Pyramid of the Moon, Lunar Photo of strange UFOs and other anomalies, seen by NASA in space.

Submitted by Steven Hanardom, "Group disclosure aliens", UK.

"I admit that some of the captured objects might be debris, but not all. I also believe that certain persons who are working in NASA, they want this information was in the public domain. That is why it was possible that some of the incredible images that include UFOs and other anomalies in the form of leaks were publicly available.

Footage of Buzz Aldrin on the moon possible had sent me a reliable source. I there is a complete record images, it is about 3 minutes. I will present it after the well studied. This could be fake, but can be a real image, but in any case I'll post these pictures, so everyone can make their own judgments about what they see. So do not "shoot" in the messenger. :)))). (Video Buzz Aldrin were assembled by me and not repeat the original footage of the moon).


Pyramid of the Moon

Robot head on the moon


Other sessions of the Moon

Strange UFO


"Alien Disclosure Group UK"

Category: UFOs and aliens

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