Residents are concerned about the massive loss of Barnaul pigeons

Barnaul bloggers actively discussing urban mass death of birds. LJ user nick den_lenin August 24 posted a message: "Fellow citizens, what's happening? Some kind uncle dead scattered around the city pigeons, or what? Or what? Eased them? Wherever you spit — lying or bird, or goner, through time breathing ".
Dead pigeons seen in a small grove at Pavlovsk tract at the intersection of Shukshin Isakov, carcasses are found in the yards of homes. Motorists say that live specimens of low-level behavior, "Even in the yard where the car could barely crawl, they have to honk."

Persecution, sickness or heptyl

Version of reality put forward very different. Some citizens believe that someone poisons birds, others believe that the pigeons mows kind of disease, others say about natural selection. User nick altay_birder: "More than sure that no one at the population of pigeons, we should not, but the fact that it is quite stable, and the fact that pigeons are given two — three litters a year, in fact. So on one average adult annual accounts for two — three dead bird. "

Of course, bloggers have not been past the release of a possible poisoning of birds hazardous substance — heptyl, 800 kilograms on board the "progress", a spacecraft that crashed in the Altai Republic Choyskiy districts. "The news of a fallen rocket write. Maybe she's to blame?". "It would not launch, or can we fall paws up."

Expert opinion

August 29 was repeated three samples were taken in the rivers Biya, and Sarakokshe Karakokshe and one soil sample near the village Karakoksha.

— Samples were sent to the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Altai region — RIA "Novosti" chief medical officer of the Altai Republic, Leonid Shchuchyn. — The test is still negative. Background radiation also does not exceed the permissible values.

Chief Veterinary Officer, Department of anti Altai Krai Barnaul Nina Pechennikova:

— Toward the end of the summer is over-population of birds, the number of pigeons in a square meter is too large. Among the individuals begin to spread the disease, resulting in weaker birds die. This is natural selection.

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