Russia is testing hypersonic weapons — Dmitry Rogozin

Russia is testing hypersonic weapons - Dmitry Rogozin
In Russia, carried out tests hypersonic weapon, said today at a meeting with students in Irkutsk Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

«I can say that the tests go, they closed completely and the Yankees, and we» — he said, adding that in this area Our homeland is not far behind the U.S..

In reviewing the state of Russian military-industrial complex, Rogozin said that Our homeland still remains the undisputed favorite in the field of nuclear development. The most problematic sector, in his opinion, may be called elemental base. This gap control of the country wants to return strongly in the coming years, he said.

Development of the U.S.

First appeared in the U.S. in September describe a new hypersonic weapon, which is being developed under the ocean applets «Instant Global Strike» / CPGS /. Information about it in the report were placed senior fellow for nuclear policy at the Carnegie Endowment for international peace James Acton.

Refers to the non-nuclear weapons capable of hitting any target on Earth within an hour after receiving the command. With all of this indicates that in the process of developing one of the priority objectives were considered North Korea’s nuclear facilities.

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