Plants love and protect each other

According to Dutch researchers, many plants, including strawberry, clover or cane, can communicate by transmitting vital information, for example, to warn each other of approaching a potential enemy or attack. To do this, they use so-called horizontal stems ("whiskers"), which are located on the ground level.

To test the theory of the existence of such a warning system of plants, scientists from the University of Nijmegen conducted the following experiment: they are produced on the leaves of the clover group tracks and allow predators to eat one leaf of a plant. Then, the first track was removed and brought to a second group of caterpillars. These larvae is given a choice: they could taste a leaf from the bush that is "understood" that he was at risk, and could begin to eat a leaf out of bush, not attacked. In this case, both sheets were intact and at first glance did not differ from each other.

In all 20 experiments, which had the Dutch, the caterpillars prefer to try a sheet of intact plants bush!

But why? Probably to the scientists, plant, assaulted larvae somehow sends a warning signal to his "family", which, in turn, in a sense, trying to rebuild his chemical and mechanical protection in order to be able to, if not repelled, is to make it as difficult for a predator. For example, plants make their leaves are more rigid and mezhuyuschimisya. Simply put, tasteless for caterpillars.

The mechanism of transmission is likely, chemical — scientists have not yet explored, but they are sure that this mode of communication is known to many plants, including those that have a tendency to spread rapidly in the occupied territories. Thus, such a warning system developed in cane, bamboo and fern.

In turn, tarragon, when under attack insects, signals the presence of the aggressor, releasing into the air certain smells. Thus, the neighboring bush sage gathers flavors' wounded brothers "and begins to strengthen. Their defense.

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