Radiation: what to do after Fukushima

The official view: everything is under control, there is no danger. Bandazhevsky believes that the situation is repeated with the Chernobyl disaster if we were talking about.

How to behave after Fukushima to those who survived the Chernobyl? Is it dangerous for Belarusians this time scanty, according to official sources, or to look for alternative sources of information?

Famous Belarusian scientist, former rector of the Gomel Medical University, and then a political prisoner, Professor Yuri Bandazheuski the request of Liberty refines its recommendations.

Tikhanovich: Mr. Bandazheuski, not so long ago you were of the view that in Belarus from Japan still comes with radioactive iodine, and this should qualify. In particular, you advised replenish the body with iodine in the organic product, primarily marine products. But look — the radioactive water from the Fukushima merges into the ocean, blurred around the world, does not that affect the same seafood?

Bandazheuski: That's the biggest danger. Now I would not recommend these products are. And before the question arose because the radioactive elements were common in the area, but was not aware of such a catastrophe that would affect a large water area. That's why I posed the question, and we will discuss it in the near future, as technology products required for Radiation Protection. Unfortunately, the environment stuff, do it on special farm on specific technologies that people get clean products containing iodine. That is the question, and your question is very reasonable.

Tikhanovich: Now, about the products that can enter Belarus from Japan. The other day the head of the National Commission on Radiation Protection of Belarus Yakov Kenigsberg assured that no products are not supplied planes and this in prytvanastsi, ensures that for a long trip with radioactive iodine may just fall apart. Your comment?

Bandazheuski: In addition to iodine, there are other radioactive elements. Fall into the seafood and cesium, and other heavier, long half-life. Therefore, to say that during this time products will get rid of radioactive elements, it is prudent not serious. Unfortunately, the radioactive elements will be in all biological structures, in all objects from this region. I know the position of the man and the structure which he oversees, know in advance what he will say. This is diametrically opposed to my position.

Tikhanovich: What about the cars? Firstly, the new machines yaponiskih brands often gather in Europe or the United States …

Bandazheuski: As cars are not really dangerous, it can all be cleaned, removed. Radioactive elements in the external action will not have such adverse effects on the body. But those who get to food, cause an increased risk.

Tikhanovich: And if you somehow get a used car from Japan to Belarus, and it will have a car that was in the area of the accident. You can simply wash away the contamination, says Mr. Konigsberg?

Bandazheuski: Those machines that were found there, and prapitalisya radiation elements, of course, cause a danger, since they will be "fonit."

Tikhanovich: Mr. Bandazheuski, back to iodine. If now we will not have confidence to seafood and how the drug can be trusted? Some doctors advise to use complex vitamins with iodine.

Bandazheuski: I want to tell you that not all complex vitamins contain iodine. This is a very serious problem — edaprafilyaktyka. In Ukraine, there is a group of scientists, who have long been engaged in edaprafilyaktykay they bring drugs on an organic basis, associated with iodine, for example, "Barbaed." We highly recommend it to people who live in the zone of radioactive contamination in Polesskoe region, which is poor for iodine.

Tikhanovich: In some European countries, doctors still warn citizens that iodine preparations should not get involved, and that it should not be used for prevention. What do you say to the amendment to the Belarusian situation — can you take iodine prophylaxis?

Bandazheuski: Of course it is possible, even necessary. For metabolism, iodine is a very important element. It is very important to do this even without the Fukushima accident had to be done.

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