Rare disease helped Hitler become Fuhrer

October 31, 2011 22:25

Adolf Hitler was discharged from the Army during World War II because of a rare mental disease, discovered by historians. However, it is a disorder helped him eventually become the Fuhrer, writes The Independent.

Hitler in his book Mein Kampf argued that the reserve because of his blindness, received in 1918 as a result of a chemical attack, hosted by the British. However, this version reveals newly discovered correspondence between the two famous American neurologists, dating from 1943.

As follows from the letters, the famous neurosurgeon Otfried Foerster in 1930. told his American counterparts that in 1918 he saw the medical records of Hitler in a military hospital in Germany. In the documents of the future Fuhrer was diagnosed — hysterical amblyopia (another name — hysterical blindness).

This disease is characterized by the fact that after severe trauma to the brain for a while longer receive signals from the optic nerve, though the vision is in order.

This correspondence is a key proof of Hitler's mental illness, said historian Thomas Weber of the University of Aberdeen, who discovered the correspondence. According to him, when Hitler came to power, the first thing I made haste to destroy all incriminating his documents. Were killed or committed suicide and all the people who were familiar with the diagnosis of Hitler. In particular, Foerster died under mysterious circumstances in 1941.

"If we want to understand how there was a sudden transformation of a bumbling soldier, for which none of his superiors did not see any leadership qualities, self-confident charismatic leader, we really need to assess the mental state of Hitler and the radical changes that his personality has undergone since the war," — said Weber.

In addition, the historian has dispelled the myth of heroism Hitler. According to him, the future Fuhrer fellow soldiers treated him with contempt and derision, as it most of the time running on behalf of the authorities. Hitler even got to the front of the nickname "rear a pig."

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