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Compared with others, has repeatedly described the case in this episode was a lot of unusual. First, the mode of transportation to the ship Oliveira: aliens took him right out of bed, one bedroom, located on the second floor of the house. But he, maintaining a supine position, rose to the ceiling, and, inexplicably, "leaked" through it and then through the roof of the house was inside the ship. Second, and most importantly, there is strong evidence that Oliveira got on the ship in this way: it prone body left on the sheet and clear on the ceiling, as if scorched marks, vaguely similar to prints on the famous Shroud of Turin, owned as many believe the body of Jesus Christ.

The study of the sensational kidnapping Oliveira, along with other researchers involved in Linda Howe, American journalist and writer, specializing in the field of ufology, the study of anomalous phenomena of nature and mystery stories. In discussions with the participation of an interpreter — Oliveira has only native, Portuguese language — Linda discovered that the aliens once again "invited" him to come mainly in order to re-warn of the dangers threatening the whole of mankind, and the earth itself in the coming quarter of a century. These dangers are clearly presented to him as a kind of video clips, display, together with the date.
Year 2004.
Heavenly body flying near the Earth. The planet is covered epidemic of unknown diseases. At the end of 2004, around the Earth will fly a space object which cause severe disturbances in the atmosphere and dramatic climate change on the planet. Not much of a threat is the development of biological weapons, which is conducted in secret and now, but after 2004 it may get out of control and turn into a global catastrophe. On earth will occur epidemic of new, previously unknown diseases, combat that modern medicine is powerless earthlings.
The cosmic body is outraged Earth's electromagnetic field. Scientists discover water, increasing life expectancy. In the solar system invaded by a celestial body that would cause outrage terrestrial electromagnetic field. This disturbance will affect some regions of the Earth, but not on the entire planet. It is, in particular, can cause an explosion of the volcano Etna in Sicily, leading to the deaths of thousands of people. Currently, researchers have found that in the Antarctic ice thicknesses have this water, which is fundamentally different from that used in the present. Discovered water is does not contain compounds of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) and oxygen, that is, the so-called heavy water. Using the newly open water instead of the usual slow down the aging process of the human body is about 80 times. People can live 300-400 years. Technology of production of this "living" water will be developed by 2007.
Year 2012, December 22.
Galactic momentum. On this day, in the center of our galaxy there strong light pulse, which will affect all the surrounding stars and their planets, including our own sun and planets in the solar system. This flash of light will lead to large perturbations in the Sun, its temperature will rise, which in turn dramatically affect the state and properties of the Earth's atmosphere. In this case, observers from Earth would appear that the Sun, Moon and Stars "swing" in the sky. This, by the way, the Bible says in Revelation (Apocalypse) of John.
Year 2014.
Clumps of cosmic ice. The solar system revolves around the galactic center. The length of time for which the solar system makes one revolution around the center of the galaxy is about 230 million years old and is called the Galactic year. In 2014, during its circular motion of the solar system collide with a dense cluster of blocks of ice, which would affect all the planets, including Earth. This will happen for the second time in the history of the Earth and it will pass through the veil of ice for about fifteen years. However, it is possible that some ice blocks approach the Earth today. Earthlings do not see it, because another cosmic body with a strong electromagnetic field, is on the way ice accumulation approaching the solar system, and it reflects all the light coming from the ice. During the disasters caused by the collision of Earth with ice blocks can die up to three billion people, or about half of all humanity.
The years 2014 and 2023.
"Plasma Ships" of the people evacuated from Earth. Aliens with rays "solid light" will take away part of the survivors from the tops holmlv and other elevated spots on their gleaming silver disc-shaped ships. Testing of this operation will begin in 2014, but a full-scale evacuation will occur in 2023.
Year 2028.
The aliens return of the people on Earth. Alien spacecraft will return to Earth of those people they previously evacuated, and help them to re-equip the planet. Everyone will work together, this moment will be the starting point of a new era in the world. Return humans fully developed and more perfect people compared with their level at the time of the evacuation. And there will be younger than in the time when they left Earth. All this happens due to the fact that after the evacuation of humans fall into another dimension, where such transformations are possible.
By studying the information obtained from the aliens Oliveira, as well as the circumstances in which it was received, Linda Howe interested: as if there were anything like this before? It turned out that the messages coming to ufologists, as well as in the press last year, mostly local, there are reports of such cases. Some of them are listed below.
In 1963, Linda Porter was 17 years old, she lived with her parents in Porterville, California. One hot summer night, when Linda was sleeping on the veranda, she was taken to his ship gray humanoids with large yellow eyes and positioned vertically oval black pupils. This is how, many years later, Linda described her abduction: "The ship is one of the humanoids who identified himself as a scientist, told me that the Earth is distributed toxic chemicals, but that no one knows. It came after some secret tests which were carried out in space above our planet at the direction of the U.S. government. The resulting test byproduct gradually penetrates into the atmosphere and deposited on the ground, focusing mainly in the water. Therefore at greatest risk are people who live near bodies of water, especially stagnant. The "gray scientist" reported that in the atmosphere of this stuff is connected to two other substances, one of which occurred after the air nuclear explosions, and other required forms, if they are prepared by the military conducted the test space beam weapons. The resulting product thus would be highly unstable and prone to spontaneous combustion. And it threatens the appearance of fire in the sky giant vortices, which can not only destroy all life on Earth, but also have a devastating impact on other worlds and other dimensions of space, in particular, to the world where they live, gray humanoids. When I heard it all, and imagined I was terrified. "
In May 1973, Judy Dorothy, her daughter Cindy and three of their relatives have stopped the car on the highway near Houston, Texas, to discuss what kind of a ball of fire for quite some time pursuing them. Following this, three had relatives come lapse of memory, and they "fell out of time", but Judy and Cindy later recalled that found themselves in a round room where the gray creature with yellow eyes and vertical pupils butchered carcass of a calf. "Suddenly in front of us in the air picture began to emerge, as if on a movie screen — says Judy. — But there was no screen. We like looking out the window at what is happening on the street. "Grey" showed us a picture of the future of the Earth. Terrible pictures. They showed what would happen to us if we do not come to their senses and will continue to destroy our nature, our planet and ourselves. We will destroy not only all men, but other intelligent beings in other worlds, including them, gray humanoids. In the pictures we saw that the poison themselves. And soon it will be obvious to all. It will be enough to pass tests in the laboratory, then come to the doctor with the results. Mankind will cover the epidemic of the new, previously unknown disease, its cause chemical that will be in the water we consume. And only a complete cleaning of the water in all water bodies will enable combat the epidemic. A cause of the chemical will be some tests. And though they are going to take place in outer space, the result would be disastrous not only for the Earth, but also to other planets and other worlds. And a very dangerous one kind of underwater tests. They have already held, and if they do not stop, then released when this substance may be reaching a certain concentration, react with another substance that will lead to dire consequences. "
In 1988, Jim Sparks, real estate from Fort Myers Beach, Florida, began regular meetings with gray humanoids, and in 1995 enlonavty captured his first ray of "hard light" and taken to his ship. At the same time, Jim did not fall asleep and not feeling deprived, so clearly remembers the whole process of transportation and its appearance inside the ship. There he was surrounded enlonavty other race, 2.5-meter reptile, and handed him telepathically following information: "We have made contact with the leaders of your planet, because her life was in jeopardy. They assured us that the vast majority of your population is not yet ready to meet with such beings as we are. So we have reached an agreement with your leaders about the period when they can introduce us to people of your planet. This long period has passed, your leaders did not fulfill the agreement. We also agreed that while steps are taken to improve the environmental situation on your planet with our recommendations and our technology. We use the term "recommendations" given the fact that this is your planet, not ours. But your leaders and violated that agreement. So now we have focused not on the leaders, and ordinary people. Your atmosphere and contaminated water, forests and fields are sick, your whole world is dying vegetation, natural biological balance is disturbed. On your planet has accumulated a huge amount of nuclear and biological weapons, which inevitably leads to nuclear and biological pollution. And with all this, your planet is overpopulated. We caution: You came to the last line. If humans do not take effect immediately, after some time, any measures are already useless. There are other sources of energy and other means of obtaining food, the use of which will not cause harm to your planet. We know that the Earth began to form small groups of those who understand the seriousness of these problems. They are eager to learn how they can be overcome, and we focus on these people consider them the basis of your future society. "

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