Refused to be fingerprinted? Under the court!

Today in the court of the Soviet district of Homel began consideration of the administrative case against the chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov for refusal to be fingerprinted. This is the first case of this kind in the country.

In the Soviet police department Polyakov refusal to be fingerprinted qualified under Article 23.4 of the Administrative Code — disobedience to lawful order or requirement of a public official. This was made and passed to the court the administrative record.

Poles"In the Soviet district police department I was offered to go fingerprints, but I refused because it violates my rights, it offends me. There is a mandatory fingerprinting for the military, but not compulsory. I do not know how these my prints will be used in the future. "

At the hearing UCP activist asked that he be given access to the file. Judge Galina Sytko, who led the meeting, we can start to condemn Polyakov for the fact that he is not familiar with the case before the hearing. However, the politician insisted that he be given at least ten minutes to get acquainted with the case.

Finally, the judge granted the motion, and along with deferred consideration of the administrative case on April 13.

Poles"Until I met someone for refusing to be held accountable.

Until I met someone for refusing to be held accountable.

I know the situation in Brest human rights activist Raman Kislyak. He wanted to forcibly take fingerprints. Even the physical force used. But the administration has not been the case. Such is the policy of the authorities to keep everyone in a particular track, that no one has a right that everyone feels that he is responsible and to blame for the state. "

Fingerprints of the Belarusian military service men have been taken into 2008 — after the explosion in Minsk on the night concert in the Republic Day.


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