Perestroika: 25 years ago and now

25 years ago, on April 8, speaking to the workers Volskaga car factory in Togliatti (Russia), Mikhail Gorbachev was the first to use the word "restructuring", which went down in history and was the beginning of change. As the announcement by then restructuring in Belarus?

Well-known Belarusian journalist Alexander Ulitenok said that 25 years ago were open floodgates to something began to change in the country, including in the creative and professional lives of people. According Ulitenko, after, Gorbachev said on April 8 for the first time about the makeover began to change and his own destiny. He came to the newspaper "Pravda" that was previously impossible.

Alexander Ulitenok

"For me, this meant that open new gateways that there are new opportunities to finally deaf, blind, visually impaired Party and Soviet bosses, who did not respond to the realities of life, at last begin to respond to this life, will take any appropriate action. As a result, all together, including I obtain some new possibilities for development of life, to shifted that could remain stationary. Moved that all of us depressed that prevent us to live, to enjoy life. I saw that the restructuring primarily for me — a cool, hard work, which I enthusiastically joined. For my generation, it was the last chance to be a normal person, a normal Belarusians, patriot, citizen. "

Vyacheslav Kebich

Vyacheslav Kebich says that when Mikhail Gorbachev was the chairman of the Council of Ministers and deputy of the USSR, and with it took part in the negotiations, in the preparation of a new union contract. Restructuring 25 years ago, he took "a great success". And today, he believes that Mikhail Gorbachev was a traitor and that his expectations restructuring is not feasible.

"The first time I saw a man who speaks without papers. Second, he spoke ordinary human language. And, given the fact that so far it's all so tired, I thought: Well, the wind will come free, and we will live more interesting and more fun. And it turned out that it came a man who had to destroy the Soviet Union. "

Gennady Buraukin at a time when first heard the word "restructuring", was the Chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio, and was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus.

Gennady Buraukin

"Gorbachev, I did not know he was planning was wrong, but he guessed what society wants. From what society where tired and can no longer hold him in such a very rigid framework. It was really a historic decision. For us it was a gust of fresh air in that rather stuffy atmosphere in which the whole country lived for many years. Stagnation was felt, and he undoubtedly held down power and rush of people. And the fact that the restructuring was announced, it was a great hope and great outlet. Of course, the conservative forces strongly wanted to direct this modification is not there, mute it. But since it was a party line, they were afraid to speak out against. And for the democratically-minded people, including those in the party — very clearly remember how happy we were that, for example, the opportunity to debate, evaluate certain periods of our history, in accordance with the facts and not with some tasks. I mean first of all assess pair of Stalinism. Began to return to the names of many talented people, the same Mry, Arsenyev. Also have to breathe more freely, and our economic. This restructuring has stirred up a lot in the community and so many democratic forces gave hope and opportunity to turn around. "



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