Reports of a UFO crash

On the second famous UFO crash, which occurred in 1950, in a document drawn up by Admiral Hillenkotterom says very succinctly:

"December 6, 1950 the second object, probably of similar origin, flying at high speed on a long trajectory in the atmosphere, hit the ground in the El Indio-Guerro, near the border between Texas and Mexico. By the arrival of the study group was all that remained of object, almost completely destroyed. remaining materials were delivered to the base to study the Atomic Energy Commission in Sandia (New Mexico). "

When considering more information about this crash contained in other sources, we must first note that due to a number of reasons for a long time erroneously believed that this crash occurred in July 1948, and inaccurately stated his place. By the way, the wrong date came from foreign sources and in our press (Nedelya. 1981. November 24, and Labour. 1981. 24 October). The correct date was only restored in 1982

Analysis of data about the crash, published in the American press, suggests that it is, apparently, was as follows.

It started with the fact that the radar is located in Washington state on the west coast of the U.S., spotted an unknown object flying in a south-easterly direction at a speed of about 4000 km / h A F-94 fighter jet, which was in the air near the border with Mexico, there have been the crash site of the facility in Mexico, 50 km south-west of Del Rio. Prior to the arrival of representatives of the U.S. Air Force to guard the Mexican Army soldiers.

Judging by the description, it was a metal disc with a diameter of 30 m and a height of 9 m, which was heavily damaged by an explosion and fire. Inside the body was found that growth of 130-140 cm with a large bald head and four fingers on his hands, wearing a suit made of metallized fabrics. (According to other sources, were found the bodies of six of these creatures). There have been more than 500 pictures.

The remains of the object and the bodies of creatures were loaded on cars and shipped to the U.S. Air Force in the United States (11, 15). In 1980, American researchers have managed to obtain UFO negatives of two photographs of the body of the creature, escaped the photographer Navy, engaged in shooting secret nuclear tests at the site in White Sands and immediately thrown into Mexico to capture a crashed UFO. Analysis of these negatives showed that they were made 30 years ago (50; il.82, 83).

Point of impact of this object has been removed for 500 km from the landfill White Sands, which is completely ruled out the possibility of considering its V-2 rocket placed in it with a monkey, for a maximum flight range of the V-2 was only 300 km.

An indirect confirmation of this event can serve as a treatment became known to the Secretary of State D.Marshalla Mexican government for permission to cross the border, ostensibly to evacuate remains out of control and crashed in Mexico experienced aircraft.

The books and T.Guda M.Hezemana describes another UFO crash, which occurred March 25, 1948, 12 miles of the northeast Aztec (New Mexico).

Unknown object was originally three separate radar to detect, and its incidence has been reported to the command post of the defense. This information was immediately brought the Air Defense Command to General Marshall, who contacted Dr. V.Bushem, who headed a group of "MJ-12", and organized a trip of six scientists on the scene.

According to the description, the fallen object was a disk with a diameter of about 30 meters with a dome and portholes and was slightly damaged. It was made of an unknown light, very strong metal, not to give the diamond drill bits and can tolerate temperatures of 10 000 `.

The cabin diameter of 5.5 m, which was inside the dome, placed control panel, which had the keys with the likes of characters, and screens that flashed unknown characters, but there were no commutational wires. In the same document was found, made of sheet roofing, resembling parchment, coated with a unknown characters, vaguely reminiscent of Sanskrit. This document has been chair-Tavlya General Marshall, who gave him the leading cryptologist for analysis, the results of which have not been disclosed.

The facility was found 14 charred bodies of humanoids rise 120 cm with dark brown skin, big eyes, long and slender hands that occurred with webbed fingers. The weight of each of the creatures was only 16 kg.

Three days later, the subject and the body was secretly taken to Los Alamos, where they remained for a year, and were later transported to Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio). A thorough study of these creatures were members "MJ-12" Dr. Bronk (17, 50).

This collapse is not mentioned in the document Admiral Hillenkottera, so there is some doubt as to its authenticity. However, there are two proofs of the fact that during the years 19471950. there were three UFO crash.

Former U.S. Secretary of State General Marshall in 1951, Dr. Alexander said that he was aware of three cases of forced landings UFO ending loss of their crew, and that the U.S. authorities have caught in possession of the objects along with the bodies "enlonavtov."

Preserved as a memorandum of Hottel FBI Strategic Air Command directed March 22, 1950 FBI Director E.Guveru. The memorandum stated:

"One of the researchers, the Air Force said that the state of New Mexico were selected three so-called flying saucers. They had a circular shape and a diameter of about 17 meters with the rise in the center. Each of them had three humanoids rise of 1 m, dressed in metal suits of very thin material, similar to the G-suit test pilots.

There is speculation that the crash in New Mexico occurred in the action on the control system of flying saucers being in this state powerful radar. "

The discrepancy in the size of objects and the number of crews due, apparently, extreme secrecy of all data on a UFO crash and a considerable time elapsed since then, bringing the scientists comes already partially distorted information.

As for the other crashes UFOs, according to the U.S. ufologist L.Stringfilda specifically address this issue, in the postwar years, there have been 28 crashes of these objects, of which 12 in the U.S. and 16 other countries.

According to Stringfield, background and Kevitskogo Hood UFO crash in the United States alleged to have occurred: v1947 in the region of the city of Phoenix (Arizona), in July 1948 in the desert Moudzheyv (California) (II), in 1952 in California (14.65), in 1953 in the state of Arizona (13, 15), in 1954 in New York, in 1957, in the southwestern part of the U.S., in 1962 in the state of New Mexico ( 14, 65), in 1964 in the state of Kansas, in 1965, in Pennsylvania, in 1975, in the State of Michigan and in 1977 — at Norfolk.

In various foreign sources also reported UFO crash allegedly took place in other countries: in 1950 and in 1978. In Argentina, in 1952 in Svalbard, in 1953 in South Africa, in 1955, on the island of Helgoland in 1959 in Gdynia (Poland) (26.59), in 1978 in Sweden. Two crash took place in China (years not specified).

Of course, all of these reports should be treated with great caution, as they are taken from informal sources, and are not based on specific evidence of specific witnesses. The names of the witnesses of all these crashes authors do not present as witnesses in their testimony in some cases refer to a speech by third parties.

Some mistrust is the fact that reports of some crashes, cited by some authors, sometimes flatly rejected by others. For example, the description of the invention of Stringfield says UFO crash in 1948 in Aztec, expressed Hood, and in 1953 in Arizona, which was placed in the first Memorandum IKUFON, although on the other hand, the descriptions of the two UFO crash in the white paper as if Admiral Hillenkottera indicate the theoretical possibility of such events.

The Pentagon has never reported a UFO crash took place and denied in their possession damaged objects, though such claims can not be trusted especially, because it is information about the discovery and exploration of a crashed UFO has always been the most closely guarded secret.

The press cited numerous reports that the damaged objects detected in different parts of the American continent, immediately climbed the U.S. military authorities and taken to a secret research centers, and the public was informed that this meteorite fell, the bottle or the test sample of the new weapons. Therefore, the press and civil UFO researchers was almost impossible to obtain confirmation of the collapse of these objects or read the damaged objects.

The confirmation of this is the failed attempts of American ufologists get information about the crash on Svalbard unknown silver disc, which, according to the data given in the newspaper "Evening Leningrad" (1968 February 26), was sent to study at the Pentagon, where his tracks were lost.

At the request NIKAP about the crash, made by the Norwegian Embassy in the U.S., in 1958, was received an official response that "the material on the UFO is vysokosekretnym and can not be made available to NIKAP."

F.Edvardsa the letter addressed in 1964, representatives of the Norwegian authorities, participated in the investigation of this case, the short answer is that "not able to answer the questions of Edwards."

According to the eyewitnesses, the basic information about the UFO crash and damaged objects themselves originally stored at Edwards Air Force Base (California) and the Wright-Patterson (Ohio), where scientists Force and the CIA investigated the structure of these objects, and tried to understand how they move and controls (14.72).

Charles Berlitz in his book "Roswell incident," referring to a number of independent sources, claimed that Eisenhower as president in February 1954, made a special trip for a few days to visit a friend in Palm Springs (California), from the deep secretly traveled to the nearby Edwards Air Force Base to inspect damaged UFOs were there. And soon after inspection of the damaged objects were allegedly transported to three trucks at the Wright-Patterson base.

Chapter IKUFON background Kevitsky claimed that RaytPatterson airbase since 1952, has accumulated a total of eight UFO crash victims, the study of these objects, despite denials Air Force, continued into the 70s. Berlitz also wrote that in 1978, due to increased public attention to the hangar 18-A based on the Wright-Patterson damaged discs and bodies of crew members were taken to the residence of the base of the CIA in Langley and to the base of Mac Dill in Florida.

There are eyewitnesses who saw five minute secret movie, which was filmed crashed into the sand with a diameter of about 5 meters from the open hatch.

The testimony of many witnesses also contained descriptions of bodies of crew members allegedly found in a crashed UFO, and were given a very common and often conflicting descriptions of equipment, is inside these facilities.

In September 1983, the president of the Washington Institute of Technology Dr. R.Sarbacher American ufologists V.Shteynmanu wrote: "I recall that the various inputs received from a crashed flying saucers have been extremely light and strong. I'm sure that they are carefully examined in our laboratories … There were reports that the mechanisms or existing accepted UFOs were also exceptionally light and can withstand extreme acceleration to which the ships were able to … I remember some talk in the office about what these aliens were arranged like insects … " (Bureau R.Sarbachera in the 50's. Was in the Pentagon, where he worked as a consultant while the Government Council for Research and Development) (17.50).

The drive and the other kept on anatomy humanoid bodies, weighing less than 20 kg, and their supposed lack of teeth, digestive organs and childbirth, and instead of blood, some colorless liquid. It was pointed out that the data came from the doctor, though present at the autopsy aliens. However, as the names of doctors was not mentioned anywhere, reliability of such data, of course, can not doubt.

Confirmation that the U.S. government continues to take steps to preserve confidentiality of information about their available damaged UFO is the story of an American ufologist L.Stringfildom.

When in 1978 Stringfield announced its intention to make a report on this topic in Dayton, the CIA warned him that he did not touch in his report some specific data, and did not show evidence of a damaged UFO, because it is a threat to its security, or Simply put, he can end the life in the river or in the crash. When Stringfield still made its report without mentioning the names of witnesses, the three strangers to portable transmitters force dragged him from the scene, was taken to a hotel, forbidden to leave the building and talk on the phone. The fact that they told him Stringfield silent.

Extreme secrecy of all, due to a crashed UFO, Confirm in 1981 and a former presidential candidate Sen. B.Golduoter, who wrote that "UFOs are stored the remains of damaged and dead crews vysokosekretny so that it is impossible for them to penetrate."

Leaked information from various sources about the crashed UFO allowed Professor Mc Campbell done in 1979 concluded: "It is likely (although there is no direct evidence of this), that the U.S. Air Force with one or more UFOs, delivered from their place of emergency landings. If so, it can be assumed that the government is working on the research program, in which attempts are made to develop the technology of UFOs. "

Until recently, the Western media hardly seen cases where the fighters managed to shoot down a UFO.

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