Prevention efforts intensified in military units from anthrax in Altai

Specialists of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (CGSEN) of the Central Military District strengthened prevention measures in units stationed in the Altai region in response to the outbreak of anthrax in the region, said on Thursday the press office CVO.

"For example, in parts of the region, deployed in the Altai region, in all areas and places of residence of the military Disinfect with a doubling of the concentration of the solution" Lyumaks-chloro. "The storage areas and adjacent areas where rodents may cause further held disinfestation work, "- said in a statement.

Also, held discussions with the command of the army and of the mechanism of transmission and high-risk cohorts.

It also reported that staff CGSEN CVO "closely monitor the catering personnel and conduct additional testing of incoming meat, having him veterinary certificate and the certificate of conformity."

"Is organized by the interaction with the service Rospotrebnadzor for the exchange of information on the incidence of anthrax among the population of the Altai Krai", — the press-service.

Last Saturday became aware of hospitalization of three residents of the village of Virgin Friendship Altai Region with suspected anthrax. One of them died. Now hospital Biisk are already 13 people diagnosed with laboratory confirmed in four.

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