Press conference of human rights defenders declared hazardous

Law enforcement officials on May 4 in the evening disrupted the presentation of the report on the events in Minsk on December 19. Police detained several citizens of Russia and Ukraine, which were in the office. Their actions are explained by "the need clarify the legality of their stay on the territory of Belarus." They were later released.

Belarusian human rights activist Elena Laptenok in an interview with the Freedom recalled that a 19-hours in the office of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna" was scheduled presentation videadakladu special rapporteur of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus. However, about an hour before the beginning of the event, law enforcement officers made a search. According to them, someone called that carry suspicious box office. So do check for explosives.

The policemen were taken to the police department of the office May Day "Spring" two experts from the Russian Federation, as well as an activist, "Spring." Also taken to the police station and several human rights activists who came to the office later. They were taken directly from the street. Among them, human rights activists from Russia and Ukraine.

According to "Interfax", the Russian consul naikravavsya to the First Police Department to determine the reasons for the detention of citizens of their country. Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Vladimir Byassmertny said that the information on the detention of Ukrainian citizens will be brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country.

Among the detained Russian citizens Luba Zakharov, Yuri Zhyblade, Irina Paykachava, Victoria Gromov Alex Mnatskanyan and a citizen of Ukraine Volodymyr Chamyarys.


Developments in line

22:30 And other detainees were released — the citizens of Russia.

21:50 According to the "freedom" of human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, which is located in front of the police station Pershamaiski, just detained six people: four representatives of Russia, and one each — from Belarus and Ukraine.

First on this point have already been released Vladimir Chamyarys of Ukraine. He said, "Freedom": "I gave an explanation for what purpose am in Belarus. In minutes 40-45 I was released and told that I can go back to their homeland. However, the train had already left for Kiev … "

Mr. Chamyarys also said that his interest in the fate of the employees showed Ukrainian embassy.

20:05 Two human rights activists from Russia Pershamaiski directed to the police department of Minsk. This was "Radio Liberty" was informed of the office Human Rights Center "Viasna". The police said that this is done in order to clarify human rights grounds stay in the "Spring".

Human rights activist Victoria Gromov said she was trying to contact the Russian embassy in Belarus to report on the events taking place in the office of the "Spring".

19:50 Journalists are not allowed to human rights defenders

According to the "freedom" of human rights defenders, "Spring", the police took away the passports of several Russian citizens who were in the office. Their actions are explained by "the need clarify the legality of their stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus."

Victoria Gromov said that in addition to meeting the journalists with two friends of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus and planned videakanferentsyya with the rapporteur on this issue by Neil Zharmanam.

Everyone who is in the office, "Spring", is forbidden to leave the premises. And journalists who came here in the office do not miss.

19:00 A 19-hours at the office in Minsk Human Rights Center "Viasna" was to be held a press conference of the International Committee of international control over the events in Belarus after the presidential elections. However, the event has not yet started.

Human rights activist Elena Laptenok, which is in the office, said by telephone, "Freedom":

"Shortly before the press conference at the office went to five people. They introduced themselves as officers of the criminal investigation department. They allegedly carried out checks on the cause of the explosion in the Minsk metro. Law enforcement officers checked the documents, drawers, closets. Explosive devices they found. But told us that we should wait for the arrival of a special police group.

I think all of this is connected with our friends — foreign human rights activists, who wanted to hold a press conference here. "

Russian human rights activist Victoria Gromov adds, "Now we do not let anybody and do not release. Representatives of the security services say that in this room if someone makes a unknown box. This is not the case. With journalists were supposed to meet two experts — Yuri Zhevlade of Russia andVladimir Chymiris from the Ukraine. "



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