On the outcome of the International Air Show in Le Bourget, and what specifically and with whom negotiations on the strip «Rosoboronexport», said deputy general director of the company Alexander Mikheyev

Ended last weekend naikrupneyshim world Airshow in Le Bourget (Paris, France) has become in recent decades naikrupneyshim demonstration area of ​​combat and civilian aviation Russia. In the sky over Le Bourget and static sites appeared Fighter 4 + + generation Su-35s, combat trainer Yak-130, a civilian «Sukhoi Superjet 100» helicopters impact Ka-52 «Alligator» civilian Ka-62. In this performance of the Su-35, Yak-130, Ka-52 were zabugornom premieres.

Any large military contracts on the strip «Rosoboronexport» on Show in Le Bourget have not been announced, but the negotiations and sufficiently vast exhibitions were held. About what specifically and with whom negotiations on the strip «Rosoboronexport», on the outcome of the exhibition manager profile edition to RIA Novosti Sergei Safronov spoke with the deputy general director of the company Alexander Mikheyev.

— Alexander, for sure, it’s time to take stock of the role of Russian representatives in Le Bourget?

— In 1-x, we can confidently say that zabugornye premiere of Su-35, Yak-130 and Ka-52 was accomplished. I wish to emphasize that all the full-scale standards passed all tests in Russia and the new complexes are already taken by the Russian army, which, of course, increase their export potential.

Earlier we did zabugornyh exhibitions and 3D presentations were that we output the Su-35 4 + + generation as a transitional model fighter fifth generation (PAK FA, promising aviation complex tactical aviation). Now we really have shown that such a plane is, while it is in serial production (for the Russian army for 10 Su-35 — Ed.)

We offer it to different countries, and at the moment it first to show enthusiasm for those countries which are in service with aircraft of the Su-30. Entertaining the aircraft and to those countries which have developed their own aviation industry, and they are interested in developing their own development based on the experience of other countries, namely Russia.
In other words, the Su-35 we enter the program from the interaction and cooperation with the world’s leading aircraft powers. This technology development of the second and third-tier configuration. Countries interested in Su-35 platform. For example, French and Italian companies during negotiations offer us their communication systems, avionics and weapons.
Completely similar situation occurs with the Ka-52 helicopter.
In other words, the first show was a success zabugorny. We have shown that our industry alive, got to her feet, kicked off the crisis. We rebooted, and it is very basic.

— Which countries are currently negotiations about the implementation of the Su-35?

— Enthusiasm expressed by China, CIS and South-East Asia and Latin America. In the details would not want to go, because contracts are not signed yet, but the pre-contract work is intense.

— You mention more Su-35 and Ka-52. Does this mean that the enthusiasm for the Yak-130 is not such a lively and ambitious?

— Absolutely not. Europeans live enthusiasm for the Yak-130 as a learning machine. They are fascinating and cooperation with us, and the development of the aircraft in terms of increasing its tactical and technical characteristics. It is currently training and combat aircraft. But we, too, we see, that he has great potential, it can be further developed. Ultimately, it can be fully used as a light combat fighter. Because the same French and Italians, as well as in the case of the Su-35, we propose to put on him his avionics, communications.

Are interested in purchasing these aircraft and Africa.

— What export prospects in the Ka-52?

— Export contracts for the Ka-52 yet, but, taking into account the ongoing negotiations, I hope that before the end of the year the first contract is signed.

We are ready to supply Ka-52 over the limit in various configurations — impact of combat, reconnaissance, Counterterrorism.

But do not forget scale supply helicopters MI-8/17 in different countries. Namely, as you remember, the other day at Le Bourget exhibition announced the signing of a contract with the United States for the supply of 30 vehicles for the Afghan army of more than half a billion dollars.

In addition, the signed first contract with Iraq in the framework of the multi-billion package deal for the supply in this country Mi-28N «Night Hunter». Contract involves the supply of more than 10 cars. Very good full agreement that includes both program from training pilots and technical personnel, and supply weapons for the helicopter.

— Scale supply Russian helicopters in different countries are well aware of. Were there requests from these countries for the construction of service centers for their service?

— Currently under construction in the center of one of Latin America within a large contract. In other words, when a country buys a large batch of helicopters, we are ready to create the infrastructure for repairs and maintenance.

From South Africa we still have signed a letter of intent. This is the basis for promotion. Next step is negotiating the purchase of helicopters. We, of course, offer service and maintenance, and repair. In this region (South Africa — Ed) many Russian (Russian) Helicopter and Angola and Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

In addition, the service center is built in Mexico, made joint ventures for repair and maintenance in Uzbekistan, Vietnam, India worked applets within the offset obligations.

— Passed the information that Serbia wants to buy fighter type Su-27/30. What is the current situation in the negotiations with this government?

— Indeed, we have discussed the issue with Serbia aircraft deliveries, but this country has had difficulties with financing. Currently in negotiations to take a break. Neighboring Croatia wanted to change their MiG-21 MiG-29. Discussed the whole year, the crisis struck, and eventually this state until a timeout is taken.

— Already the second year in Baranovichi (Belarus) is a batch of 18 Su-30K, India returned within the «trade-in». What is their fate?

— We are consulting with Ethiopia on the likely purchase these aircraft. Proposed a variant of modernization, capacity tactical and technical features offer additional advanced missiles «air-surface».

First four Su-30K is being renovated at the local aircraft plant. The availability of funding from the customer, we are ready to renovate, modernize and put the whole game for 4-6 months.

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