Political debate in support of the defense council BNF

In the office of the BPF have been debates on the strategy of the political opposition in the coming years. Participation in the discussion was the author of "Strategy 2012" Vladimir Mackiewicz and manifest "Boycott — the strategy for victory," Viktor Ivashkevich, as well as social and political activists, defenders of the estate BPF.

Ivashkevich"In order to again articulate a position, it was useful and I hope that this will help and other political leaders, as well as a coalition of political organizations that are trying to unite in the release of political prisoners. The positions are understandable, they are very similar. And joint actions are possible if the release of political prisoners. "

In turn Vladimir Mackiewicz stressed that the discussion occurred — the action of support and solidarity for the protection of the estate BPF and finding ways to further joint activities of the opposition democratic forces:

"This is really a definite action in support of requirements to keep the estate BPF, and discuss business strategy, which showed that there is no fundamental differences, at least with Viktor Ivashkevich. The direction of the boycott — it fits into the strategy of pressure on the authorities that they have made concessions in certain areas of public life. "

The debate inside the BPF were part of the creative actions of solidarity in support of the store estate, which began on April 1. Every evening cultural events take place here: recitals, concerts, film nights. For example, a demonstration of films with Charlie Chaplin, a recital of the poet Slavomir Adamovich, singer Tatyana Bilonog.

BNF leadership also announced an indefinite share homestead protection, which require utilities to release from April 1. ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk refused to renew the lease the space to the BNF took almost 20 years. BNF leadership on this issue went to court, and party activists from 31 March started indoors indefinitely all times.



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