Prosecutor General's Office restricts access to sites

The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus made the decision to restrict access to the Belarusian sites of the "Charter 97" and "Belarusian Partisan", referring to the violation of the law "On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus".

Charter'97's State Inspectorate for telecommunications has made to the list of restricted access, Interfax

Belarusian Internet resources report that the Prosecutor General's Office alleges violations sites provisions of the law "On mass events" that "to obtain a permit to conduct a mass event, the organizers, as well as other persons not have the right to advertise in the media about the date, place and time of the meeting, prepare and distribute this purpose leaflets, posters and other materials. "

April 7, the majority of Belarusian internet providers have upgraded the access list and are required by the decree to block access to these sites for government agencies and organizations, and institutions of education and culture.

State Inspection Belarus Telecommunications does not comment on the inclusion of two opposition websites in the list of online resources that Internet providers should restrict state agencies and state organizations. They stated that the list is only available to ISPs. And refused to confirm or deny the information on making websites in the list of restricted access.

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