Philippines: Multiple failures of soil

Philippines: Multiple failures of soilBig failure on the farm in Dumanjug (Google Map), Cebu continues to attract onlookers from neighboring towns Barili and Ronda.

Sinkhole located in barangay Camboang (Barangay — The smallest unit in the administrative division in the Philippines, the analog block, district, county — approx. Translator), Has approximate dimensions of 10 meters wide and almost 4 meters in depth.

The authorities claim that the situation is under control, as it is likely to increase.

Leading geologists believe that the water produced at the bottom of the pit, can be water underground river.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) will test hole and determine if a threat to the residents of the area.

The local government is also planning to request the assistance of international experts.

Usually the land dips vyzvanny dissolution of carbonate rocks, usually by circulating ground water.

Additionally, Phivolcs monitors activity on the bank Dumanjug in Cebu, after the approval of the residents that they had seen "boiling water", rising from the seabed.

Source: ABS-CBN

Another failure was found in Cebu

After detecting a failure in Dumanjug, agitated residents of nearby cities, found another failure — this time in Sitio Carpo, barangay Casay (Google Map), authorities said.

The failure of the land in the said barangay reported by telephone to the local police station about 7:35 am.

Dexter Basirgo inspector, police chief of Dalaguete reported that hole is not immediately detected because the landslide is in a quiet location. Dimensions of the pit are estimated at 4.5 meters deep and 20-25 meters in diameter.

Police cordoned off the area of the incident warning tape.

Even with a 4.5 meter high coconut palms and banana trees growing in two meters around the dip Basirgo says that this particular failure is not as dangerous as in Dumanjug, because "well is not moving." Place referred to, which was discovered failure is near the highway, but rather in the distance, according to the police chief.

In turn, Dalaguete Mayor Ronald Allan Tsesante said that failure in his city "is not alarming and is not as big as the hole in Dumanjug.»

The Mayor said: "The situation is controlled, barangay officials monitor failure."

Meanwhile, the collapse of land in barangay Camboang, Dumanjug emerged after the explosion underground at the farm on February 18. Dimensions of the geological dip of about 20-25 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The water at the bottom of the pit, as reported by the motion of the soil.

Source: Manila Bulletin

Earth cracks in motion

The ground continues to move and increasing crack appearing around sinkhole in the city Dumanjug, on Fermskoe economy. The pit was discovered last Friday on the farm of 2.6 hectares.

Farm caretaker Pesalbon says nothing of the sort in 70 years did not happen.

Sinkhole occurred in the week after the earthquake on February 6, in the eastern Negros, Cebu. Dumanjug town in southwestern Cebu is located between the province of Negros Oriental.

Pesalbon said that he noticed a crack in the earth before there was a failure, which it estimates 100 to 20 meters.

Source: Cebu Daily News

Hot water


February 21. Some local residents have also reported the presence of a small hole on the beach in barangay Looc (Google Map), which is close to their city. Hot water, they say, stems from the hole.


Source: Sun Star

Translation of materials: Alex Crete

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