Roundabout — obvivochny complex COC-based PC with an exhaust mechanism

The system is designed for obvivki and reinforcement of long items of wires up to 0.5 mm. Diameter of the central bus to 8 mm.


Roundabout-obvivochny complex is designed to counter hardening obvivki sensor cables, as well as for screening, and other operations involving precise overlay wrapped with material.

The structure of the machine include: car exhaust, wrapped with two heads with the ability to install different amounts Insulation spools, automatic retractor maintain constant tension winding, the receiver with automatic winding, the system thermal fixing swathes of material, as well as subsequent cooling system.

All this is controlled by a programmable logic controller and is displayed with an indication of data throughout the manufacturing process on the touch screen monitor high resolution.

The system allows you to store and transmit process data via wireless systems, such as Wi-Fi.

The complex also has a monitoring system WRAPPED elongation of the material, which allows to obtain a product with predetermined properties.

The presence sensor monitoring process ensures the production of quality products.

The development was carried out in conjunction with "Experimental Design Bureau" ZENIN "

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