Prosecutors appealed the acquittal Andrei Bondarenko

The prosecutor's office issued a protest to the City Court's decision on the recognition of innocent businessman and politician Andrei Bondarenko. March 22 the court decided to acquit and release from detention of Andrei Bondarenko because of his innocence and his actions in the absence of evidence.

In accordance with applicable law, the prosecution exercised its right to appeal the decision in the next few weeks we will know the consideration of this protest to the Supreme Court, according to Freedom Andrey Bondarenko. He also hopes that the decision of the Minsk City Court will be left intact.

Andrei Bondarenko also reported that all the time after his release on March 22, he and his family: his wife, two year old daughter and father. The next few days, along with his colleagues in the United Civil Party will make efforts in the release of party chairman Anatoly Lebedko and other political prisoners.

In 2008 Andrei Bondarenko ran for the House of Representatives, sought to challenge the election results, and ended up in jail for 6 years. He was accused of embezzlement and fraud, and acquitted before, Andrei Bondarenko has left two years prison.



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