events. "

Blaming the Interior Ministry to the foreign countries, Mr. Klysinski also considers unfounded:

"The theory about the prepared plan, some money from abroad for intelligence Poland and Germany — is sucked out of the finger. And it's hard to prove, since it is difficult to prove what is not. This theory acts as a particular slogan, ideological construction. "


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