Pinskdrev: the former director of the disappeared; salary reduced

Location of the former director of the holding company "Pinskdrev" Laurent Arinich unknown. The relatives of his declined to comment. October 25, 2010 at the "Pinskdrev-LEP" of the closed joint-stock company "Holding Company" Pinsk Wood "an accident, which resulted from his injuries killed 14 people. A total of 21 people have suffered an accident.

After you determine the causes of the accident, the concern "Bellesbumprom" prematurely terminated the powers of the general director Laurent Arinich. For him, the General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case of Belarus. Now in Pinsk, there are rumors that the former director of "Pinskdrev" hiding from persecution, leave Belarus.

On Thursday, the wife of Laurent Arinich told Radio Liberty:

"Excuse me, but that's his problem. I think he knows and understands making. I think that everyone will get their own. I'm sorry, but I have no right to comment. When my husband is home, and he will answer your questions. And if he will be home? When will then respond. "

According to a former colleague Laurent Arinich, former director went for treatment in the Baltic.

Generally, they say that there is a Arinich furniture store in Moscow. Named "Furniture Laurent." And who owns it? Or holding, or his property — is unknown.

"Generally, in our country the question with an institution of a criminal case is not decided by authorities having so authorized. By order of the government as the case wound up in the same may be suspended. Generally, they say that there is a Arinich furniture store in Moscow. Named "Furniture Laurent." And who owns it? Or holding, or his property — is unknown. "

Representatives of the "Pinskdrev" note that the founder of this salon — it Pinsk enterprise. On the question of who owns the salon, did not hear an answer from the representatives of "Pinskdrev" nor from the managers of the Moscow store.

During shareholders native Laurent Arinich appealed to shareholders to support the honorary citizen of Pinsk, the former director of the holding company. But none of the shareholders did not agree, the wife continues Laurent Arinich:

"Shareholders have reacted very simple. They are very afraid of being fired, that's all. None has joined the treatment. "

Meanwhile the company almost all the same. Representatives of the Ministry of Labour voiced cause of the accident, certain steps were made after an internal investigation. Nevertheless, the conditions of work does not change, says an employee of the enterprise Elena Stepanivna:

"As long as there is no change. Is that the only salary decreased. And the same thing happened. Observe, as before, the lack of sanitation, and sometimes even the rats running around the grounds. Just horrible. "

Plant for the production of MDF, which last October was an explosion, which killed 14 people and injured seven, recover on the holding will not, said a spokesman for the Department of Enterprise:

"Plant for the production of fiberboard will not recover in Pinsk. The fact that it needed, First, upgrade, and secondly, a similar plant will be commissioned soon in Ivatsevichy. It's not far, so the interrupt source of raw materials is irrational. "

The General Prosecutor's Office does not comment on the situation with the location of Laurent Arinich, citing the secrecy of the investigation.



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