Russia is cracking from temperature contrasts

The intense heat wave with the July-September temperature continues to pace the ETP. With 12 hours in Krasnodar recorded 25.0 and thus blocked another temperature record, which previously stood at 20.0 and has held since 1952. In Voronezh, this midday temperature reached 15.4, which is only one-tenth less than the previous extremum of the day, set in 1927. Meanwhile, Archangel, barely climbed out of ice, lost in advection fog. Temperature increased to 2.0, and the visibility dropped to 500 meters. Naryan-Mar sculpts snow, and the case goes to a snowstorm. Zone of dense fog left Samara, but it came to Orenburg. Yesterday, in the Orenburg region was record heat — up to 12, and now dairy shroud keeps the temperature below 6. In Novosibirsk, was observed in 12 MSK slabomoroznaya overcast and cold weather (-4), and Krasnoyarsk air cooled to -7. In Norilsk, the thermometer showed -14, was sunny. In Irkutsk, evening lights were lit with a small "minus" — about 1. A Yakutsk came on the night of frost to -15. And that's nothing, because it was already in Oymyakon -37. It turns out that on 12 MSK temperature variations in Russia was 62 degrees!

People do not remember this, because it never happened!
Which of Krasnodar remember the last time on November 10 the temperature reached 27.4? Yes, no! Because this has never been a November 10, nor in the history of November! Similar climate nonsense recorded November 10 in Kostroma (12.4), Tver (13.2), Tula (15.2), Orel (16.0) and Penza (15.0). In Nizhny Novgorod (13.2) and Vladimir (12.8) reiterated the absolute maximum temperature in November. And in Vologda (9,0), Tambov (14.0), Izhevsk (9.8), Kursk (16.5) and Orenburg (12.2) installed new extremes of the day. A number of the temperature record of the day and the month is also set in the cities of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. In Bobruisk was 15.2, in Kiev — 19.6 in Chisinau — 22.1.

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