Prosecutor asks to leave the sentence unchanged

Minsk City Court hears appeals of Alexander Otroshchenkov, Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov, who was sentenced to prison for participating in events of December 19.

In the panel of the Court composed of judges — Chairman of the Commissioners, judges and Komarovskaya Khripatch.

Lawyers Otroshchenkov — Vadim Mushinskiy and Novick — Andrew Sankovich In their speeches were asked to reverse the verdict.

Mushinskiy referred to the fact that the evidence of guilt Otroshchenkov in fact. He mentioned a video that shows that Atroschankau is in the crowd near the door of the Government House, but takes no action to break into the building.

Sankovich lawyer said that his client is not charged with applying Novikov some damage Government House, although it is stated in the judgment.

The lawyers also pointed out that by imposing a sentence Ales Atroshchenkovym, Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov, the court did not use the articles allowing to assign lesser sentence or deferred sentence. On this basis, they were asked to change the sentence.

Molodtsova prosecutor stated that the evidence is sufficient, and asked to leave the sentence unchanged.

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