Rogozin banned military to buy expensive Glock pistols

Rogozin banned military to buy expensive Glock pistols
The Russian Defense Ministry will not take Austrian Glock pistols repeatedly at an inflated price. On this, as reported by «Interfax», said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. «With the prices that have been placed» Rosoboronpostavki «we can not agree. No gun can cost seven thousand dollars. This is idiocy some «- explained Deputy Prime Minister.

With all this Rogozin added that «money has gone nowhere», and the order for such type of guns «most pressing issues for the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Defense for what.» Departmental procurement verification pistols at an inflated price, is expected to be completed before the end of October 2013. Investigation conducts Federal Service for Defense Contracts («Rosoboronzakaz»), located in contrast to the «Rosoboronpostavki» run by the government of the Russian Federation.

«Rosoboronpostavka» ordering authority of the Defence Ministry, has placed two orders for the supply of Glock-17 pistols and Glock-Gen.4 first 26 October 2013. In total, 342 for the purchase of handguns Austrian production had spent less than planned 71.4 million rubles. With all of this tender documentation price Glock-17 was set at 210 thousand rubles, and the Glock-26 — 198 thousand rubles.

Each gun should be put military department with six shops, laser designator, belt holster made of hard material, operational and hip holster, Gun Case, cleaning kit and manual control of the Russian language. In standard supply includes Glock pistol, two magazines, case, cleaning kit and abstract. Planned to buy guns for special purpose units of the Head of the General Staff Intelligence Department of the Armed Forces.

Middle of October 2013 on the purchase of expensive «Rosoboronpostavki» drew attention Alexei Navalny. He has published in his own LJ post on the basis of anti-corruption activist fund investigation «Painting» Andrew Mischenkova, under which the price of the 1st gun in the stated configuration can not exceed 51 thousand rubles. Based on these data, Navalny asked Rogozin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to investigate.

According to Rogozin, checking applications «Rosoboronpostavki» began a week before the publication of the post Navalny.

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