Parsukevich: Real men behind bars proportionally more

If we imagine the medical record of the average Belarusian prisoner, we will see that this is a man of so-called reproductive age. Because of the specific content it is problematic teeth and, most of all, gastro-intestinal diseases.

Among other common problems — diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and the musculoskeletal system. Of infectious diseases — tuberculosis and HIV. An important fact: most of the prisoners — forced aseksualy. Talking about sex and not just sex in captivity argues guest of the program — a former political prisoner, a veteran of the Interior Ministry, Vitebsk entrepreneur Sergei Parsyukevich.

Western experts see the powerful hormonal changes the body, associated with forced sexual abstinence, the grounds for serious mental illness, physical nature. They recommend that the prison authorities to encourage prisoners heterosexuals regular meetings with the opposite sex.

For Belarusian prisoners of such meetings — a rare phenomenon. As posted on the Internet diaries of former prisoners read of attempts to solve the problem, including the unusual experience of earlier homosexuality, masturbation. Strong-willed personality switched to sports or sublimate their energy into creativity — writing diaries, notes, poems, songs and paintings.

Following the recent publication in the independent Web publications notes Autukhovich of torture, as well as comments to him about his friend, a former political prisoner and Sergei Parsyukevich, forums, social-political online resources began to appear statements like:

"Blunt deprivation of communication with family and friends — deprivation of dating and sexual relations with persons of the opposite sex — reader writes" Charter. "- This strong mode can, for example, to make prisoners of moral cripples — potential rapists …"

Agree Sergei Parsyukevich?

Parsukevich"I think there is a problem. Though there are some sideltsy — more precisely, the administration of some prisons are trying to solve. For example, I can mention the colony number 17 in Shklou. This men's prison just handing out condoms. Medchasttsy There was a large package, and much as they would like, so many take. Some people have

The administration of some prisons trying to solve the problem of sex. For example, I can recall the colony number 17 in Shklou. In this male prison just handing out condoms …

certain tendencies that quickly pulled out. There are special people, "omitted" to satisfy these needs. Imagine a situation where a "omitted" goes free. What will happen to him next? If a person is constantly bullied, it's anyone there is an accumulation of some negative emotions, the accumulation of anger. The man goes free with such baggage. Is that — right? I think not. Well, if a person will not be able to implement the acquired systems. "

"Freedom""What allows a person to stay in jail? What's in this situation supports it?"

Parsukevich"In prison, people do not communicate with each other, and it's not so important. But on the areas — it is very important that there is such human contact is much larger. As a result, there is a certain self-organization, are mikrakalektyvy, friendship, normal human relationships. And Of course, the link with the outside world — correspondence, phone calls, meetings and so on. All this is very important. Who has a family, a normal relationship with the people on the outside — of course, they live thanks to this support. "

"Freedom""I have heard and read that those who do not have such a rear begin to correspond with strangers, mostly members of the opposite sex, and going out to freedom, even trying to build some kind of relationship …"

Parsukevich"Yes, because freedom in Belarus is a problem with men. At least with normal. You know, I had such a paradoxical

On freedom in Belarus problem with men. At least with normal …

opinion that there, behind bars, as a percentage of decent people sometimes more than freedom. There is valued friendship. Sincere normal relations. Quite a lot of good people who are above the little things. In captivity, many of those who are there unfairly. In addition, there are situations in life just as a normal person can do something. "

"Freedom""Reading your prison notes, sutykaessya the terrible events — from poor nutrition, disease until just bestial treatment of people in prisons. As for the man in your opinion, the worst thing?"

Parsukevich"I think the food limitations, some financial problems — all these can be overcome. I think so. And here is brutish attitude, imprisonment — is, in my opinion, the worst. This is from my point of view. For many of the worst — it's food is bad. And for some — is that there is not of the opposite sex. This particular world view. "

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