Rabbinical Committee on Jewish law and standards legalized same-sex marriage

Anatoly Shary: Advanced Rabbis provoke "exodus" the opposite?

When I look at what is happening in the world, I often want to "eyestrain", I want to look away from this raspiarenny she herself "civilization" into a "wild Slavs." Slavs, who still holds, at the time, until the pillars of faith crack and millennial oaks of righteousness ready to crumble trash.


The latest news from Israel — rabbinical Committee on Jewish law and norms governing halachic rules for the Movement of Conservative Judaism, has legalized gay marriage. Made the fateful decision to unanimously except for one abstention. One abstention in such unanimity — it is odd, perhaps, just a pile of fallen to the floor and did not have time to vote.

Thus, the Committee attentively studied the Torah, the Talmud and rabbinic literature, and, having studied, came to the conclusion — did so. Can.

Conservative Jews live according to Halacha — Jewish law. Halacha for this Jew is a more authoritative source than any law, including the Constitution. By the way, for this reason, the main law of the state of Israel was not accepted — not to put the law above truths inscribed in the Torah. Many of the rules laid down in the Torah, in need of clear and unambiguous interpretation, some points should be chewed, and put in his mouth. Thus was born the Halacha, the name of which comes from halah "walk."

The implication, of course, Psalm 14:

"Lord! who may abide in your tent? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?

He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart. "

That is to say, a set of laws that are so funny, "explained to" conservative rabbis, implies absolute righteousness of their contents. In this case, simply fantastic interpretation of Halacha, which were born as a result of clear RULES wedding ceremony of gays and lesbians in the most cynical way negate the concept of righteousness.

Here as any look — even on the left, even on the right, but the hosts of Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed. Or conservatives thought of its justification for the severe punishment of the two cities, is located to the east of Gaza?

In light of the unanimous decision of the faithful and educated rabbis, very different words of Israeli Minister of Justice Yaakov Neeman, uttered in 2009: "Step by step we will bestow upon the citizens of Israel, the Torah and halacha do the basic law of the country."

«Le Figaro» then rightly stated — "come from the former Soviet Union with great concern the growing influence of religious elements."

I do not rule out the opposite outcome in the next few years. Because we do not know what and how to explain to modern sages tomorrow, and what modifications will be offered to the public Halacha Israel "advanced rabbis' …

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