Pensioner Kudymkar filmed UFOs — a pyramid on a mobile phone camera — VIDEO

February 22, 2013 16:41

Unidentified flying objects, or rather three luminous bodies in the evening watching over his house pensioner Larisa and was even able to capture the "dish" humanoid mobile phone camera. The fact that this is the aliens, she has no doubt the stars of heaven were not, and the objects move in different planes at the same speed. Something was wrong and out of the ordinary was noticed and in Perm workers of one of the offices on the street. Revolution.

According to ufologists, even if you find a UFO and were able to take a picture of it, for example, the camera will not be enough, most importantly, to prove that this is the best vehicle for extraterrestrial civilization, and not a normal star or a weather balloon.

Of photographs taken in Kudymkar pensioner, Perm ufologists from search station "Rufors" speak ambiguously, the picture can be anything you want, the facts are very few. Ufologists themselves admit they often have different UFO witnesses' fear has big eyes. "

Agree with this blogger and Constantine. It was the case, he saw a UFO, and looking through a telescope, discovered a normal weather balloon. All eyewitnesses Constantine applies only with humor, in the sky which just does not fly — and the plane, and the satellite, but whatever.
"It may also be a bag of tools, which dropped one distraught astronaut on the International Space Station" — jokes blogger Constantine Sedegov.

Skeptics do not doubt, after a meteorite impact in Chelyabinsk, UFOs are back in trend, people increasingly began to look up. Such witnesses as Larisa, a great multitude, and the overwhelming evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations while there is still no.

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