Representatives of the tourist industry: We are now in an atmosphere of unpredictability

Limitations and problems that have emerged in the foreign exchange market in Belarus, significantly affected the activity of travel agencies.

Because of the difficulties with the purchase of foreign currency number of buyers in the early stages of the season was considerably reduced compared with April last year.

In "Alatantour" visitors by 20 percent fewer, the deputy director Igor Shershunov. Some firms went out to meet clients and yet charge for permits in Belarusian rubles at the higher rate — 3500-3800 rubles to the dollar, but this is a temporary phenomenon, says the director of the National Union of Tour Operators Valentin Tsehmeyster.

"Some of the leading tour companies have even stopped selling tours because accumulated a large ruble equivalent, and they do not know what to do with it. Some say, "Here we have a billion rubles, and how we disburse if there is no currency? We stop the sale. "

In the smaller travel companies the situation is even more complex — many do not have a license to work with currency, says expert for tourism, editor of "Tourism and Recreation" Lily Kobzik:

We are now in an atmosphere of uncertainty and paradox.

"We are now in an atmosphere of uncertainty and paradox. All the time, the state encouraged to ensure that the calculations were in rubles and foreign currency license abolished many, many karparantav, many state-owned enterprises were calculated in rubles. Now no one needs rubles, now all need currency. "

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Belarus offered to travel agencies to temporarily move to cashless payments. It caused quite a stir in the foreign exchange market. Such an offer made on April 6 the Minister of Sport and Tourism Oleg Kachan. But the travel industry experts are skeptical about this. Lily Kobzik gave the example of booking in a mode «on-line», which are made of the cards:

"How will operate these cards? Many open accounts in rubles, and the lists should all be in foreign currency. Now this is not possible, such operations as far as I know, frozen. National Bank does not give any explanation. People have a bad feeling, a nervous situation: even if you have a currency card, a person is not sure: "A week later, the currency on the cards can be frozen …". A person does not trust.

Including the introduction of a more flexible exchange rate. Because there were already gray schemes earning money for the banks — that is, to buy foreign currency at the rate of 3700-3800 seems to be possible. However, even a settlement between the travel company are problematic, because if they are agents, some are sold by 3050, and in the course of 3700 the other — they are losing out on a mutual. So it's slow. "

Now the capital is held spring tourist exhibition "Vacation 2011". Director of travel company "Solveks" Nicholas Bichun, that the current situation, said:

"There are things that have a negative impact. There are problems with the payment of tours in foreign currency, you know … But we hope that the situation will improve. And people like the rest, and will have a rest. Only then will choose that moment closer, affordable and quality. "

Reporter"And the prices will rise? '.

"Turkey is clear rise in price is due to the deterioration of the political situation in Egypt, Tunisia, prices have increased slightly. As for other areas, while big spike in prices is not seen. But the Belarusian health resorts are getting more expensive faster than the tours abroad. "

But some people do not buy and do not even book a holiday, but only observes, eyeing.



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