River in Wales was suddenly orange

Does Dzhefford just sitting with his fishing rod to the river near Neath Welsh village Abergarved when usually very clear water suddenly became orange. Environmental Service Wales looking for the cause of pollution, but one of the villagers have a different theory.

Now the orange colored part of the river dlinoy10 km. between the village and the town of Neath Abergarved. "The water was beautiful and clear, and suddenly she changed color — says fisherman Lee Dzhefford. — I could watch the fish suffocate. " Then he saw about 40 or 50 dead fish. "At about 11 am there was a roar, accompanied by lots of water," — says as 72-year-old villager Cliff Davy.

The cause of water pollution as there are just guesses, but the experts are trying to find out as quickly as possible. "Reducing the effects of pollution in the surrounding area — it is for us the highest priority. And we want to know how and why it happened — said Gavin Bowe of Environmental Services Wales journalists «BBC». — We are trying to assess the impact of the incident and determine whether to save the endangered fish. "

A pensioner Davie already have their own theory about the orange color of the river. He believes that the water was painted for iron ore, which came to her from the coal mines. "The mountain is dotted with old mine," — said the man.

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