Parable about Uncle Sam

The structure of the world economy in the images.

In one small village there lived a man. His name was Uncle Sam. He was very well-fed, loved all the foreign and liberal-minded.

He had one peculiarity. He loved to draw money. And none of the villagers could not do with this fake. Because he had two very strong nephew. That always followed him, and were willing to talk very strongly, with any who refused to take the money drawing of Uncle Sam.

The fact is that by going to any shop of his fellow villagers, he had paid her there to draw money. In the shops, he took more than all the other products of the villagers. So much more that was taking about the same as all the other villagers were taken together.

His money he called "CS". For the bread he usually painted one ku ku 2 for milk, for kurtuku 100 ku, ku 1000 for the car, the house 10000ku! And he was very happy. Because he could in no way to deny myself or my favorite nephew! It was truly a magical life.

But do not think that Uncle Sam was a bad person. He even let his fellow villagers to draw money! True, he made it one-ochchen very important and fair conditions.

One night, Uncle Sam put them together in the square, smiling broadly to 32 teeth. He loved the wide, cowboy, even more, the Hollywood smile, and said:

— My dear, the villagers! You know how I love you! How my heart aches for each of you and I want each of you to be happy. You know I am a very happy man! And here I thought …!

After that, he paused. Villagers, anxiously looking at his nephew, began to squeeze out of myself something like a smile. Do any of them had a black eye. Someone bandaged hand. Someone even brought, as after contact with the nephews they could not go themselves. But even they wisely thought it best for themselves to come to the area on the first call of Uncle Sam. Because some of their neighbors was already lying in the cemetery. Clearly enunciating the words, he said:

— Each of you to learn how to be happy! — For those making a short pause, Uncle Sam, shot: — You can also draw your money! — Villagers were looking at each other in disbelief. But Uncle Sam continued to smile broadly. Arms outstretched, as if he wanted to hug their favorite village.

— Need everyone to be able to draw money! It is his right! And we will not allow anyone to take away our rights is a right! — Villagers, emboldened its support, ready to believe his promises, confidently nodded.

— The only thing in this business is to be in order! Well, it turned out, if everyone starts to draw as much money as he wants? Is not that right? Get chaos! — Villagers, more than busily began to nod to the words of Uncle Sam, agreeing with him that this matter should be order. And he smiled.

— Everyone can draw their money as much as he would have ku! Then we can streamline our system to make it stable and reliable. Thus, we will insure it against possible risks and collapse! Based on it, we will build our guarantee of well-being! Which, believe me, would envy even our ancestors! — A little bewildered, barely digesting heard, villagers continued to obediently nod. — A Qu, you can deposit my nephews! — Villagers together looked at Uncle Sam's nephews, who grinned. That they are very rare. Moreover, before this incident, not once. Therefore, each within itself decided that it's true, "ku" is better to take them for safekeeping …

— We will go even further than planned to give the stability of our system! — Exclaimed, spreading more and more, Uncle Sam. — Well, get it, if every one another will stick their money? Stupidity and confusion! — Uncle Sam shrugged. — To all of you could buy something for their money is drawn, it will have to exchange them for ku, my nephews! — And added a second. — For a small fee! — Villagers looked back at Uncle Sam's nephews, and again, each inwardly to himself decided that God was with her, with this card. — Already using Ku pay each other! — Continued joyful Uncle Sam.

Villagers disagreed with mixed feelings. There was a sense that Uncle Sam is very smart man. And he gathered mind is elsewhere, as far away from their seats. And maybe his love for all things foreign, was somewhat justified. Already one of the villagers did not remember how it happened that they used drawing of Uncle Sam's money. And how they used to live without these papers. It was getting dark. Night fell on the village.

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