Residents of the village of little blue UFO report

Two witnesses on February 20 about 1.00 observed UFO over the river, said the head of the Saratov regional Saratovnews of "Integral-Kosmopoisk" Yaroslav Kvitko. According to the organization's website, the first unidentified flying object over the river villagers noticed little blue Saratov region. A second witness said the object above the village of Ust-Kurdyum (Saratov region).

Object moved to South-North. According to the report, its trajectory was likely linked to the Volga. In these places before seen a UFO, they often moved from south to north, or from the North to the West. Journalists on the safe side, check with Kvitko, can be related to the appearance of a UFO with the fall of the meteorite in Chelyabinsk, which is likely to go down in a directory called "Chebarkul" (the crash site). "No, it's not exactly connected with the Chelyabinsk meteorite. We have had similar cases, about a year or two ago, when witnesses saw the same objects over the river," — said Kvitko.

As the head reggruppy said that most such reports come in the spring and fall. However, did not specify why. And the possibility of alien capture Kvitko believes, "because we are still under-developed race," therefore, for possible alien invaders are not interested in the next hundred years.

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