Rostselmash harvesters — Chechen farmers

Chechnya continues a policy of fleet modernization. And this is one of the top aides APK Czech Republic is the company "Rostselmash". The other day, farmers republic was shipped party harvesters VECTOR 410.

All 8 VECTOR 410 fresh, red-and-white design had already been sent to the shipping company site in Rostov-on-Don. At the railway station in Gudermes they should do in the coming days. Combines sent to Chechnya under a federal program update technology, implemented by the state company "Rosagroleasing." Only the southern regions of the country under the program this year sent more than 100 Rostselmash harvesters. 

It is planned that the new machines from the early days of the Czech Republic join in the harvesting campaign, launched in the country is expected in late June. Together with them in the harvesting operations will participate several Rostselmash harvesters, landowners bought the CR from commercial sales. Service support vehicles will carry the regional representative of the company — Yugprom, long-standing and reliable partner Rostsel'mash.

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