Pompeii will bypass Russia




What is happening with the weather on the planet, more and more like the climate blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow." And this is just the beginning …

FORECAST who recently gave "AIF» (№ 4, "After the tsunami, Europe obledeneet"), alas, is coming true. In late February, under the snowdrifts were not only the countries of Central Europe — the cold snap came to Spain, Italy and Greece. Moreover, this year's snowfall, even where it has never seen: in Algeria and Tunisia. Recall, that the Mediterranean predicted weather events Ph.D., professor of MEI Igor Kopylov.
The reason he sees the shift of the so-called circular cross-current of the Earth.

Our planet is subject to the laws of space Electromechanics

Electromagnetic Theory of the Universe, which scientists are developing more than 20 years, has a distinct advantage over other theories that attempt to explain the climatic processes occurring on the planet. Is far from mystical interpretations, she sees the root. This is for us, the Earth — the center of the world and the cradle of mankind. And for Igor Kopylov it but a speck on the scale of the Galaxy. "All the objects of the universe exchange energy, and the world around us consists of its converters and drives — explains the scientist. — Earth — a huge electric machine, in the depths of which are circulating currents. And energy comes from outside. All global energy processes on the planet determined by the place and time of flight of the solar system in the galaxy. Just imagine the phone cord into a ring. This spiral — our galaxy, and this trajectory moving star systems, including solar. Full circle takes about 200 million years ago, a small coil is 26 thousand years. Thus, every 13 thousand years the Earth falls on the short section of the ellipse (one ring "string"). In this transition period in the planet's magma moves and changes its direction of circular cross-current. The land thus slows down the rotation, causing a large amount of heat energy. Somewhere over 500 years, it has accelerated again and coming cold snap. "

For a century, according to Kopylov, we live in a transitional period. Transverse current "electrical machinery Earth", moving, gets on the border of the continental plates and large faults. The result — a whopping emissions energy disasters (recent earthquake in Iran is also supportive of the concept, as well as the 26 December at the island of Sumatra), the weather anomaly.

"Education of cyclones and anticyclones are also related to the speed of rotation of the Earth and lunar cycles. Only periods are small, 7-days. This system works like a pendulum. The moon revolves around the earth and causes microscopic fluctuations in its speed. The result is released or absorbed by the amount of energy comparable to the energy of 3-4 atomic bombs — continues Kopylov. — Earth is accelerating — there are anticyclones. Slows down — born cyclones. Now for the Mediterranean region. Through it passes the boundary between the African and Eurasian platforms. And right here, in the south-west of Europe, displaced transverse current line of the Earth passing through the territory of the Old World. By the way, in the past century tsunami in the Mediterranean were not uncommon. This year has already happened to the earthquake in Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, and now in Iran. I recall that in the south of Italy there is an active volcano Vesuvius (known more than 80 of its eruptions, the last was in 1944), and is located near Naples, with a population of over a million people. "

Where is the "chudit" El Niño?

How long have you heard about the Bermuda Triangle, one of the main "horror stories" of the twentieth century? Igor Kopylov draws attention to the fact that the earlier line of the transverse current Earth ran exactly through the area of Bermuda, but during the twentieth century has shifted to the west. Now it passes through the southeast United States, Gulf of Mexico and beyond — through the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, where in recent years, "chudit" El Nino, causing catastrophic rains and flooding. Accident? But then there are touching each other North and South American platform.

When three or four centuries of Europe completely cover the glacier, the most suitable for life on our continent will Siberia. And if we now strive to get there except that the ubiquitous Chinese, then a couple of centuries, there will flood all the Europeans and even the Americans. Maybe we should think about it now?



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