Polish expert on the decision of the COP Belarus: Absurd and curiosity

In Poland, the ruling of the Constitutional Court of Belarus on the non-compliance of certain provisions of the law "On the Pole's Card" international standards rated as absurd, called it another step in the propaganda war against the Warsaw and Minsk have expressed concern that the Belarusian authorities to intensify the pressure on the Polish minority.

A spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, Martin Basatsky in connection with yesterday's decision of the Constitutional Court of Belarus said that the law "On the Pole's Card" is not directed against any other country, and expressed confidence that no legal impact of the decision of the Constitutional Court shall not have:

"The Belarusian judicial assessment will not affect the contents of the Polish law." Polish Card "how to act, and to act."

According Basatsky, the law "On the Pole's Card", which entered into force three years ago, before the adoption was considered by international organizations, including OSCE:

"The OSCE assessed that there is the Polish" map "anything that would be contrary to democratic principles."

Polish experts are misunderstanding the fact of making such a judgment in Belarus. Says expert at the Center for Eastern Studies Camille Klysinsky from Warsaw:

Camille Klysinsky

"There are no legal consequences of such a decision can not be sure. This is really absurd legal situation — the court of one state is considering a law of another state in accordance with international standards. Hard for me to imagine a similar situation anywhere in the world. Thus, it is nothing else than the chickens' ithout. "

Mr. Klysinski considers this decision in Minsk as a political move of the Belarusian authorities that fits into their propaganda activities against Poland.

"This is a response to the criticism of Poland concerning the events that took place in Belarus after December 19. From this point of view, it is clear that attacked critics of the regime to protect."

The only possible consequence of the decision of the COP Belarus Mr. Klysinski calls the possibility of strengthening the Belarusian authorities against the repression of the Polish minority and, in particular, is not recognized by the authorities of the Union of Poles in Belarus.

A current example of such repression — the arrest journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut and criminal proceedings instituted against him for insulting Lukashenko. This was the case in Poland watched closely, says the expert of the Polish government's Center for Eastern Studies Camille Klysinsky:

"Andrei Poczobut has repeatedly arrested, his activities in Belarus and, in particular, the work in" Gazeta Wyborcza ", his article — just critical of the Belarusian authorities, and it causes irritation of the official Minsk … This is a constant problem in the Polish- Belarusian relations. And it is not only about the Andrew here we are, because the problem is much broader. "

Polish expert Camille Klysinsky, however, does not believe that the current problems in bilateral relations between Poland and Belarus can not be resolved:

"The Belarusian authorities are aware anticipation of the European Union, and Poland — a member of the EU, and it fits in with these expectations. Chief among them — it's unconditional, I would emphasize the unconditional release of all political prisoners. Performing such expectations will begin negotiations on further dialogue. Situation is clear."

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