Russian language — the language of the world free people

Russian language - the language of the world free people

"I will express my opinion right: verbal speech rights — is the gift of God, revelation, How long a person lives in the simplicity of his heart, until he has the mind of the mind is not gone, it is simple, direct and strong, as the contention of the Heart and pillows when the person zaumnichaetsya, it takes more than this artificial setting, the hostel poshleet, and in the scientific community receives special, conditional value "

VI Distance

From ancient times, the relationship between people in the world basically have only two ways of life. One was built on the foundations DOBRONRAVOV and voluntary union, the other on zlonravii and deprivation will of man by man. Though most likely it was not always, and was originally a one world — a world of goodness and love, and thus had a common language. But later someone's pride pushed people to create a second world — the world of evil and domination. And once one world split, split, and a common language. Now mankind has come to the world again becomes one. Unified will and language of the world. The only question is, what would it be for the world. A world in which there will be evil and domination, or not to be … but the world no good, love and light can not be, because they are of God, they are eternal, but the evil and domination of human pride and they are temporary. This means that even if someone is able to build a united world based on them, it will still fail. And humanity will start from the beginning …

And in order not to bring to the last resort, we must clarify and understand what kind of world we want to live, what should be the new One World, and, as a consequence, it is what it is language. In one world language is the heart and soul, in the other — the language of logic. Although today the language of logic greatly succeeded in strengthening its position and to create a world, but the language of the soul there is no need to fight it. Just as awareness of it as the Original language — the language of the Soul and Heart, given to men by God to live in love and joy, people need to be lost in the language of logic. This means that the lost and a world ruled by logic.

But since God has no need of slaves, the people and captivity in determining his choice he will not. People are free to choose what kind of world they live. And since all mankind is approaching the point of choice, it will make us — the entire place.


Language — the soul of the nation. Language — it is the living flesh of ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

AN Thick

October 10, 2003 marked 85 years to the day that the order Lunacharsky (moon-spell) from the Russian language were removed (from — ive) letters: yat, FITA, Eph, izhitsa, YS (the majority of Russians, most likely not even heard of these letters, well, probably, but "yat", let alone what they meant and what is used — know even less, and in fact, our ancestors were at least as smart as us, and for some reason they used them ?.
It would seem, in the country "surrounded by enemies", famine, disease, there was only the Red Army, and suddenly among the most urgent received an order for the removal of letters from Russian. Well there would be gold, jewelry, works of art, is it not. That letters. It would seem, is not very logical step. But …

But if we assume that this action was a condition of the transaction between the "sponsors" (owners) and the executors of the revolution, and his performance is largely dependent on further assistance, then everything falls into place. And as shown by the course of events, it was not just one of the terms of the deal, but the main condition, as after this decree the situation changed and the revolution triumphed … Another thing — to understand why it was necessary to "sponsors".

Indeed, this is a very interesting question: why for thousands of years being the battle around the Russian language, why the origin of the Russian language is a "mystery"? Why, at times, appear intent on vlastistoyaschih "reform" (and in our opinion — circumcision and distortion) of the Russian language?

Let's start with the fact that Russian is the main carrier and a spokesman for Russian world outlook, outlook, mentally and ancestral memory, in a word, all that is now referred to as the "cultural environment" (matrix Russian way of life). This is the same "environment" in which we all are, that permeates every aspect of our life, which brings up and educate our children. And it is clear that the flawed this "environment", the bigger it is divorced from reality, the inferiority become the next generation. More will be brought into the non-Russian Russian language, the more our children will be non-Russians. This "cultural environment" formerly known as the People's Spirit, and with this understanding of the word "culture," it is clear that izkazheniya and perversion of national spirit leads to the destruction and extinction of the people. While those who have sought to transform the Russian people "obschechelovekov", referring to the "objectivity" of the events, prefer not to talk about, as the discussion on this topic may lead to another, which is not acceptable to the development of life events. This is precisely the question of the "objectivity" of the events taking place today. What is happening today is the result of that was due to whom — in the past (by whom?), Which means that today we can determine (in words build) the course of life events in the future. And the cause is the course itself, and not trusting someone to do it for us, since this "someone" in respect of the Russian people their often disastrous for us, the vision of possible future events. And in order to understand how to cause the occurrence of future events, it is necessary to answer such questions as:

— Language in place of life, its importance in the management of the company?

— The story of language, whether a single parent language, later divided into many other languages, or arise by themselves "in the process of transformation of various species of monkeys in the different communities of people"?

— Was the writing of the Russian People to Cyril and Methodius, and if so, why hide it?

— The power of words — just a sound or a "mystery for the initiated?"

— Future common language of humanity — this is a language based on a mixture of "Latin", or …?

— Russian Language and "Latin" — what's the difference? And what is so important, this difference in the 'domination', regardless of ethnic, racial and religious forms?

— Interpret and define this phenomenon of life as value, meaning and essence, consider, think, thinking, morality and ethics, will and freedom, the mind, the personality, the principle, the concept, the reality, the rule;

— What does the word Russian? What the future holds in store for us, and if we want to live in that future?

Russian language — 2

Chapter 1

Language in place of life and its value in the management of this life.

A foreign language is a weapon in the battle of life.


So, in order to make it clear the place of language in society and its importance in the management of events, consider it from the perspective of a fairly general theory of management. In particular, the coverage for the importance of language, we consider the generalized management tools and weapons, what is it and how to use them to control the life of society. We give below an extract from the textbook enough general theory of management (stage of courses, students read the state Department of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, St. Petersburg State University in 1997 — 2003.) And its annexes, which the authors were able to "popular form" does not express just the basics "of the matrix of social control," but display "alternative management concept of comprehensive peace."

We want to show the example OSUiO (one of the main points in this concept) the importance and meaning of the language, both in management and in the conduct of military operations.

1. Briefly about the management

Every society, somehow managed, for whatever reason, the global historical process may be seen as a global process management, first, enclosing a number of processes of regional offices, and secondly, in a hierarchically higher flowing towards him life processes of the Earth and Space. Accordingly, when viewed from the position of a rather general control theory on society at a historically long periods of time (hundreds of years or more), means the impact on society, intelligent use of which allows you to manage his life and death, are:

1.1. Attitudinal information, methodology, learning that people are building — individually and socially — his "standard automatisms' recognition and understanding of individual processes in the fullness and integrity of Creation and to determine, in its perception of the hierarchical order of the mutual nesting. It is the basis for a culture of thought and completeness of management activities, including vnutriobschestvennoe sovereignty.

2.2. Information chronicle, chronological nature of cultural industries and all fields of knowledge. It allows you to see the direction of flow processes and relate to each other private sector culture in general and industry knowledge. In the ownership of the universe conformable outlook, based on a sense of proportion, it allows you to identify particular processes, perceiving "chaotic" flow of facts and phenomena in the philosophical "sieve" — subjective human measure of recognition.

3.3. Information descriptive factors: the description of private processes and their interactions — essential information the third priority, to which the doctrine of religious cults, secular ideology, technology and factology all branches of science.

4.4. Economic processes, as a means to influence subordinate purely informational media exposure through finance (money), which are very generalized view of economic information.

5.5. Genocide means, affecting not only the living, but also future generations, destroying genetically based absorptive capacity and development of the cultural heritage of their ancestors: nuclear blackmail — the threat of the use, alcohol, tobacco and other drug genocide, nutritional supplements, all environmental pollutants, some medicines — a real Application: "genetic engineering" and "biotechnology" — a potential danger.

6.6. Other means of influence, mainly by force, — a weapon in the traditional sense of the word, killing and crippling, destructive and destroy the material and technical facilities of civilization, real monuments of culture and media of their spirit.

Although definitive demarcation between media exposure there, since many of them have qualities that allow them to be attributed to the different priorities, but given the hierarchically ordered their classification can identify the dominant factors of influence that can be used as management tools and, in particular, as a means of suppressing and the destruction of the management and conceptually unacceptable phenomena in society.

In the application of this set within a social system is — generalized facilities management. And when they are used as a social system (social group) in relation to another case of mismatch control concepts in them, it is — a generalized weapons, ie weapon of war, in the most general sense of the word: or — a means to support self-management in a social system, in the absence of conceptual incompatibility of management in both systems.

Said procedure prioritizes these classes of impact on society, since a change in the state of society under the influence of the top priorities of a far greater impact than that of a lower, albeit slower, and without a "noisy effects."

That is, the historically long periods of time increases the speed from the first to the sixth, and the irreversibility of the results of their application, largely determines the efficiency of the solution of problems in society, in the sense of once and for all — is falling … ".

As seen from the excerpts in OSUiO no place such as the phenomenon of life and language as a means of control and as a means for the war (the so-called "language war"), unless the authors have carried her to the 6 priority referred to as "other." It follows from this simple conclusion: Language embraces the all six levels of generalization of the controls and weapons.

Indeed, it is through language and describe the outlook and what is hidden behind the word "methodology" (level 1), imprint and rewrite history (level 2) write ideology and religion (third priority) 4 th, 5 th and 6 th levels are real manifestation in the life of the first three, and then, and language.

Thus, despite the fact that in a generalized management tools and weapons had no place of language, however, it is necessary to determine its location.

And either language for the data in OSUiO "priorities" management will be "a priori" (as the philosophers — "workers" of the first priority), and in Russian saying the original, higher embracing all the other levels. Or it is on the second level (the lowest) and hidden in the words "other means of influence." Then everyone can decide for yourself: either language embraces the all six levels, or it is among other things, lower leverage.

In our view, the first is true, and then the phrase "In the beginning was the Word …" begins to fill with different meaning from "biblical myth" becomes an echo of ancient knowledge. And it is with this understanding of language, we briefly consider the question of whether there was a single parent language?

Russian language — 3

Chapter 2

Modern languages — the legacy of a single parent language, or advanced "monkey means of communication?"

Language as old as consciousness.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Foreigners often like to blame the Russian people that they do not live with the mind and the senses. And this applies to all without exception, regardless of social status and money.

Russian people tend to make a "grand gestures" that is, do not, as logic dictates, but in spite of it, which is called the soul. But nothing of the Russian folk (read Ukrainian, Belarus — all the same) the song and can not speak, who once sang them, knows that they poured straight from the soul, they are stately and Razdolnoye. It is futile for people to ask, how do they know that the songs are pouring out of the soul, and how it happens — this is hardly anyone who has an answer. But for sure everyone knows that song comes out of the Soul. People just feel it. Yet another feature of the Russian people is that regardless of the "social status" they "live by the rules," and not by law. The law for the Russian people — just the very "tongue." Already from a sore neck, and twisted under him tired, and wonder what it is all meant, but if our government says that it is "tongue" and distinguishes all "civilized peoples" of savages, then tolerate more, but we'll see be. But if suddenly out of our lives once lost all lawyers (as well as all those who are fed with this: Who makes the laws, who their "realizes" and who defend them), it does not matter how affected the lives of the Russian people. People like living by the rules, and would continue to live.

To some, these features may seem savage and bezkulturiem, but in our opinion, all this clearly shows that the concept of the soul of the Russian people is the basis of livelihoods. We are living soul, not logic (mind). If so, it may be the Russian language in the original, not a language of the state of haze-hearted man, a man at all, regardless of race or tribe. And our current desire to live by the rules (conscience, justice), an incomprehensible urge to search for the truth, the truth, our songs and our way of life are there, from the origins of humanity? And today we are only weak echoes of the once united humanity: humanity, which had a single language — the language of the soul? And only later someone's pride and split the people and the language of many? And people did not have occurred from the monkey, but were created by God?

So, to the roots!

".. . To ensure that the water passing through us, we woke hidden gift, it must be taken directly from the source, and drink fresh … "
CG Jung

As spring water, which was originally fresh and clear and the cleansing power of its huge, and it is able to dissolve a lot of dirt, it is true, she while gradually turning into a muddy stream, and the Russian language, which was originally the language of communication between people from the heart to heart, from soul to soul turning into a muddy stream. And while he still has at its core is the speech (the river), but many of the dissolved in it "Latin" has already made it out of pure spring water in the mash. We speak of the mixture and do not understand what is going on, uttering certain words, for we lost the essence of the Russian language — the language of the soul.

And to remember everything, to wake up our souls, which are hidden in us God's gift, we must come to the Source keys and drink pure, nezamutnennogo Russian. And then the full extent of its healing properties for Truth. We will be clear and accessible world — the universe, as we will be with him a single entity, as before, at the dawn of humanity. And there is no need to force yourself and the world of the "logic" in an attempt to conquer the world, all the while destroying this very world, as the world has always been open to people, but only discovered not through the mind, and a heart, a soul.

It is therefore important to understand what was the common language of this men's lives, and then it becomes clear not only who, how and when distorted and muddied it (turning people into parasites and destroyers), but what kind of future we destined, if one language combined mankind will be "language mix for the mind", and people finally forget Language of the Soul.

So if there was a single parent language?

Actually, it is a huge separate issue, but due to its importance, we still try to define it in this paper.

Such an approach (as shown in the title) allows us to take another look at the theory of Darwin and all the scientific achievements in the fields of philology, philosophy, culture and history. That in itself is very important, because these sciences encompass a rest of science, and as a consequence — define the life of humanity, and it is through them brought humanity to the brink of a new catastrophe. But such an approach also enables an open mind to consider: Who is the man for what he lives and how is it different from other animals? What is the soul, the spirit, conscience and morality?

In the further work we will try to share my understanding of these issues, this chapter is important for us to answer the question: Was there a single proto-language, and if so, what?

In our view, the issue of a single parent language is inextricably linked to the past of the Russian people, as there is reason to believe that in a time when mankind was a single entity and to speak a common language, that's when the Russian language and was thus proto-language, the foundation of which followed other language branch.

Briefly draw events stretched for thousands of years, you get something like this:

Once upon mankind was one. It was an inseparable part of the whole world. One humanity could not communicate with each other and with the world, and it was a common language. And that a single language could only language of the soul, for the soul — it is a gift of God, and it is in all people. Soul — that is what brings people together. We feel the soul of the World. Feelings — a stream of concentrated knowledge of the world. How would scientists said today: "emotions — it's densely packed with information going unconscious levels of the psyche to the conscious level," with, replacing Russian words for "Latin", and thus depriving the Russian people (the only remaining of those who once owned Common Language) capabilities to understand. Essence, the Force at the thought.

Explanations of the magic words.

Here it should be clear that the proto-language in its purest form and was the language through which people can create. In the legends and tales of it as a kind of language sealed witches and wizards, when uttering the magic words, they performed miracles. But it was a miracle for those who have forgotten a single language, and for those who possessed it in its original form, there was no miracle. Was understanding of the relationship of what is happening in the world, and, of course, understanding the power of the word coming from the soul, and in tune with the World. Excerpt from the work of Yu Phillips "Magic Sound": "… The world around us is vibrating — claimed the legendary Hermes Trismegistus pervouchitel mankind for centuries. — Everything in the world "is vibration." Now this, scientists say.

These vibrations we perceive as light, smell, heat …… So, with the help of hearing we perceive acoustic vibrations from about 16 to 16,000 in units of time — second. Above this boundary is space ultrasound. Next Acoustics kingdom ends and begins the realm of electromagnetic radiation. To 1011 vibrations per second (hertz) — the realm of radio waves. Fluctuations from 1011 to 4h1014 hertz we feel as heat. 4h1014do of 7.5 hertz h1014 perceive as light. Above — the space of ultraviolet rays. Fluctuations of about 1017 Hz make the world to us full of smells. Above the realm of X-ray radiation. Vibration about 1020 hertz give things taste. Above 1021 — World of gamma radiation. And then — not available until modern science vibration feelings and desires of the world, the world of thought, of speech, of the world of thought-image … Let's go down below the perceived sound. Fluctuations below 16 Hz cause a person inexplicable fear and are called infrasound, below extends the realm of rhythm — pulse beats, the rotation of the planets and galaxies we perceive not as vibration, and the rhythm. Man "woven" from the same material as that of the world around him, he radiates waves into space the same vibration … ".

Spoken word (frequency, amount of oscillation), knowingly filled knowledge (which is just concentrated in feelings) became attuned to a particular life-stream and interact with it. Today it is called the word "resonance". As you know, matter — this is a vacuum in the excited and not excited. So just on the matter, and worked with the Word, giving it a certain degree of knowledge. In other words, using the language can create a matrix of state of matter. Just before it was enough to say the word, full of knowledge, which is concentrated in the feelings (still preserved such a thing as anything said in their hearts, and it came to pass), but today it is trying to do the same thing using the language of numbers and logic . Just before the person who can create a word, I knew what the soul is, justice, truth, and he did not have to destroy the world of his creation, was to work on a word that today is called the vacuum in the ground state, and then only if the This was the need and benefits, so the people lived in harmony and joy. Today, not realizing that the language of soul, has largely perceive and feel the Soul of the World, we are trying to conquer his mind, logic. But the mind can only convert already materialized vacuum (excited), that is only what has already been created, and so in order to create something, something must be broken. And because in his mind there is no logic or justice, no truth, no conscience, and does not face these "creators" of the question, to what it all might lead, and the "scientific community" rarely asks why men of science, although controversy of what it should be, infinite. Humanity, continuing to live in the mind-logic, but without conscience, can eat their own planet (it is this understanding of the life of the Russian people and displayed in the word parasite), it is clear that such human-like predators, parasites produce to the world, the universe can not. Therefore, if people will continue to persist in their pride and, in essence, not wanting to live in harmony with the world, then either are bent under the weight of their science, or anticipating the damaging effects of this science to the planet Earth and Feeds On shake, and people will given the opportunity to start anew.

So, once united the proto-language that describes the flow of vital phenomena in the Universe, has been broken and distorted. We explain the idea. Writing protolanguage was inseparable form, that is, maintaining a helical runic inscriptions (this map is the stream of life) with the placement of certain characters at the top and bottom of a winding-label roll. True, today's science says runic letter set of features and sharp, but it is of a great mind, as vglyanut enough to curl hair in the bar, which is called the fleece, to understand that Runic just written with the help of such Runes — curls. A whole message called scroll, because it was a retinue of runic curls. Such writing can be observed in Arabic ligature and residually in modern Russian language when writing his letters in words. We write the word runes, but do not realize it. And do not realize because, although each word and write together, but the words in the sentence did write separately. Therefore, our minds and accept the proposal, and the entire text as a set of semantic units, rather than as a single stream (although some authors can write and work in such a way that people are starting to take heart, but this is an exception to the general rule). We do not plunge into the stream, seeing his heart, and skim the surface, clinging to the meanings mind logic. Therefore, we perceive the world as a set of semantic units, which can build up into different logical constructions, but the essence is lost, and we stop to tune the world, and for us it turns into "the world." When our consciousness perceives the written text as an integral flow, we begin to perceive the world of the Soul, we plunge into this vital flow, we are in tune with the World. Like writing, and hence the perception of the World was our ancestors who owned Vseyasvetnoy diploma, which in its essence is precisely the runic letter — Display the flow of the Universe.

By the way, the Arabic language, which is not without reason the ancient language of logic, we see as a distortion of the original one integrated proto-language. Their difference in the writing is that single language to write the right-tune, the upward spiral of creation, that is, from left to right, and Arabic is exactly the opposite, right to left. Although the right-hander to write from right to left is not handy, because it is his own hand covers, and even spreads already written. In essence its Arabic differs in that vowels are not spelled out in the letter

In reading they are delivered in the context, based on the logic previously written. Moreover, the Arabic language "designed" by the rotation numbers, that is, when it is created, not only because of the gates of a left-handed to right-handed helix, but also "digitized" proto (In Vseyasvetnoy Literacy for Life full-motion display used 147 beech trees), cut it to 28 beech-digits, tying each letter-number to a particular sound coming from a human throat (four letters for each sound threshold). The creation of the Arabic language was the point where the rotation started from the language of the soul, with a gradual conversion to the language of logic. It was then that people began to perceive the world in less soul and more wisely. Holistic perception of the world was crumbling to pieces, and more World was transformed into a "kaleidoscope." Who was the "author" of the undertaking of the people — not all that important, since it is clear that it is inspired by pride (as our ancestors would have said: "it was possessed by an evil spirit"), involved in the offense and the desire to excel, and is now past and the desire to dominate. About the time of the incident can only guess, but the fact that it was in the "antediluvian times" — absolutely, otherwise the flood would not be. A place where it occurred, most likely, was Mesopotamia — Babylon. As evidenced by the biblical myth, and the fact that a country called "the land of magicians," as well as the fact that the Egyptian Priests ("priests" and who is credited with the creation of "biblical Project") directly subject to the "priests" of Babylon, and the Magi , which brought the news of vifliemskoy star, came from the same place. By the way, this may explain the fact that twice already completely burned all the libraries of Babylon (the first time under Alexander the Great, the second time during the Bush administration) — someone cover their tracks, the evidence. Also, this area (between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) is called Mesopotamia "(not the rivers), that the Russian language can mean not only the presence of the two rivers (many such sites), but also a place where a single language — One question was split into two Speech — Mesopotamia. Part of the descendants of the dissenters — chipped brought a new language and a new outlook in the Mediterranean region — to build his empire there. It is their descendants are the ancient Greeks and Egyptians (second reign). The other part — Russ (hats, Etruscan, etc.) left the Middle East, and took with them the knowledge of a common language. They have been inhabited present-day Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, the third part has remained in place, creating a world of the East.
That Arabic became unchanged for thousands of years all occurred matrix language later logic languages (here it is not about the languages of the various African and Asian nations, at different times separated from the rest of the World and to the extent of forgetting the parent language invented a language means of communication, understandable only to them) . The most famous branch of the Arab matrix:
Drevneiudeysky, ancient Egyptian, Greek, Latin and English. The last three, the most well-known today, are a mixture of Russian and Arabic words with mixed dislocations and twists, reading in one direction and then in the other, the loss and izkazheniem letters and their meanings, and, finally, with a turn of writing left to right to surely traces (in English, there is also an admixture of ancient Egyptian). Here it should be added that in these languages has not written together as a proto-language and Arabic, and separately all the words and letters. But as the development of the present civilization was re fused to write letters in words, because it is much faster to write the prescription printed letters.
And it is this mixture and form the basis Cyril and Methodius in the creation of the Slavic alphabet, which forcibly and implemented in the Russian language, mix thoroughly with the alphabet and Vseyasvetnoy diploma, and to trim and clean the memory of the two.

Russian way of life.

In Russia, I liked the complete lack of a spirit of ownership. This was sufficient to awaken in the people a sense of human dignity.
R. Tagore

Because we believe that it is the Russian language is the proto-language, for better understanding of its manifestations in the lives of people we consider the lifestyle, which is constructed based on that. Language forms and displays outlook, attitude and image of the world, they in turn appear in lifestyle. It is clear that the Russian language is only allowed Russian way of life. And as we say that the Russian language is the language of the soul, it means that in the Russian way of life should be the basis of what comes from the heart of God.

This is important, because if we are right, Lifestyle Russian people go back to the appearance of man on earth, and not for the arrival of Christianity in Russia, as it teaches the "official story." By the way, in our view Christianity tried his best to destroy the Russian way of life, introducing "serfdom" and wine drinking. And ROC tried hard to mix the concept of paganism and idolatry, arguing that it is one and the same. While the Russian language makes it clear that the word Paganism Language, and not from the word idol (in other languages, there is no such thing as a word and paganism, it only appears in the translation of idolatry in Russian, and then only because the two are fully aligned in the head interpreter).

And even if we talk about idolatry, it is the church "sins" idolatry, praying icons. At one time in the Christian world even had a split, when there was during the "Iconoclast", claiming that a drawn worship God is no different from the worship of carved wood or stone god. But victory ikonopoklonniki and ikonopoklonnichestvo become the "norm of Christianity."

On Science:

"Scientists know a lot, and the wise men, and understanding what they know" — from the performances of M. Zadornov.

Before returning to the main thread of our narrative, a brief look at modern science, which seems to be, and should provide the people of knowledge enabling him to live comfortably and Interface smoothly. In particular this applies to the knowledge related to the history of the nation. But the current "system of science and education" makes every effort to hide the issue and in its place establish in people's minds lies about thousand-year history of the People Ruska and writing (as one of the manifestations of the Russian language). Let us explain why this is happening.

The current "system of science and education" services system of domination of one people over another, or whatever it is called — "pyramid crowd-elitism." This pyramid has many different forms (mainly religious), but they all share a common structure. Above — the elite at the bottom — the crowd. All the pyramids hold on uneven distribution of knowledge and wealth (maybe). The higher on the pyramid — the more knowledge and material resources, and conversely, the lower — the less. Our present society is no exception to the total number of pyramids, despite the fact that it is declared "secular." Most of the people are slaves of the system (by being in poverty and lack of knowledge), lacking the will to live as they please, not as commands "system". Talk about a "system of domination" — a single very important and very big topic, but here we want to say that today's science is a servant of the system, and its main task is the search for new knowledge to society, and monitoring of dissent and hide vital important knowledge from the crowds. Knowledge, recognizing and mastering that, the crowd once again be able to become people. This knowledge, which can only be expressed through language, because knowledge passed nonlinguistic ways, may take up favorites (dedicated), and not all the people, and that helps to keep people in tolpoobraznom condition and thus to maintain the pyramid crowd-elitism.

Here it should be recalled that in Russia before Christian times there was no domination of one over the other, people lived communally — world. Only the introduction of Christianity (the biblical concept of rule) allowed the "civilizing" of domination and build a pyramid in.

Clarification: in our understanding of the Christianization of Rus lasted from 1 century (Andrew), gradually blurring and tearing the Russian way of life. Creating conditions for the emergence of the rule in Russia. A prerequisite to the transformation of the result just was Baptism of Holy Russia, Vladimir. This is the point the unfolding of the "matrix of domination" in Russia (in Pushkin is under Vladimir stolen soul of the Russian people — Sweet Harmony). Before this was carried out to create preconditions and manifestation of domination in the life of the Russian people was of a private, not systemic. And the closer to the unfolding of the matrix, the more often these symptoms occur. That is why this date (988g.) they are celebrating, which is why the consciousness of men and tied to it, so as not to go over this matrix (bright example — conducting ritual kissing of the cross in Korsun with the current ruler of Russia and also Vladimir).

It was only after the unfolding of the "matrix of domination" in Russia began an open war with the Russian language (outlook, outlook, generic memory — all that is called Russian Spirit). Since the Russian spirit creates Russian way of life — a way of life willing and equal human beings, regardless of their clan, tribal, racial, and other accessories. Russian way of life does not accept the rule, in any forms and manifestations. Before God all are equal. And God is in the Russian world view is not the Lord, He is the All-Merciful Father Mother and Merciful (which is why the Slavs called themselves DazhdBogovymi grandchildren, not the servants and slaves). So we can say that the Russian spirit not to ring any concept of domination, he would always try to bursting the shackles of bondage, no matter how sophisticated they may be. That is why it is so hard and seek to destroy the Russian language — the carrier of the Russian spirit is not compatible with the spirit of the rule. And the best way to destroy the Russian language (along with the introduction to his words izkazhayuschih and distort its essence) — is cutting its roots. To address this problem and invented the myth of the creation of the Slavic alphabet Cyril and Methodius, as it is based on the growing of people cut off from ancestral memory, from its roots — the people can impose different lifestyle. But to do that they must forget and Russian Spirit (spirit willing and equal human beings), and Russian. Language of a device life on Earth, with no room for bondage and domination, where people live in happiness and harmony with oneself and the world.

And not to be unfounded, is a small excerpt from the work of B. Shergin "Ustyansky pravilnik," where clearly shows the way of life of the Russian village in Pomerania, where it is best preserved its ancient roots, as there was no serfdom and residents of the Russian North has always were free men.

Excerpt: "In the north-Russian industrial Maritime Administration existed since ancient times" customary law ", a kind of law that defines a professional business, as well as the moral attitudes of industrialists together. Sometimes these life-business relations were fixed in writing. This is the "Sea Rules" Novaya Zemlya industrialists. As a complement to it can serve as a "Ustyansky pravilnik." "Ustyansky pravilnik" was a chapter handwritten booklets (or books), written handwriting of the 18th century. To paragraphs rules for Moreh bottom-industrial environments, attributed universal rules of behavior: …

When listening to the squad … your words with all your heart, know that you are responsible for them before God.

If crossed charter and perpetrate proshibku, do not lie, but apologize to friends and say, "Excuse me" — and past the blemish is.

If anyone made a mistake, and adversity, but he knew it, and obey, and fix, not mogite napomyanut him about it.

For which a person syschetsya tatba theft or what or how stingy business who hurt an orphan or money gave rise, in order not to take industrial campaign.

Although adopted disastrous people foraged for corn and none asked, but for the excellent reason, to give them a share.

From centuries … commanded to give to the poor beginnings fishing, maritime and promyshlennnyh people widows and orphans. Beast giving dimensional and not detysha. And the skin so as not to be cut, not pounding.

That of many marine life came to a ripe old age, to give the same.

In barrels of propane fish orphans not to give, but good does not leave. (Lute raging greed. Satiety has dengolyubivaya soul and ultimate evil is coming.)

Who is his brother, sea Sirotin to feast convene ashamed, ashamed of Christ in his court.

Daughter or niece or chrome curve subordinate and less people are not imposed. Much the girls in the Lord not to push.

In strange cities … do not fly through the eyes back and forth.

In foreign banks on whether women vozderzhatelen.

In empty shores, becomes a hut where osleditsya led, leave bread, flour, and, by force, of any supplies to the manufacturing people. By izmozhenyu oven fix, collect and chop firewood. And Ognivtsev and kudelniki leave. That is about to lose a man popechatoval. what about you in that place people poradeyut twice.

O. … man! You better walk home through the world, the pieces sobirati than shame at sea, crossing the eternal commandment sea.

If anyone, Faraday for the poor, and the lodge itself is nothing, and he steals from the rich and give poor man, it is not a sin. But with poldobra impute God and rich.

Which the rich man obokradut. And the loss is great. But he did not and do not pokleveschet tighter, then the loss was accounted to him for alms in Christ … ".

As can be seen from the excerpts, the Russian way of life leaves no room for domination, and survivors are not the basis for translation into the category of the poor, as in the central part of Russia, where serfdom erode the Russian spirit and Russian way of life. Here we must add that very interesting was the attitude of northerners to the Greek Orthodox Church. The churchmen were dissatisfied by the fact that the northerners did not want to comply with any church canons or statutes or calendar. For example, if someone had died in the village, was born or had a wedding, and a priest in the village was not, instead of what to send for a priest to the nearest monastery or church, the villagers chose the most respected man and trusted him perform the ceremony . Moreover, pomors loved to paint icons, but instead of canonical faces of the saints they were painting the faces of their friends and family, and as it turned out they are good and beautiful, the clergy is enraged. They wrote the complaint, and burned the icons and entire villages excommunicated from the church — all to no avail: the Spirit does not accept the Russian captivity and intermediaries with God, because we are all His children. Moreover, in the north all the wayside crosses were transformed by local residents in the natural sanctuary, as the Buryats and Tuva. People carrying gifts to the cross and hang it with a cloth or beads. That is, it is a pagan attitude to the cross not as a symbol of faith, but as a place where you can communicate with the spirits, and, as with the spirits of dead ancestors and the spirits of the Elements. And finally, the last. In the north, just do not ever put churches and chapels in the villages. Despite the fact that she called the church building, just below the church needs stood out about a third of the building, one-third is allocated for holding gatherings and meetings and one-third for youth gatherings (chants and bride in bad weather). So, speaking the language of today — and the church, and the village council and the club under one roof. All of the above clearly shows how strong were the times based on the Russian way of life. And these are the basics differently dobronravnymi and fair, and not name.

Despite the fact that the "Ustyansky Pravilnike" are already present, and the poor and the rich, their own relationships are linked so that they are based on the concept of justice is not a law, as in the West, and we have now. And the first fist (and therefore laborers) in the North appeared only in the late 19th century, and even then only in large settlements near the main means of communication. A little aside in the middle of nowhere — the people of the world live again without fists and gentlemen, in harmony with nature and each other. Last exterminate such settlements were on the order of Khrushchev in 53-54 years, when residents forcibly relocated in lumber camp, and villages burned. Here is an excerpt from the book Kiseleva "Sinegorye," in which residents' memories SINEGORYE (Western Arkhangelsk region), a kind of echo of the life of ancient Rus, their relationship to nature and the world. Excerpt: "… Yes, we are forcibly uprooted from their homes, just as it were in a different world. Sort of the same house, River Lake, but the people — not the same. We were very closely related to nature and the environment. While in the vast forests, people feel a little bit of it forest. This affects the relationship between people. In nature, we took only the least that she generously bestowed us … Our people are very gullible, do not like cheating, lying. We essentially have not joined the soul in the local customs of a village, where I had to live (after the forced resettlement). Soul remained there for grandfathers ashes, and the body in a new place. Very hard to survive. Only our children broke the barrier of alienation. Give them a God, health and happiness in this world. "

Here we should add that Sinegorye — one of the last corners of the Russian North, where people lived in harmony with nature, without straining it, it is a network of villages, woven in Nature. But in 1954, it was destroyed. SINEGORYE residents moved to logging enterprises, in effect, condemning them to self-destruct, as for a piece of bread for his family, they were to take part in the destruction of native forests, which they are part. For many, this was not acceptable, some went to the city, the other drank themselves.

However, to paraphrase the famous Frenchman, one can say that as it may grieve some, but these people are not a thing of the past, they were dissolved in our future.
It seems that the future of humanity — a society of just such people, living in harmony with nature and the world, seeking to humanity (based on previous mistakes). Of exposure shows that it is destroying the way of life free people, but people drive in captivity.

The life of the Russian world was built, so that even if someone by ill health, old age or abandonment and could not provide himself, he did not get cheap labor for food. A more healthy and successful releases tension in the world (the community) by allocating a share and the recognition of their equal rights. This in turn allows to keep the world from a split into masters and slaves. Clearly, this is possible only when the majority of the community lives by the rules of justice and the law DOBRONRAVOV for such people do not really write. This small example was given to show that the Russian way of life, a means of communication which is the Russian language, which in turn displays the status of the Russian spirit, based on the concepts of DOBRONRAVOV and justice, not law. What's the difference? The concepts of morality, justice and conscience come from the heart, from the heart, not the mind. They are given to people by God from birth. We feel them. Laws as written by people with the mind (logic), and to the Russian people, speaking the language of feelings and the feelings of the living, the less they coincide with a sense of justice in all conscience, the less they mean anything to him. This was reflected in the People's Wisdom "Law, that pole, which turned, and came back." And if to consider briefly the Russian people understanding the concept of law, it is not quite clear. In the Russian world view is what is above the law — that is true and the consequent notion of justice and conscience. Predestination is God — the Law of the World, in which lives and develops everything in the universe. And there are laws invented by people (justice). Well, if the laws invented by people, reflect a framework of universal law of development and consistent with fairness. Life is a stable community of people, and leads to the development and prosperity of both the community and every person. But if the laws are written by people, contrary to truth and justice, while grounded in the core provisions of the Universal Law (as today's "international law", where the truth is not found), then sooner or later a society become obsolete themselves. That is why the Russian people and the law is not written, it just does not need them, as they have always sought to live by the truth, in all fairness, in all fairness, that is, as the Heart tells how it feels soul, and not, as some invented for their benefit. And unlike "Ustyansky Pravilnika" from "modern jurisprudence" consists precisely in the fact that it is based on the concept of justice and conscience, and in the current laws do not. Therefore the "pole."

And the desire Russian people to just such a way of life in them indestructible. Confirmation of a small excerpt from the work of Nevzorov "The huts":

"… Something is broken in the ancestral commandments. Roots podrubleny see, that's why the conscience of many dried, and then completely disappeared …

… Most bans on the relationship between man and nature, are ridiculous. Most often, they give the opposite effect … Every step instructions, slingshots, the threat of sanctions … for cranberries and blueberries only on these dates not earlier. Alleged that the green could not stand. Found again fools: you even write circulars, even himself, who even hundreds lepi on his ass, and a berry still choose when they want to. And do not be this way. In ancient times, no one pointed out, but for Brusnytsya doprezh frost nobody used to go about cranberries and say so, and there is nothing: no end of shame, if unripe bring …

On the river … we have, in spite of the formidable rybinspektsiyu the situation worse. At the service, like many, I always looked skeptical. Judge: no supervision before existed, except communal conscience, and fish in the Dvina vodilos immensely. Now fishing brethren yelling in unison, it's all gone. And I think, it would be better inspection bred fish rather than treasured. After all, for decades vigilant and round the clock security will get back the result. What useless watch?

But … let's look for the truth more seriously. Why did nature has ceased to be a cash cow? … The head of the inspection in this regard has its reasons. Brood of evil — the man himself. At its core, it is a predator … Progress gives barbarian great chance. Nylon pile, different sticky, Finnish know-how, and the like elektrolovushek kilometers exhibited in the ways of spawning … not just any tree growing. I agree. But before the old man bow — they lived in harmony with nature. They left us a full-flowing and pristine rivers, impassable taiga in its original form. They were able to settle and know where to put the house or build a temple. But we have to line up some really do not know how … So pokrivel, you see, the human woods somewhere. Let's not locked. False, as in rye, buried …

… As for poaching, the problem is more far-fetched. Why miss a normal guy's hand, fine. He's at home. Already on the Pond do not dare to catch? People will sort out what's what, here ukazchiki not needed. And why society superfluous parasite? They divorced, and so, like dogs nerezannyh — police, police, inspection, administration … I do not stand up for anarchy, and for free. Give a chance to live without fear and belief and human traditions. In the old days it was the norm, especially in our North. Less any nannies, more freedom … But for what this (free — our specification) man the guard? Why for him to write paragraphs, decisions about the quality? He did not live on them. And in his heart …. ". As if in confirmation of the delay in the regional TV news (April 2004goda) revealed the plot of the old Pomeranian village Mezen where fishermen refused to grant a license to fish in the Kanin nose. Licenses are not issued on the basis that the directive came from Moscow, which determines that in this place there is no fish. And if there are no fish, then there is no license. Authorities of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, who got these fishing spots after separation from the Arkhangelsk region, supplemented this directive: no license, so you can not catch. It should be clear that in these places pomors centuries fishing, fishing is their main income and the family. And to the question of: What do you do? Guys with despair answer: Anyway let's go. Family — is to feed, and will not allow to catch, so their guns it! "Russian revolt — bezsmyslenno and merciless." But bezsmyslenno it for those who seek to replace the law of justice and conscience, and he mercilessly because such lawyers Russian people identified as parasites, camouflage their parasitism invented laws, so they have no place in the world, otherwise the whole world iznichtozhat. This is a protective measure.

The more we forget and lose the Russian language — the language of feelings, the more are starting to speak the language of logic, the more we begin to mean laws written to keep us in bondage. Very good and figuratively on this in the famous children's book writer A. Volkova "Mystery abandoned castle." Excerpt: "… The Planet Ramer menvitov Gvanlo is supreme ruler, he is a magician .. . It magical art supreme ruler inherited a terrible secret from his ancestors and taught it menvitov (ie he does not Menwith). Menvitov he became persuaded that they are the chosen race … and persuaded (remember the Old Testament). Menvity proclaimed themselves masters-elect, as Arzak — slaves. First of all elected representatives (the Lord) have taken away from them Arzak raspevny expressive (Russkiy!?) Language. That is, first, they have trained Arzak menvitskomu language, is not to be explained from the fifth to the tenth, due to the long menvitami Arzak could. But now menvity sought to Arzak knew their language perfectly, as their native *. By nature inquisitive Arzak themselves showed great interest in the language of neighbors. Unaware of the danger, they are well remembered, and very soon the same as fluent in the language, and the language choices. Then menvity forbidden to speak the language arzakskom, closed schools … arzakskie ordered Arzak forget that they — free people, and they have forgotten …. ".

It is very similar to what is happening in the Baltics and in Russia too, but at different levels and with different cover. There's nothing to fear, here are forced to operate covertly, but the essence is the same. Domination and Russian — are incompatible. Russian language mouthpiece of the Russian spirit — like water for sand castles domination: more than it is and what he is cleaner (without impurities and precipitation), the faster it erodes these locks.

* Lazarus Fukson — Head upr I Education of the Kaliningrad region, has introduced an innovation: "Integrated Russian lessons" in the Russian language lessons are taught English, geography and mathematics. "News" 24.02.2004g.

Although it should be the other way round, too, since we are Russian, then in English classes, geography and mathematics need to make as many as possible of the Russian language. But then, and fuchsia set to continue the fight with all the Russian, and especially with the language. And if the subject touched the study of the Russian language in schools and colleges, you want to say the following. Introduction to the subject of the Russian language prefixes and suffixes, and other "word-of 'X' deprive students of the opportunity to feel and understand their native language, and the confirmation of this — philologists. Most of those who have received an education, intelligent, educated, and write without errors, but do not feel the beauty of the Russian language and do not understand it. In dealing with the feeling that you associate with a robot that can not think independently, but knows that a tutorial and what is not. And the idea that the books in the Russian language is written by those who seek to destroy, and the Russian language, were simply not allowed. It is understandable — otherwise they will collapse the entire education system.
Returning to the main theme of this chapter — the theme of mother-tongue, we remember that we have come to the question of the myth of the creation of the Russian Language Christians created in order to cover the Russian people to have access to his roots, a kind of man-made pond during the Russian families Memory and Russian.

That is why the question of a single parent language we start looking to the fact that the case will continue to address this "dam", started our countryman M. Lomonosov and other researchers: EI Klassen, ML Seryakov, OM Gusev and many others. By all those who knew and understood that the "dam" deprives us of ancestral memory, denies the possibility of the Russian people to take water (native speech, Rechenka, River) the native language straight from the source-Key: spring.

Russian language — 4

2.1. History of the Russian Language.

Take care of our language, our beautiful Russian language — it is a treasure, is a legacy passed on to us by our predecessors! Respectfully refer to this powerful tool.
IS Turgenev

Are just a few excerpts. Every reader is free to determine in good conscience, which is closer to the truth-the truth: the official historical myth of the Russian people, or that, as evidenced by other sources. Created and maintained the last several hundred years of historical myth, and today announced the official in historical science (historical system of education and training from pre-school to higher education), now bursting at the seams, having lived his last years. Despite the fact that over the last thousand years, from the memory of the Russian People have tried various ways to remove the knowledge of his true past, mangling the language and way of life, and eliminating all the possible physical media (books in the first place) could not destroy everything. Yes, otherwise it can not be. At different times, have always been people, be they foreigners (Fadei Volansky, burned at the stake by Polish churchmen of his own book "Monuments of Slavic writing before Christ"; Mavro Orbini — an Italian historian who in 1601 wrote a study entitled "The Book of historiography begun by name, Fame and enlargement of the Slavic people and their kings and lords of the under many imyanami with many kingdoms, kingdoms and provinces. collected from the many historical books, through the Lord of Archimandrite Mavrourbina Raluzhskogo "), or the Russian researchers (VN Tatishchev M.V . Lomonosov, H. Klassen PP Oreshkin, ML Seryakov, GS Grinevich, VM Kandyba, O. Gusev, KK Bystrushkin) clearly and strictly scientific showing in his writings that the true history of the Russian people goes back thousands of years.

This is the view of the history of the Russian people, (and therefore the history of mankind), we can consider history not as a movement from savagery to civilization, as taught official history, but quite the opposite: the Unity of God to the world and to complete savagery and self-destruction of a single language senses of Soul, to a common language crazy logic of conscience and justice to legalized domination of the will to bondage.

We want to start with excerpts from the works of Oleg Gusev, "The Magic of the Russian name":

"… Stating that the Russian people to the adoption of Christianity was" non-literate and cultureless ", then accept it unable to develop their own philosophy and ideological concept in view of the world, the processes taking place in the cosmos. How, then, it has survived on Earth? Orthodox philosophers teach that ancient Slavic language (and after him, and Russian) is an "artificial language created by the genius of the two nations: the Greeks and the Jews," not too many takes on Christianity? The peoples of the yellow race, for example, did without Christianity and have their own view of the world. Maybe a thousand years ago, we. Russian, have been with them at least equal in intellectual development? Whether incorporated in Arabic, Chinese, Indian languages representation of Arabs, the Chinese, the Indians of the universe? Yes, mortgaged. This will tell you any linguist. And why we do not hear that same inherent in Russian? As Arabic, Chinese, and all the other languages of the world have nothing to do with "the genius of the two nations: the Greeks and Jews", just does not have any relationship to what this "genius" and the great Russian language …
… As for Russia, it says VN Tatishchev, we "had a very long letter, because before Rurik was the law written in the contract … Oleg with the Greeks of the charters and inscriptions mention roadways …" … we were surprised to read that the world of Slavic Studies have long established the existence of a Russian before taking his own Christianity writing. Controversy also go about if we had written language and literature. Many researchers believe that our pre-Christian books were written in plain English, a little different from the modern spoken .. -On. Lay of Igor's Campaign is also written clearly? The answer will be. By the word, apparently used not spoken, and was finally established by the time of his literary life "language", imposed by the reformers' Enlightenment Slavs. " The great merit of Peter, VN Tatishchev MV Lomonosov, V. Trediakovsky, V. Zhukovsky and AS Pushkin is that they got rid of our literary language of the "gift" of Cyril and Methodius.

Will object to those who say: "The Russian language, like all languages, has undergone over time are significant changes that apply to it Vseyasvetnuyu the Letter of 40,000-year-old is not competent." But read what prominent researcher says Valentin Glalipev proto-languages. our contemporary with you:

"Indian scientists, carefully preserving the language of the sacred texts of their ancestors Arias — Sanskrit (now dead, like Latin) name is not Arabic, but the living Russian language — an ancient form of Sanskrit and can even understand the modern spoken language, especially in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk — the ancestral home of the ancient Vedic Aryans. Among the names of the rivers and lakes where you can find Indus, Ganges (n nga — cleanses the soul) and other supposedly "pure Indian" names.

Here is what the context of Russian and Indian Sanskrit scholar Durga Parsad Shastri (Materials Society conference of Indian and Soviet culture, 22-23 February 1964., F. Razorenova translation): "If I was asked which two languages are most similar to each other, I would say without hesitation: Russian and Sanskrit. And not because some of the words in the two languages are similar, as is the case with many languages belonging to the same family. For example, common words can be found in Latin, German, Sanskrit, Persian, and Russian languages, belonging to the Indo-European family of languages. It is surprising that in our two languages are similar word structure, style and syntax. Add more similarity rules of grammar — is a matter of deep curiosity in anyone familiar with linguistics …
I visited a village near Moscow … Kachalova woman presented me with an elderly couple, saying in Russian: — "He is my son and my daughter-in-law is." How would you like to Panini, the great Indian grammarian, who lived about 2600 years ago, could be here with me and hear the language of his time, so wonderfully preserved, with all the subtleties of the smallest! "Shastri called English, French, German, and even Hindi, directly traced back to Sanskrit, "young Indo-European language," and notes that "in Russian and Sanskrit are similar not only syntactic poradok words, the very expression and spirit stored in these languages in an unaltered original form …".
And at the end of this chapter we present a short list of words in the modern Russian language and Sanskrit taken from the work of Daniel: "Russ Vedic past and in the future (The Gospel of the Aryans)."

Russian Sanskrit nah We
Matri Mother, Mother of the Living Jiva
Pramatri Grandmother is it
He Bhatri Brother Tat
Dewar Devereaux Lyubh Love
Svakar-law Paraplavate swim
Brother-in-law svakiya Utkrita Open
Dada Uncle Dean Day
Suha Sabrahratri Brothers Dry
Rich It Vasantha Spring
Agni Fire Hima Winter
Me My Nishpad drop down
Tava Your Utchal despair

Apparently, Indian scientists directly elevate one of the oldest languages — Sanskrit, in the Russian language, and, insisting that he is almost no distortion saved the Russian people. And also the fact that he is much older Arabic. This is a very important clarification, as all the ancient languages are derived from the language. Extract from work N.N.Vashkevicha "system language of the brain": "… noopole consists of two ethnic languages, Arabic and Russian. They are the system language of the brain. Through these languages reveal all the secrets of words, meanings of the sacred books, all the myths, rituals, and all the mysteries of behavior of both people and animals. "In the beginning was the word" — not a metaphor … ". Actually NN Vashkevich made a breakthrough not only in the field of linguistics, but also in understanding the world, visual and substantiate the origin of all languages from Arabic (the language of logic and the human brain). He was able to explain only the Russian language and therefore called him the Arabic, the "educated" the original language bundle. In our view, the Arabic language — is a derivative of the Russian language, but more on that in a later chapter. It is important for us to show that not the Greeks, the Jews and the Romans brought us education, thus takes us from a state of savagery. Quite the contrary. Russian people always carried a torch of knowledge to other nations after the collapse of the once unified human community into many peoples, nations and peoples, and the forgotten one language and writing, and to varying degrees who have fallen into a state of so-called "primitive society." Another thing is that most of the Russian people are not able to fully withstand the destructive forces of mankind and went constantly splitting off from the Russian Tree of certain families and genera, as we move away from it and distort the language and worldview. The last such splitting was splitting Rusov on the steppe, Polabian, Pomeranian, Gorodetsky and Siverskaya. Steppe is now known as Ukrainians Polabian as Yugoslavs, Pomeranian were destroyed during the Crusades, Gorodetsky partially formed Belarusians, and partly with sivertsami formed the current Russian people. Were more early division, but it is in a separate paper. But in the example of the Slavic division Rusov seen, as it was before. For us it is important to show that it is the Russian people enlightened Greeks and Romans, because then it becomes clear why he subsequently had izkazit history, up to the "opposite."

Russian language — 5

Chapter 3.

"Latin" — past and present. It differs from the Russian language.

Error causes an error in my thoughts in words, in the words of the error causes an error in the business.
D. Pisarev

In the previous chapter, that the Russian people had a written language and in pre-Christian times, and that the Russian language is much older, and the Greek and the Hebrew language as Sanskrit only its derivative, we consider the question of the origin of the "Latin". By this word we mean not only Latin — a dead language, but also its derivatives now living languages, and, of course, primarily English. Therefore, saying "Latin", we mean alloy dead language — the language of science (what language is, and science) and spoken English language. This is sort of a monster — not alive, not dead. Why is this important? To date, most of the world's population speaks in this "Latin", she was given the status of an international language. Today man does not own them, it is flawed in the current system of international values, it can not get a number of "prestigious professions" and the work is prevented from communicating over the Internet, etc. That is, in fact, we can say that the current "system" is committed to ensuring that a "Latin" was the only common language and the future of humanity. Well, to understand what might be the consequences of such a "romanization of the whole earth", it is necessary to consider its history, as it appeared, as developed, where she belongs now. And from this it is clear where it is going next. However, its current state and possible future of talk in the other chapters. In this chapter, we will focus on its history.

And, in fact, where did the "Latin"?

Official history teaches us that there was a forerunner of the Latin of the Roman Empire — the Latins, the tribes that once inhabited the Apennine peninsula. Part of it is their native language, partly Etruscan heritage and partly borrowing from the ancient Greeks. But this story avoids the question of why it has become a "dead language." We assume that he never was a living language. In our view, it is "Design" as an instrument (or rather — a weapon) of their designs to life. Another thing is that it was created based on the Russian and Arabic. But, writes M. Gusev in the "Magic of the Russian name":

"… When the Vatican ideologues, creating a history of" Ancient Rome ", led her from the" Ancient Greece ", the" great "Rome somehow ought not to adopt a virtual Greek alphabet and more. Then they removed the light Latin — phonetic alphabet Etruscan — Russ, the real founder of the ancient civilization in southern Europe (Crete, northern Italy). We do not know, like Latin in this case was reformed. Here are the opinions of VN Tatishchev playback is under VS Astrakhan.

"Tatishchev draws attention to the question of the beginning of the two forms of writing in Europe, of which" the first Greek to her Latin. " He notes that in writing their letters have been significant changes. There were several reasons: "And when they were not at first … now all the letters they had, but the circumstances were added and filled the needs of both the time and in drawing peremenyaemy were …". Historian notes that "even before this day ancient Latin letters" of the Germans, the Dutch and the Poles are seen "like a Gothic and that is no longer coined", and the Latin alphabet "special font style was composed" Such mutilated "Latin" became "Fenya" ideologists of the Vatican. In times of embracing and as cruel, as in Russia, the Christianization of the peoples of Western Europe, "Latin" implanted in all spheres: the public record keeping, printing, it was carried on teaching in schools and universities. In a historically short period of mixing languages was "Latin" with specific living Indo-European dialects. So there was a Western European linguistic "vinaigrette." Latin is not used for good and for evil, to breed humans for linguistic, and then on the national and religious halls … "

Here it should be added that with mangled Latin carefully tried to cut and clean the ancient Russian heritage in Europe, from the memories of the people did everything to clean the Russian spirit and its manifestation — the Russian language. And they managed to do. In the 16th century all Europeans in Russia called "nemchuru", "nemetchinoy," that is — numb (have forgotten mother tongue). It is clear that such a view of Europe's past bad coincides with the "official historical myth," but here are a few questions that the "official story" is not able to answer. Was the pre-Christian Europe populated by crowds of savages (as taught official history), or did it was a total, one culture, and cleaned by using the "Latin". And that was at the basis of this culture?

A small digression into history.

Russian language as far as I'm concerned about it, is the richest of all European tongues and seems purposely created to express the subtle nuances. Gifted with a wonderful concise he is content with a single word to send thoughts when another language would be required for this whole phrases

"… — When Russian?
— They appeared when the monkey picked up a stick. They came and said, "Throw a stick — an animal!"
WHC of March 2004.

To briefly show that modern Europe was a Russian history, we briefly review the origins of the peoples of British Islands, where certainly there should be no Russian roots. And to begin with an excerpt from the work of Y. BC Hnatiuk and "Tales of the Russian age-old times":

".. . Studying literary heritage Yu Mirolyubova, we focus on the so-called "Tales Zaharihi." They were written in language "Veles book," but in a much simplified way … "But we old Spivak, still remember and tell of ancient Rus', but about the life and times of our ancestors." Apparently, according to these "Spivakov" and recorded these "Tales." These texts describe the events that in some ways the same as "Book of Veles," but mostly, dating back to even more ancient. That is "Legends" on a temporary basis must face "Veles book!" Swedish magazine publisher «Fakts» V. Shtepa, who published some of the "Legends", also said: "Tales Zaharihi" covers a huge amount of time, about 7000 years, and in the last part of the overlap with the "Vles-book" when it comes already of Kievan Rus. Thus they mutually confirm one another. In addition, they have a similar language and the spirit of the story "…

"… At a time when Russ King rugatsya rules came into steppe Rudaya Kelcha, Ira and Skoch … friends with Russ lived, only the case of cows they stole … We got Russ on horses, and with them the Kelcha with scotch, and for those Ira and brave. They jumped on the floor the day caught up with Godey, surrounded and beaten mercilessly, and Polonnikov released. Then a messenger rode and said that the Roma are already up and came Panschiny balks, walks in and robs Naroch Russian people. Clicked king rugatsya other steppe princes, and they were gathered together to go to Roma great war. And they went Kelcha, Skoch, and Ira, and Russ Ruskolani, the Vedas and Vyatichi and other steppe tribes and nations … and the war as much as a hundred years! And for a hundred years, people have died, new born, grow old and die, too, and right up to the grandchildren was a war that evil. And novels from her crying, and Roos, and none of the world did not want to ask, because the virus in slavery did not want to go, and the novel was crying because no slaves could not live … And often slyshnlo was in the wilderness, as bagpipes played — then Kelcha went to war … (As seen in "The Tale Zaharihi" Cologne Skoch and Ira are one people, as they are sometimes collectively referred Kelchey. They came to the steppe Russia and have been adopted as the brotherly people, with a common culture and language, as all the legends of them had never spoken of as a stranger, or the fact that their language was not clear. Therefore together and fought with Roma, and Godey).

Russ … and lived in peace with one Kelchey and Cologne was rudoyu and a white, blond and Russ were all in one hour. And then these were Celtic tribes, who were fed by the war and did not want to go to the kings of their own, so to rusam have moved and lived with them pochesno and peaceful. And part of that Kelchi through with us remains, and its ponehala finally Rusa was … As you can see part of kelchi gone, and some stayed and disappeared in Russia. What else came to us in the "Tales Zaharihi" it is the ability Kelchi of witchcraft: "… And they Russ, why Kelcha patrols in the desert was not intended, it really gate of no fear? And then see how Celtic healers cut the grass and small around Stozhkov put. And then rode patrols Voloshskaya, and looked into the steppe and Kelchu Rusu and did not see, could not look beyond Stozhkov those magical. Then arose the old Sage kelchesky, and he waved his cherry twig, and immediately turned around and rode away … And turn around Kelcha could: she falls to the ground, beating three times and runs a free Sagaidak on, and can not find the enemy in the desert … And in the sky a flock flying falcons — Well then Ira flies, then x Kelcha and go catch it in a clear sky! (At this point you want to make it clear that this is not an allegory, and not an exaggeration Kelchi abilities, doubt would be — if the narrator was talking about his (Rusu), trying to exalt (which is often used in the education of young people), but here we are talking about though and brotherly people, but it's still a very distant relationship and themselves more. So what we saw — and talked about).
And often … Kelcha truth foresaw and Russ knew lepshe Celtic woman ask what dirtied themselves to decide "…

It seems that the magical ability (or rather the knowledge structure of the world — Knowledge of the Ancients) greatly contributed to the rapid advancement Kelchi Europe and the development of the British Isles as well as in many respects this knowledge has been lost (at least — in the vulgar level) nations to then inhabited Europe, which is well illustrated by Russia. But it is these very skills and became the main reason for the Celtic culture (Celtic Spirit) so carefully destroyed, first by the Romans, and then the order of the Jesuits, thoroughly scrubbing Europe from witchcraft. (Incidentally, it is engaged in official science, eagerly seeking new knowledge in their fields, but not in any way preventing the revival of the Ancient Knowledge). And one more thing. In the north, such as capable of being the people, which is now known as the Finns. In Russia, a country they were called witches, but more on that separately.

Here it is necessary to clarify that we still hear the names of these people, only slightly izkazhennymi: Ira — Irlantsy, Skoch — Shotlantsy (Scotland), Kelcha — Celts. And apparently, they lived quite amicably with steppe Russ (in those days was still Russia Pomeranian, Ziva, and Russ Gorodetskaya Severskaya). Actually, more accurately, they were fraternal peoples with a common language and what is now called the word "culture." Although today it is hard to seen this community, but it still exists. In addition to the physiological similarities and basics of the language, we would like to show a few things that point to this community. Prince (King) Arthur (pN — King). In February 2001, on the radio, "Russia" double-handed dramatic statement, then this is also an article in the newspaper "Trud", the press conference held by British scientists. The essence of the statements in the following: Two British scientists over ten years of research conducted in Russia in order to find out whether there was the famous King Arthur to do with Russia. To solve this problem, they conducted research in all the major historical museums of Russia, Ukraine and Italy, studied heraldry, took part in the excavations of burial mounds in a word, a meaningful scientific research. Odnaznachen conclusion. Russian Prince Arthur with his retinue, was invited to rule on the island, in the region of 160 -170g.g. BC Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonianom. It would seem far-fetched, but so far in British history (by the way, Britons — shaved), we can easily trace the echoes of Russian history. First, an English lady and the Russian Lada, as the name of the goddess, or as respectful treatment of a woman: my modal. Second, the special feature of English nobility is eating oatmeal, ordinary Russian people eating. Moreover, in Russia there was the rite of reconciliation of delivery, when the elders of sorts came together and cooked porridge, and hence the Russian saying "this mess does not cook!". It is clear that the oatmeal in the morning — it is a ritual, inherited from their ancestors, who came to the islands in the squad Arthur, and became the very nobility, and brought his usual meal — porridge. And because the local people not to drink porridge, from a simple meal (for Russian), for posterity, it has become a symbol of noble birth. Here we should add that the porridge was formerly called "oat armor" as cooked from the raw grain. The fact that the main force and the benefits come not just from the containment of grain (which is called the armor), that extract "armor" on the water or boiling it (jelly) is one of the best healing agents. Known cases of restoration of human health, even after high doses of radiation, usually resulting in death. Actually theme nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of our ancestors — is a big topic, but here is sufficient to point out that if our ancestors did not own this knowledge and not use them, it is unlikely they were able to maintain good health and give it to our parents . Another thing is that we have today — a mixture bezsmyslenno consumption harmful to our health food products and medicines. Although in some places to preserve the idea that it would be better for the soul and the mind and body: "eat less, right", because it is quite obvious link between what we eat and the way we perceive the world as we think and how to feel.

There is also interesting that the strange and unusual for Europeans cultivated attitude of Arthur and his knights (round table where all are equal, poorly understood in the system of domination of some over others, because more in the history of Europe, and it was not repeated), it is a mundane thing in Russian world view, when the prince was Batey, which is the most respected and experienced warrior, not a master. It was only after the introduction of Christianity in Russia, the first time, we had slavery (domination), princes began to break away from the people, turning from Bateko in the Lord. As you can see, the discovery is confirmed by British scientists as British culture. And finally, the tradition of chivalry. Reasonably believed that it was Arthur laid the foundations of medieval chivalry, a kind of The Code of conduct mar-king. As we know, the first Knights of Europe there was an unwritten "code of honor". And Knight differed from the common people and not the origin of wealth, and his behavior. They were close concepts such as justice, truth, protection of the weak and downtrodden. And the first knights are very similar to the epic Russian hero, especially this one in epics of Eruslane Lazarevich. But soon degenerates into knighthood Spesivykh and selfish snobs. Moreover, it is characteristic of this degeneration — the creation of the ritual of worship, "the lady of the heart." And if Eruslan Lazarevic — wandering mar-king — performs his feats in the name of truth and justice, protecting the people, and only after they were sent in search of his neck, the European chivalry it degenerated into complete dependence on women. And they went to great deeds for the sake of "ladies of the heart," not for the sake of justice. And if the women's dictatorship and continued to add more "brainwashing" the church, here is the 10th century and was obtained from a crowd of knights zombie warriors professionals. By the way, by which destroyed the western Slavs — Pomeranian, Wendy, etc. And only their inability to destroy Russia in open opposition (the most obvious examples — the victories of Alexander Nevsky) and the development of technological progress has led to the fact that the Global Predictor (so now accepted call a system of supranational governance) had to fix them, as inoperative instrument of his "policy."

Merlin. We already talked about the magical abilities Kelchi, but the most striking image is, of course — Merlin — magician who trained and lead by Prince Arthur's life. It should be noted that this is similar to the legend of Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Ludmila", where Ruslan receives sorcerer Finn help of a magical sword, as the young Arthur of Merlin.

Unlike Russian from "Latin."

Be it the honor and glory of our language, which in its native riches, almost without an admixture of foreign flows as a proud, majestic river — the noise, rattles — and suddenly, if one must, relaxed, gentle babbling brook and sweetly infused into the soul, forming all measures which are only in the fall and the rise of the human voice
NM Karamzin

We have the same word can have different meanings even to the opposite, but we express our feelings and perceive this feeling too — Soul. The "Latin" is a word, too, can have multiple meanings, but to understand what exactly this value, it is necessary to delve into the "logic of language structure", that is, the perception is through the head, and not through the Heart. It is in this basic difference. Russian people (Light), speaking in Russian, took life and talk, they say, from heart to heart. That is, there is a constant development of the human soul. Communication is the "Latin" forcing people to constantly perceive the world head down more and more "logical structure", but the soul ceases to evolve it from the start-rotation. It is covered with dirt, sores and ill. Such people in Russia called Mental. In the West, they were proclaimed the gifted. An example of this — the current Western fine arts. It is significant as a short historical period there was a complete demonization (genius) of this way of knowing the World, which used to be called — Paintings. But yet in the Renaissance it was really painting (spiritual heritage floor in Russian), but today it is only as obscurantism and name-it is hard to …

Therefore, we say that Russian is the language of soul and heart that comes from God, it is the parent language of mankind, once a single language one humanity. The fact that people used to perceive the world with integrity, without tearing it or crushing its perception, and thus his mind apart. After all, today's problem of humanity is precisely in the fact that his consciousness is fragmented, and people are not able to perceive the world holistically. Man constantly puts different pieces of knowledge in certain patterns, trying to create the image of the world, but because the man thought units ("discrete" way of thinking), but not totally, perceiving the world flows, these patterns are constantly striving to disintegrating. And, the big picture of the blinding of these fragments, the greater the chance that it will collapse under its own weight. And a major role in breaking up the human mind was the creation of "discrete languages." Here I want to add one more thing. Before the creation of the first "digital language" Common Language of Humanity had fused (besides water) spelling. Man opysyvaya a life stream, described him closely. This Runic when letters and words were written together, repeating the right-handed helix of development, that is, written turns. An echo of this letter can be found in the legend of the search for the Golden Fleece, which Jason (I — sleep, sleeping consciousness) tried to find the Fleece (Runic).

And the fact that in Russia the past people thought in streams, not particles, can be confirmed by the fact that the Russian measure of length were based on an understanding of life as a stream, and not based on someone invented standards. Excerpt from the work of AF Chernyaeva "Gold Old Russia":

"… Meter — static measurement unit, the standard is designed to match with them all the measured body. Fathoms — soizmeritelny process that sets out to find body parts of proportionality process, and hence the body itself. Meter captures the existing proportions by killing them static. Fathoms commensurate proportion process, reviving them … Sazhen — tool to measure, tool proportioning. therefore the metric unit is infinite irrational number, rounded to four significant figures. Their diagonal from left to right from the bottom up is nothing more than a series of golden proportion … Buildings as ancient, ancient Egypt and its proportionality, and aesthetic beauty, designed for ennobling effects on humans are far superior standard and non-standard "box" 19 and 20 centuries-offspring very precise standard meter.

This proportionality and aesthetic beauty facilities — a consequence of a special, mobile features interconnected complex of ancient yards, consists in the fact that their main purpose — the comparison, but because they — not static line, and stopped long ongoing dynamic processes …

… So, we have every reason to believe that the system soizmeritelnyh tool-yards, used in ancient, millennia of history and has been used in ancient Egypt for the design and construction of the pyramids. What the Ancient Russia was the only one that has remained until the mid 19th century as part of their culture fathoms proportioning system objects with the same type of ancient Egyptian system, shows that at a certain period of history Ancient Russia and Ancient Egypt developed together …

Using … as part of the proportioning irrational golden ratio or golden section provides the existence of an interconnected system soizmeritelnyh tool-yards, and allows the measure-sevenfold proportsionirovannye create a "gold" objects. Objects that fall in the proportion of the natural symmetry, providing fertile effects on man …

In addition, the system formed by the structure of the Russian fathoms matrix as a system of proportionality proportions explicitly not currently in use in mathematics or physics or other sciences. But its members in the form of individual gold numbers and proportions of expressing universal natural processes occur in various branches of science. It occurs primarily on that. that the golden number F and the golden ratio are just as important to the individual, but of limited proportions, and not as a number. formed a spatially infinite system of interrelated proportions — Russian matrix … ".

As seen from the excerpts of the Russian people to the middle of a matrix comparing 19veka life stream, based on the "golden number". And the Russian people was the last of the ancient peoples who have not forgotten and knew how to use it. It is clear that the men in the village and hear not heard of any "golden number" — they just built, as well as their ancestors, using a set of building yards, but it turned out they have it, they say from the heart: beautiful and right. Without meters and centimeters.

But the most important thing in this excerpt that clearly shows the differences of Russian heritage deaden the life and legacy of the language of science of the mind — the language of logic.

In any language of the world has no concept of language as a non-breaking flow — the river. If an Englishman and say English River (English River), then it will be understood in the sense of belonging to a river to England, but not as English, and so we can say about their language: Russian Speech — Rechenka. Here you want to clarify that in the Russian language, we still can see the continuity of meaning in the words, he moves from one word to another, evolving and expanding, like a river. Because the point. Incidentally, one of the Slavic peoples of the state was self Rzeczpospolita, and already he later adopted the name of the foreign Poland (Poland). And today, at all degenerated into a "member of NATO."

Russian language — 6

Chapter 4.

"Here Ruska spirit, Russia in the air" and why or who resists the purification of the Russian language?

The nature of the country and the history of the people is reflected in the soul of man, expressed in the word. The man disappeared, but the word they created, remain immortal and inexhaustible treasury of the national language, so that every word of the language, each form is the result of his thoughts and feelings, which are reflected in the word nature of the country and the history of the people
KD Ushinsky

We have already seen that the language embraces the all management levels and weapons, which means that the impact at this level, though not as much as the others, but the consequences are more severe, as in a creative sense, and destructive. We also found out that the Russian language is the original language of Homo Sapiens, and that he is coming up the rest of the world's languages. And the only difference in these languages is only in how certain people have forgotten pervoyazyk. We also found that at certain times of the once common language has been deliberately broken and distorted, as well as the fact that you have created a "language-arms" (Latin), with which try to clean up the remnants of the once common language. Question: Why?
Given that smell, as the light — is also a vibration, then we can say that Russia has a special vibration souls who can not stand all sorts of filth and other forces of darkness. From the Russian by the gates of the Spirit. And since the Russian Soul manifested in the Russian spirit, which is the mouthpiece of the Russian language, it is a distortion Russian with its destruction and letting them work. So, while I am alive the Russian language — the spokesman of the Russian spirit and Russian soul, the Russian people still alive — the carrier of the Russian soul, the Russian spirit and Russian — not prevail in the land of falsehood, not to be "the Lord" Lord of the world.

To begin with, as the discussion took place in our society intentions "scientists" to hold the next reform of the Russian language. By media announced the upcoming reform — intellectuals seethe, and split into two parts. Some began to shout that it's time, others that it should not be done, because the language and so much littered, and that it is high time to flush it out of foreign words. As soon as the defenders of the language go to the extreme that it is time to flush it out, there and then they descend heterogeneous "authorities" of science and with the same media start making fun and down defenders. Moreover, of the defenders make complete idiots who want to replace foreign language borrowing is firmly established in everyday speech, people impose their Russian pronunciation. For example, the word "gumshoe" should be called "mokrostup", "tram" — "self-propelled cart," and so on. And, more and more stupid defenders are starting to look, and the more grounded look "for reform." That is, there spent "technology" for "bringing down the great to the small and the exaltation of the small to the great." However, we will try to open this "terrible secret" and to show how, in fact, important sources of cleansing in the study as it is directly related to the past of mankind, and thus their future.
To begin to clarify that a purification of the Russian language, we do not understand what the media is trying to present a "scientific party". It is not about removing all foreign words from Russian, but only of those that do not have a uniformly understood meaning. Because many of the newly created objects or phenomena is open only the name. For example — the rubbers. And it has already become Russian. Since there is a thing, is the image of the thing, which is clearly perceived, has a name, also clearly understood by all without exception. Analysis of this part of the words will be given in another paper, and connected it will be the first with the correct use of letters, syllables (and thus sound) to create new words for new phenomena of life. For example, the syllable "SA" was used when setting it to the end of words to describe the movement: the roads, cart, foot, tramp, blizzard, Ladoga, Volga, Onega. By the way, almost all the rivers of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk region south end with "GA" (and here the word "gumshoe" (sometimes written galoshes) Ha is contrary to the beginning of words, though gumshoe and is associated with the movement.)

In the meantime, we want to draw attention to the foreign words that have a lot of semantic levels, that is, not having a clear understanding of the society.

The fact is that, along with the words that have a thing in the Russian language intensively introduce words that have many meanings embedded in various "logical value chain" of the various levels of meaning, often something that is not appropriate essence of the phenomenon, but in most cases leading away from the essence of it, or completely distorted.

Psyche, image, concept, paradigm, the reality principle, etc. These are words that do not have their own unambiguous meaning, they have a lot of meaning, and, to make sense only if the word is built into the proposal. That is such a word does not describe a phenomenon of life (not true), but is "empty shell", which can be substituted in a different language construct, describing the set of phenomena.

However, these words are introduced in the Russian language as a whole, having only one or three values (one value for the crowd, two for the elite crowd, three for "dedication"), when in fact most of them have, and ten and twenty values . For example the word "image".

"… The image (from the English. Image — image) formed in the public mind and has emotionally charged nature of the stereotype image of someone or something, (psihologiya. Dictionary." Politizdat "1990. Imizhd:

1. Physical resemblance to a person, animal, thing, or idea [representation] of them conveyed visually (through photography, painting, sculpture, or otherwise);

2. optical reflection or projection [appearance] of the object, resulting in a mirror, the refraction of light rays in the lens, or the passage of light through an optical aperture;

3. mental image [representation]; idea, a concept;

4. psychological and mental representation [representation] of anything perceived before, and continued in the absence of the original stimulus;

5. shape, appearance, appearance: created in the image of God [created in God's image];

6. double, a copy: a copy of the child to his mother [That child is the image of his mother];

7. symbol, emblem;

8. conventional or attitudinal perception [perception] of something, such as the company, especially when they are based on the achievement of a benevolent disposition towards it;

9. a typical example, the embodiment: the pattern of frustration [the image of frustration];

10. illustrate something in writing or speech;

11. a figure of speech, especially a metaphor or comparison;

12. idol or picture [representation] deities: They knelt in front of idols

13. [They knelt down before greven images].

As can be seen from the above text, in Russian the dominant understanding of the image as a form of understanding that combines feelings and thoughts, the creative work of the imagination, is presented here only in step 3. It should be noted that in paragraph 3 and in section 4 it is a "representation" in the broad sense of the term [mental representation], in the context of the other values can be understood as a kind of mental or psychological counterpart, the equivalent of a phenomenon representing it in the mental processes … We thus obtain a schematic image of the three values.

1) the appearance of the phenomenon (or its symptoms), reflecting the characteristics of the phenomenon;

2) the "copy", demonstrates the phenomenon;

3) The idea of it (note, running a little further, entirely due to the presence of "copies").

Reference Software International, 1992. … "

As you can see, the word having 12 values located on twelve levels and 12 describe the phenomena of life, is perceived in Russia only in one sense, and that translated to the level of self-understanding. And in order to understand what is the point where, it is necessary to tune in to "a certain level of logical construction …"

And the pronunciation of these words, we can have a view of only one meaning, the effect is the same world at all levels of the phenomena of life and values behind these values, even if we are of them and do not know. In other words, there is a word with many meanings off of it and threads tied to very specific life events. And even if we do not know at least one value, applying the word to build their thoughts (and through it, and life events), along the way we build and for someone else, without even realizing that something unknown to us but it is caused by a phenomenon we can not only devalue all our aspirations and achievements, but also cause a threat to both the "author" of this phenomenon, his family, and the wider world.

Thus, the use of such words is a threat to all mankind, and about any public safety based on the "Latin" is not out of the question. This is just a new form of domination …


Russian language opens up to the end in their truly magical properties and wealth only to those who know and love vital "to the bone" his people and feels the hidden beauty of our land.
KG Paustovsky

Namely to less opened Russian Language Russian people, so they all came off more from their roots, and is a long and systematic circumcision Russian. Circumcision of the Russian language leads to a lack of character that happens to describe new phenomena of life, facing the Russian people and he involuntarily engage in borrowing from other languages. Moreover, the reduced amount of knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation on the basis of letters of the mother tongue. Is tearing the current Russian people from the foundation of knowledge on which the livelihoods of our people.

Excerpt from the author's team of IP USSR "It was in Pedzhente" (The second meaning of the film "White Sun of the Desert" "… There were ten women Abdullah — said gangster hat in hot winds, when the bank came escorted by female bandits. — Where another gone? Wait, here comes Abdullah, he'll throw up the language. Well, why are you silent?

— English coast.

— You like? .. Immediately kill or be willing to suffer? — Asked the sergeant.

— Better, of course, suffer — said judiciously Sukhov.

— Unter punched him in the face. "

Appeared to be in response Sukhova heard some bravado, but on the second series of the answers meaningful meaningfully significant. More people alive still alive its "language." "Small" to the people and the revolution of 1917 ignored the language of the great nation. Russian "elite" preferred to talk to each other in French or German, and so far in its estrangement from the great nation that in the time of Napoleon's invasion of the Russian militia was taken for an enemy and not just for a bit. Russian was in Russia and the Soviet Union language of international communication, and of course that the germs of a new culture based on the rising Russian. Sukhov threat "wrest language" — a kind of Bolshevism hint at a weak point in international relations more people. And after the collapse of the USSR national "elite" immediately struck on the spot, literally — pulling the Russian language "of the new institutions of government of the former Soviet Union. So they wanted to immediately put an end to Bolshevism in the working environment of their people, but in fact received the painful process of artificial cultivation of primitive nationalism. The inconsistency of this process is that, in most former Soviet republics still among themselves in public transport, work and other public places, people speak in Russian, and clerical work, teaching in universities, schools, and the announcer on the radio and television, the signs on shops and public institutions — the "national" languages "Nation", "ethnicity" — Latin and Greek names of the Russian word "people" … ".

Along with the letters removed and concepts, and the phenomena of life, which he describes as once with those letters. Before we consider what it means for the Russian people, these letters should say one more thing. Withdrawal letter from the Russian language was uneven for at least the last thousand years, since the GP took power in Russia under control. Suffice to say that out of the twelve beeches "I" have only two (u and short), but only from 147 beeches Vseyasvetnoy Awards in which our ancestors could describe the Universe, the remaining 33 letters, and those planning to cut back … For example, a few excerpts from the work of M. Guseva "White Horse of the Apocalypse" "… our great language-thought out methodically attacked. Permanently established are not justified by common sense writing some new words, syllables and letters. In the 18th century, gradually eliminated from writing the letter «S» — very great. It was replaced with a "C-Si" [raw] under the pretext of consonance «S» and "C", while «S» in transcription Vseyasvetnoy Awards sounds quite different: [ds] — jarring … It is a sign of sunset without further rises. It is a sign of devouring, parasitism in up …

A very significant blow was struck after 1917., When, for example, has been introduced, the prefix "demon" before voiceless consonants. Constantly prescribing and reading: stupid. Win-win. Disenfranchised, etc., instead BEZtolkovy, BEZproigryshny, BEZpravny. we "call together over the demons."

At the same time, it was canceled designation hard consonants b (Eph) — at the end of words … After 1917, was canceled and the multi-dimensional character letter «i» and left only "and". As a result, the name of the novel by Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace" was distorted. The word "peace" in the title of the book we read as "no war." In Tolstoy's letter was «i» to two points at the top, which stands for "community" (MIP), "community", "community", "partnership" … ". "… Modern Russian people think I speak in Russian, but it is a great mistake. Yes, he understands the language of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, but he says and thinks he's Newspeak. Knowledge of human words used 100 years ago in Russia, does not mean maintaining a sense of language, thought, mentality. In the beginning of the alphabet threw a few letters, letters deprived names: Az, beeches, behave, think, verbs, and so on. Then replaced by a brick and introduced new words … which dragged behind a concept, they indicated … Aggression in consciousness and psyche led not only to the ousting of the national language, but also the national way of thinking … And these words appeared in abundance. Introduced alien logic thinking, new concepts. C. These are used to, but they still remain strangers, destabilized psyche … Aboriginal conversational Russian quickly became regarded as "rural" language simpletons. A drinker in the 30's of the Old Slavonic turnovers became a dead language — Latin … deader. "

Extract from work Belyakov NE "Vseyasvetnaya Diploma: 1000 years of neglect":

"… The letter of Russian people in the pre-Christian period, created and stored in the Slavic shrines (?), Is fundamentally different from the familiar to us by the following features:

1. Vseyasvetnaya Diploma consisted of 147 Buk, each of which carried a well-defined ideological sense.

2. Beeches Vseyasvetnoy Awards multidimensional, ie reflect the movement of "thought in space" from different points RECEIVING INFORMATION ABOUT THE UNIVERSE.

3. Each Bukova served not only the function of letters, symbols, but it was set up and cognitive task, which allows you to connect learning with educational process.

4. Every Russian Bukova than symbolic and cognitive function, performed a moral problem in the transmission from generation to generation COMMANDMENTS family, tribe … "

"… No, not giving any other, we are already one of the names and characteristics of the Slavic show their deep thinking, and such a thorough and multi-lateral thinking, in turn, proves that the Slavic people for many centuries before the time was already at the highest level of education This was confirmed by the other rich Slavic language and the development of his words … ".

"… We are starting to see that their diploma Vseyasvetnaya beeches really paints a coherent picture of the world, where everything is interconnected and interdependent … For the Russian people, their language was cosmic phenomenon sacred. They are his deeply felt and his virtuoso pictorial and poetic means. Therefore, Russian live speech still retained fluency, melodiousness, which attracts the attention foreigners coming to Russia-linguists. Intonational coloring our speech is not due before the end of the lost wealth phonetics beeches VSEYASVETNOY ratification. Once our ancestors voice signified meaning all 147 Bukov to a thought expressed was clear not only in letter but also in oral communication … ".

Along with the permanent withdrawal from the Russian letters, concepts, words, is planned to ending the whole Russian. If this can not be done, then try to twist, have become a hopeless liar, obsmeyat, degrade. Moreover, the "scientific community" exists an unofficial ban on coverage of Russian background. For example, an excerpt from the work of T. Panshin "Epilogue to the" phenomenon of Babylon ":

"… So in January 1995. in the center of Paris, in the museum of human history on the Trocadéro, the famous Italian linguist E. Anati, professor at the University of Lecce in southern Italy, and director of the study of prehistoric civilizations, gave three presentations on topics selected from his recently published book "The Roots of Culture ". On one of the reports, namely, the origin of languages, he said that "the French society of linguists banned to speak and write about the origin of language … and that modern society shackled linguistic taboos in the origin of language in general, and that those companies which are completely absent -any ideas and imagination, creative plan … "

Excerpt from the letter A. Solzhenitsyn, in response to a request from PP Oreshkina for help: "… I can imagine your frustration from your job offers Western" Slavic "experts. Still, regardless of the truth — the very direction of your interpretation of them is disgusting and is one of the the convictions that you can think of in the world today … ".

Excerpt from the book by PP Oreshkina "Babylon phenomenon" (Russian language from the past): "… To explain the content of my work Western" Slavic "specialists, bear lamp before it blind. 'Professor of Slavic Languages, "I send my work, meet me in French, in German, in English, not being able to write a simple letter in Russian.

My book is written for those who speak and think in Slavonic, those who have the courage to look straight into the eyes of history and understand that our past — mangled, roots — podrubleny, but ourselves — cornered, whence quit while too late, as our language is still alive and communication time can be reduced, while we still do not suffocate in the sticky web of dead words.

Try to read the inscription "to Babylon" using grammatical structure of language "POSTVAVILONSKOY era" is — fit 'English key "to the old castle, to pull together all the linguistic heritage of the place where it links severed — pointless! Ancient documents written by different alphabetic systems, but the same language, and here lies the key to their decipherment:

SIGNS — DIFFERENT LANGUAGE — ONE. Slavs in its entirety retained grammar and vocabulary of a native of the ancient language, but forgot who they were, where they came from — lost its glorious past, perhaps because they were too trusting people.

One must be blind or just really do not want to see that I succeeded perfectly decoding, and ancient documents first spoke in our native language. He came back to life in its original form, it — colorful, it — great! And it does not ruin any "experts." The light is harmful to them! The door is open, come in!

BEING 11:1.5-7: "1. And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech … 5. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men. 6. And the Lord said, Behold one people, and they have all one language, and this they begin to do, and nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7. Let us go down and confuse their language, so that would not understand one another's speech. "

Giving the title of the work, of course I had in mind those biblical lines. But the very name of the country where they build "Tower of Babel", indicates people who speak a Slavic, for some strange event, formerly in the area.

Mesopotamia, almost unchanged "Meso then" — "A country where mixed progeny '.

Scientists have passed by without noticing that here, at some point DELIBERATE DISASTERS was broken and shattered to pieces of a single language, that "big word," was a sort of "torn to pieces", which were then distributed to "builders" somehow suddenly have forgotten how to look like the original, and to restore it — in our confusion — you can, but putting it in the original order "blocks" destroyed "Tower of Babel", which is probably the most valuable information is stored, the possession of which became menacing. Blind "apprentice" who have lost drawings, chasing a ghost, in the wake of Champollion, did not understand a word of the language of ancient Egypt. They are piling outlandish something with maniacal persistence will drive "brick by brick in the wrong nest," and fail to realize that the "order of masonry" violated from the start, that their absurd fake "temple of the Renaissance," pulled from the ground up "hoops" which are unique and hold a skewed design, and one hit is enough to sweep away all this junk pompous, revealing pristine basement, where, under a pile of rotten scenery — hidden "big word" … ".

First, there should be added that we think of a single language — is still of Russian, but not Slavic. Slavic languages — is the branch on the trunk of the Tree of Russian. In — the second, I would like to clarify our understanding about the word "Lord." In our understanding, the word replaced the notion of the One God. And, as a rule, by this "alias" hiding those who Light of Truth is unacceptable. All who seek to destroy and pervert. More on this in our previous work and the work of "the North Dvina direction", revealing the essence of the "Lord of the project" — "What strikes like the bible, not a shaft vyshibesh?" … What we only need to say "many lords, God — One ' . Although in the case of Babylon Bible is not wrong, there really is "Lord" tried in a split of a single language. "… Peter Oreshkin," died unexpectedly "in the 55th year of his life, in 1987. Apparently he was also condemned "the powers that be" keenly watched to forever remain in the dark a huge role of the World Protoimperii Ancient Russia in establishing all the ancient, ancient and modern civilizations of mankind … ". (O. Gusev, "Preface to the" phenomenon of Babylon "). But how ineradicable craving for the Light of the Soul, as well ineradicable craving Russian people to the Truth, to their roots. Therefore, despite the restrictions and dangers waiting in this way, people will still continue to look for, and find, share with others. However, this knowledge is sometimes necessary to bring to the people not in the form of scientific knowledge (as mainstream science is completely controlled and out carefully scrubbed everything that could reveal the truth regarding the Russian language and the Russian People), and disguise them under fiction: fiction novels, historical and adventure books, etc.

Example. Excerpts from S. Alekseyev "Treasures of the Valkyrie":

"… — Ruthenians …" Fair "with Aryan translated as" light. " Now think of how to translate "Russia", "Russian" … Well, I was joking! — She laughed. — Do not break my head. This theme — unknown to modern man — a chasm. Hardly set foot — and leave there forever, with his head. AI can not see you peace of mind to the death … The concepts of "RA" and "AR" — the sun and the earth — there is inseparably, which proves the inverted sound of these words, and in aggregate. In the name of Mount Ararat ancient Aryans put meaning connect the earth and the sun. Light and heat as it lighted the earth to do it like the sun, fit for human existence, for the aria — ARA people saw themselves in the literal sense of the children of light of the sun. Therefore, they cry "GAR" means heat, ground fire, heat, and it was synonymous with the word "fire." (It appeared in Russian verbs "cook", "fry", the name "Firebird".) Battle Cry of the Aryans as a glorified this earthly fire. And after they celebrated the victory cry of the sun — Hurray! — Which has been preserved to this day and it meant the triumph of the world — "the sun" — over darkness. Antonym — a word the opposite meaning — was a bitter sigh, too, exists today — alas! — That is, literally, "in the darkness!" For plural — YOU — called darkness. So daring princes who plans trips to the enemies, saying "I'm coming to you!" Is not out of respect for the opponent, and pinpointed the target of the impending battle — the battle with darkness. And it turns out, because you can not call God 'you' …

… He immediately tried to explain the word "nettle". Literally turned "napivshayasya Sun" and therefore, perhaps, the fire … Ural literally means — "Standing in the Sun." And on the same meridian with it, but much farther south, in the "south country" was a lake Aral. This name is translated as the connection of fire earth and heaven … "Gara" in the original akayuschem, Russian, which is preserved in White Russia, was a modern "mountain" and literally means "going to the sun" …… Ruthenians went to the kitchen, put on tray of bread, and when placed on top of the salt shaker, suddenly realized that the character of the ancient Slavic gifts: bread (caravans) meant the earth, salt — the sun. The earth and the sun took out special guests! How many thousands of years it was the custom? The combination of the earth and sun — ARA, and the people, who regarded them called Aryans .. .'s Why plow cornfield — mean ARAT. So initially sounded a word recently, the literature of the fourteenth century. ARAT — produce bread and salt, earth and sun. That is why it is ineradicable this custom, though the original character of his long forgotten. But where did he, born and brought up in a Christian Orthodox spirit, educated and enlightened man, the knowledge and the ancient faith — sun worship — to-PA molie? … ". As can be seen, the author, only opened the curtain around the origin of the Russian language, but we do not find this in any school or in university educational programs, since such an approach completely destroys the myth of the existing historical thousand-year history of Russia, and the fact that "the torch of learning "We have received from the Greeks and the Jews, and before that were just savages. But if you erect any inference nizvodyaschee Russian people and the Russian language to a bestial state, and cuts off his ancestral memory, the support you provided. And roll the money, and sent an expedition. Example E. Muldashev. Excerpt from the book "From whom we come": "… Who are they, Russian? I studied Russian and eyes featured on oftamolgeometricheskim can say that Russian, most likely the product of mixing with Dinaric race lapenianskoy and Baltic races (Tatars, Komis, Finns, Estonians, etc.) …… It was at a conference in September 1995 in Crimea. This conference has been very tricky title: "The fundamentals, the environment and human health of the spiritual," but the essence of it was to ensure that there were people involved in the so-called parascience. Most were sorcerers, magicians, psychics, witches and other people with special abilities … At this conference I was given to plenary lecture. I set out on the slides described research, with an emphasis on the logical approach to the problem, starting with the question: "Why do we look into each other's eyes?" — Ending with a description of a hypothetical appearance atlanta … Even during the International Congress of the Crimean several academicians of the International Academy of different countries attended our report very interested in them, and many have argued with me. They advised me, also a member of MAN, the expedition under its auspices. Honestly, for me was very unexpected, that venerable Western and domestic scientists relatively easily perceived as difficult to prove subject … "We can add that Muldasheva not only funded the expedition to Tibet, and Egypt, and, not least, to make a closed areas of research pyramid, which indicates a rather high level of interest in his theory. Especially because it is so "scientific" proof that the Russian — this rabble of various nationalities. Well, except maybe this rabble have its own pre-Christian culture and literature? From all ponabrali little, and that's got a — a "great and mighty". So the fate of this theory can not worry, most likely it will try to make to the educational programs, because it is on the other hand fully supports no less "scientific" research in the field of linguistics different Fasmer. This means that children can now confidently say, "The Russian people do not have their stories, not his tongue, as he borrowed from others, and he himself came from a mixture of many peoples. That ophthalmic research confirmed it. Do not believe me? Here we have and the conclusion of the International Academy of Sciences is. So … your place. " But despite the fact that the official science firmly occupied people's minds, especially in the fields of history, linguistics, and philosophy, however, the Russian people manage to lead the search for his roots, and the desire for truth to them indestructible. And it does not matter what their education and who they work for — the work is underway. And a bright example of this — work Hlestkova YA "URA" (Semantic Dictionary of Basic Russian words), teacher MEPI, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, not a linguist. Excerpts from the work Hlestkova A. "Hurrah":

"… Language includes consciousness. He is the main way people interact, generator, transporter and keeper of knowledge. Carrier speech — word. It is born in the mind, the brain, through the air, is recorded and stored in the memory of it, handed down from generation to generation. In the analysis of the words will come from the fact that the words are unlikely to arise spontaneously, just as characters. Most likely, many of them were based on the rules for understanding the meaning of the concepts voiced by a finite number of basic sounds, roots and words … Let us state the following idea. Real people live simultaneously in the past and in the present and in the future, and in this multi-dimensional world, we are all linked together. Therefore, if we do not know their history, or more so, the idea of it, we are distorted, then we get into the unreal, illusory world of illusions, phantoms. Consequently, we lose support and live a full stop to this life. And in this case, when the perceptions and beliefs are far from reality, there is a danger of succumbing to the false installation contrary to human ethics. That's why it's so important just to get to the source of the opportunity to start …

… In this case, as it may seem at first glance looks, foreign words from the array also rationalized on the basis of the Russian language. The reason for this approach is the assumption that when the down time, various languages have to be merged into one, if they had once been in ancient times a source. Indeed, the study of words convince us that this hypothesis is workable. Moreover the positive results in this area create the conditions for a stronger assumption: the share of the Russian language in a group of similar and converging with the deepening of the history of languages should increase. Simply put, in ancient times, many people talk about in Russian. Hence it would follow that the present Russian language is one of the core members of certain proto-language. This conclusion, if true, of course, would fundamentally change the popular idea of the historical process. In the sense that essentially move apart the temporal boundaries of the existence of Russian culture and will rethink the nature of its interaction with the cultures of other nations … The word is usually belongs to the language in which most of its functional meaning is clear. But it may also be used in other languages. That would be to speak of the historical connection … reveals the following pattern: a hollow in the past when approaching the base language role of the Russian language is increasing. This is noted by many researchers. Not for nothing, and now Russian — one of the most advanced, powerful language …

Az — the first letter of the ancient alphabet. A — top, 3 — Earth. Therefore, the inner meaning of the first letter — «Nov Earth." This is already evident multilevel character of the old letters: It simply learning, cognitive information "protection" at the level of letters, roots, syllables, words, their styles and directions of record ….

ABC. Since the second letter of the alphabet ancient — beech (B in the modern version), the meaning of which we have already discussed, the meaning of ABC clear: "Novi symbol for the Earth" … A small digression.

In our opinion, the second letter of the Russian language — beech, still does not mean "character", and soul, and then we get Az-book — Home SOUL, which is close in meaning to the Greek alphabet: Alpha — the beginning, VITA — life — that is "The beginning of life." But a huge difference, in fact. Alphabet — letter of the language of the soul, the alphabet — marking language alive. Here we want to clarify that in Russia since ancient times to distinguish the concept of sentient soul, and the souls of animals (hereinafter simply — is still alive.) Each person has a soul and feelings, and alive. The soul feels — is immortal, it is part of God, and is alive at times — she lives while living body. Another thing that is alive may get the better of the Soul, and then the man turns into a heartless and immoral animal. For a better understanding, we present an excerpt from the work of Andreeva "Peace Path":

"… The belly — it is not the physical body, not the body cavity. This can be understood from the saying: "By the end of my life." The term means both belly and life itself, and the power of life and necessary for life, and a certain center in the body, control the life processes. "Stomach — where lives alive." Russian goddess of life alive, obviously, is comparable to the Hindu Jiva — Atma — a living human soul, but understanding it is clearly different in the Russian tradition. It is considered a living soul or life force, only the physical body. It corresponds to the soul of animals and may provide vital functions of the human body without a soul feels. That living soul. Alive hiding in the heel with the fear … "It should be added that the Greek and all other" Latin "is a derivative of the Arabic language -" the language of logic, "the language of the human brain, but not the soul. And hence it follows the main difference and attempt to degrade and destroy the Russian language. Alive — mortal, she had no time — Eternity, and in languages where forgotten language of the soul, it begins to boss people, and they start upodablivatsya Givet — animals. Begin to dominate the instincts starts feud and perversion of the world. It's Alive — I (ego), is in love with itself, and fear of death tends to Eternity, and soul, and so is eternal. Therefore, on the way to eternity is Alive Soul. That's so alive and tends to defile, dirty soul, as the black soul — the servant alive and bright it is not available. It turns out that people who live alone, "the language of logic" (the perception and awareness of the world without a soul) can not fully become a man. And the man is seen from the perspective of types PSYCHE (animal, zombies, demonic and humane type of mentality). But their attempts to replace Soul psyche are not successful in the Russian language. So, if was possible to combine the concept of Psyche and the mentally ill, the Russian word for hearty (Pa — light, bright soul) opens minds and say RAPSIHICHNY (bright mind) is not possible. Since in this case would have to give explanations and definitions, there is light and dark psyche, etc.

Continued: "… What an introduction to the life contains old Russian alphabet? Let us write out at least the first few "letters" of the alphabet … Az beeches Vedas GLOGOL GOOD LIFE IS GROUND BECAUSE PEOPLE THOUGHT KOLO nov father remembers the Armenian word … What we can see here? Alternatively, a "message" — a training text:

«Nov Earth (a) Letters to tell. Say (to you) — Life Is Good Earth. For Solar (KOLO — one of the synonyms of the word Sun) People — Thinking (and are) Children Father. Remember RA — Word … ". Our refinement. Az is not "Virgin Soil Earth." More accurate understanding of the first letter of almost all the alphabets of the world, hidden in the Arabic word "Allah" — the root cause (or the root cause of all). It is not for nothing that the letter "A" is a first alphabet (beginning of the Soul), and in the beginning of the alphabet (the beginning of life — are still alive.) And then we did not «Nov earth shall tell," which sounds very vague, and the "Home of the Soul narrate." That close, in fact, all people — know that there is a soul and how it comes to this world and go back "to the World." "… Is an undoubted fact that the root of the RA contains a large group of basic Russian words: Truth, Reason and justice. Equality, faith. Country. education, work. brothers and sisters. great-grandfather, race, Men, Oral, hurray, the Urals. joy, nice. RED, Rainbow, literacy …… There are so-called Arctic hypothesis, which says that in the third period of the Cenozoic era about a million years ago in the north in the vicinity of the North Pole, there was a proto-civilization (codenamed Arctida, Arktogeya, Hyperborea), which out- for the next natural disaster (glaciation, floods), about 10 000 years ago, was forced to migrate to the South. This hypothesis, the researchers argue that the language of the word Arktogei RA mean sun … So, what do we have? On the one hand, the sun god Ra in Egypt, Iran, India, and the great river of the RA and a set of words with the root of RA — we in Russia? …

Now … Let's keep in force an assumption that was made earlier, that the Republic of Armenia — is the old Russian word and means the beginning of a kind of universal life and just the sun. And the word sun is already functional later comprehension of RA. (Note that this thought comes to an increasing number of researchers language) … Consider the meaning of the above words with a part of Armenia.

As will be seen, all at once will fall into place. RAINBOW — Solar arc. Even put quotes not necessary, because this is not a translation or explanation … slave — "man who talks to the Sun." If shorter — "Solar Man." Obviously, later and more symbolic — the "man of God …" (In our view — Bright Soul).

So … why, how and when the word came to be used in the BRA meaning "slave"? The answer to the question why is clear: first, to erase the memories of the original meaning of the word and its associated knowledge, and secondly, to inspire other people, new ideas. You can also answer the question of how, if you look at the etymological dictionary of the Russian language (Vasmer). Not to cite the proposed multi-pass logic there, explain it shorter: BRA back to Reb, Reb — see child; and as had often used the orphan forced labor, it is, perhaps, was the reason why the term "slave" was sounding like BRA. That's it. We explained the word child (rabenok — Ukr. And Belarus) through a more fundamental ~ BRA, and here the author had in reverse. Add that to heterogeneous Fasmer — author, it is quite commonplace occupation — from turn-meaning and significance of the Russian language, in order to hide its essence. In order to conceal his divine initially. … To answer the question — when did this happen? — Difficult, if we remain within the language of the method. We can make a guess that it happened around the time when the English word SLAVE, which, given our proximity Indo-European language, would mean a Slav (Slav word in English is written in a different way: SLAWE, although it sounds almost exactly the same), they used in unizhitelnom meaning servant (slave). Clarification: In our view, the question of when? can be answered as follows. For now, leaving aside the question of the date and external causes, and artists perversion of Russian. We assume that it is as follows. The original Russian Vseyasvetnaya Diploma (runic writing — together, from left to right — a rising right-handed helix of development) was distorted (twisted) and put a downward from right to left. This is how the language of the soul instead of feelings, the language of the soul an animal, it is the language of the head (the mind) — is well known to us a slavishly Language. It is the language of logic, it is immutable, as defined in the numerical matrix corresponding to the 28 sound emitted by the human throat. "Design" of other languages was conducted with a mixture of Russian (slavishly) and A-slavish languages. Most of the Russian words just rolled over and read backwards. But when from the mixture started making "Latin", to begin with it just turned back and began to write from left to right, which completely confused the traces, and more — more. Loss of endings, replacing the letters values, meanings of "Latin", combined with a constant cutoff of Russian, has led to what we today though are able to talk to the original language, but poorly understand it.

I should also mention the Jewish language "designed" with the knowledge of the ancient people of the structure of DNA, which consists, as he was of 22 marks (by the way, tarot cards — also 22 characters). It is not surprising that the rabbis can revive the dead by reading a special spell on drevneiudeyskom language (subject of TV shows, as well as one of the "X-Files"). Indeed, in this case, the full compliance of letter-signs and chromosomes may resonance phenomenon, that is, through the implementation of sound effects on the DNA molecule and to bring them into an excited state. However, in this case there is a revival (alive) the corpse, but not return to him a sense of the soul, that is, get a zombie. By the way these "practices" are well known and "Voodoo."

Example. Extract from work GG Dlyasina: "ABC Hermes Trismegistus or molecular cryptography thinking": "… both open systems — the alphabet and amino acids — have the same structure, invariant (isomorphic) to one another and, therefore, this system as a legitimate organization, sews layers of hierarchical multi-world manifesting itself, on the one hand, at the molecular level, and the other — on the level of the mind and consciousness. Accordingly, for the understanding and further study of the thinking process the most modern and productive will be a "living" model of protein synthesis in the cell of a living organism … and most importantly — a warning P. Garyaev. The author writes, "the new information channel connecting the Word and the genome requires morally and ethically balanced approach, such as the manipulation of the apparatus of heredity unpredictable for its potential negative consequences …" … I would dare to suggest that my conclusions may be called noospheric as they reveal internal connections (own laws) noosphere, expresses the unity of the structure of the alphabet system of the mind and the life of the structure elements (amino acids — the units of protein molecules — the basis of life in the biosphere) …

… That the so-called secret alphabets (the number of letters which are always 22 or close to it) — it's one or the other form of the single praalfavita (not praazbuki — our specification), the basis of which — 20 letters plus two extra vowels — I and N … order of the letters such as Phoenician and Hebrew, consists of 22 letters … The unexpected support of this hypothesis, I found, highlighting the unique alphabet Nsibidi, which is the basis of their own written language of the indigenous population of West Africa. In this alphabet twenty-one letter, the nature of the letters varies sharply from eleven (!) … Comparing the system with the alphabet of amino acids, it is possible to suggest that the same for all the top rung of the Sanskrit letters, merging into a single line when you connect the letters in the word — it is a symbol of the chain of the peptide bond linking the amino acids in the protein molecule. A peculiar pattern of each letter, shown below the bar, it is encoded structure of the corresponding amino acid residue in view of its energy and conformation …

Summing up … my research I'm doing the main conclusion — that (Tot!?), Who created the alphabet, as a code, use the internal structure isomorphic sounds of human speech, and amino acids of the protein, but rather is an isomorphism (invariance) of the harmonic systems, strict as the multiplication table . The alphabet is a code not only protein, not only thinking of the person — is a universal code of life of the whole universe … There is one thing, for me, is extremely important. The fact is that if we open the hidden harmony in the sources of knowledge, the main archetypes, is a fundamental principle of our consciousness, thereby causing a chain reaction of change, harmonization of the future through the expansion of consciousness of our children. Would like to hope that the logical, symmetrical, beautiful alphabet, when the time comes, and it will print in children's ABC book will serve for their future adult life, will help make their people more perfect. "

As can be seen from this exposure, the author is not only trying to give justification for the compression of the Russian alphabet to 22 letters, mix thoroughly with all other languages, and make a "alphabet of the universe", but also to arrange a chain reaction of consciousness (few people in the world of nuclear weapons and waste ). Now it becomes clear what kind of future they want to build a just such authors. One has only to imagine the whole of humanity, brought up and educated in a single 22-letter alphabet, it is immediately clear that for more dominance over the world and it is difficult to imagine. Human-animal herd submissive, responsive "reacting" in the words of Mr. and complete callousness. So the supporters of "universalizing language alive" is something to think about, and that their descendants are at risk of becoming "universal soldiers with expanded consciousness" for the development of the universe. Incidentally, in this case does not help any which technologies' psi-defense "because the word will resonate with all of the body (set of bodies), including the psyche. That is the impact of a word will permeate through the psyche and conscious opposition (when a person thinks and says based on 22-letter) is almost impossible. Well let's hope that nothing like that happens (although the thermonuclear reaction, too, once people seemed a pipe dream, but the efforts of scientists here is just such a nightmare became a reality this humanity) and the world, will not allow them to work together to implement it.

We extend an excerpt from the work YA Khlestov "URA" "… But it is possible to point to the same root word ENEMY, lie with another, already emotionally negative. Note that it is not all that easy. This is the word of the Gates. It is the old Russian. In … says that what is happening to him according to the doctor means "a person who knows that the gates, in a sense — to say, in particular, over the herbs. Therefore, in the beginning at the gates of the word could have a different meaning. The same comment could be attributed to a subset of words with the root of the RA, which is attached to the sun, life-affirming sense. Enough, it would seem to remember such negative words like shame, fear, darkness, fool. But, the fact, however, for example, a fool can not be a fool, and "thinking about RA" (Although from the point of view of people who think about the money he was "an idiot").

In light of the above, we can assume another hypothesis: the first negative words were not — were designed only positive words. The fact is, people do not focus on the fact that the lie. And the reason may not be …

In our understanding of RA by our ancestors is not only perceived as the sun (though it also had a place to be, but as a detail), and a more holistic concept, directly linked to the trinity of the World, where reality — Nav — the rule to match today MATTER — KNOWLEDGE-measure.

Therefore, the concept of PA — it must be seen as the trinity.

Ra — explicit (reality) — the material — the sunlight, the basis of life on Earth (Terem Pa — terra) grass, nettles; Pa-arc, PA ssvet

Ra — Navneet (Nav) — knowledge, Ra-s-mind;

Ra — nravnoe (right) — Obschevselenskaya measure; divine, soulful Light-Truth, Justice, Righteousness. Perversion of RA (and s-rotation) — the distortion of the original meaning of the words with the root of the RA. Example: shame, asshole, shit, slave, a fool, a fight, the enemy (or gate of vorys) etc. To date, the RA-sowing last place on earth where they continue tunable PA, where Ra-explicitly connect the RA-RA-Zumnoe and stuffy. Holiday rites. P (edit)-PA-3 (knowledge) dnik

RA-ness — the feeling associated with a sense of the soul of man of God RA — Light.

The purer the soul, the more people are cheerful and welcoming, its all good news. But the extent of contamination of man's soul becomes bleak, and then gloating (although it would be better to write — sloradnym).

Then there were the following substitution with perversion of meaning and essence of life phenomena. Russian SOBORNOST replaced EGREGOROM, KNOWLEDGE — INFORMATION POWER — ENERGY. And not just replaced. Through the creation of egregore "The Lord of the project," embracing all the other egregors, through the closure of the soul in a "cocoon alive" through the cultivation of the individual instead of Humanity were able to lead mankind from God to the Lord for quite a long time.

I would like to add that in the original Language, Over here, really no need for the abusive words, and that they began to appear much later, when it started to perversion. And many simply changed the words sound, meaning and purpose, and comprehension of the true nature of these words has become very difficult, especially in a world ruled by AT — ALIVE.

And the fact that these words are most likely the original version had a very different meaning, and the meaning that accurately represents the essence of the life phenomena, we show an example to do with the way the gates to skomorosheskoy traditions of ancient Russia. Excerpt from the work of Andreeva "Peace Path":

"… Forget it. All forget all the science mare by the tail! We are all from their grandfathers and great-grandfathers know that Ivan Komarov returned and brought with him from the Kuban Cossack girl. And never Lapan their cherished memory for its scientific legs. And you're sitting here that only through his grandfathers. If they saw what their successor fool, that they now oborzhalis! — Suddenly he burst out laughing.

— Your grandparents were buffoons, club! For them not to lie meant to deceive, and to tell the tale! Look, dummy, if you swore, then what will you do?

— I do not use foul language.

— What a fool! But this is probably the best thing that can make such a smart guy like you. You do not know, that's better, and not stick your nose. And you know what Bannik evaporated when he starts to stick? Devil, the water?

— Mat.

— No. Church service or a floor, if you can not make prayer! Do you understand? Do you understand what that means? You understand that once, when there was no public prayers, and the mat is not meant the same thing now in a dirty mouth idiot and lie also meant not what you know!? And Ivan did not disappoint, nothing to do with credibility, because he had not heard about the facts, no such Russian word for the facts! You never wondered why people with such language has no word of their own facts? … "

And at the end of this chapter anecdote, in our view, quite accurately showing the folly and absurdity of the use of the Russian people Latinisms.

Young man sweeping views of the political processes of society asks a country girl:

— Girl you could fall in love with radical? The girl asks in surprise:

— For what?

Russian language — 7

Chapter 5


"Learn first good morals, then wisdom, for without the former the latter is difficult to learn."

Morality and ethics.

Experience shows that most people are confused about the understanding of morality. Indeed, even books on philosophy and cultural studies often combine them. Therefore give an understanding of the issue.

Morality — a set of established values and measured the characteristic of a community of people. Moreover, in different communities may have different moral values. To date, the world is dominated by "Western values", but not because they are better than others, but because "the biblical concept of human bondage" (a belief system, values) of the fruit which they are proved to be more information provided than others. It is for this reason, when colonizing other nations always destroyed the library of these peoples (physical media knowledge — information): Persopol, Alexandria — the ancient world, Kiev, Novgorod, the Incas, the Aztecs — The Middle Ages (the question why, in contrast to the Persians, Egyptians and Indians still live the Russian people — this is a separate big topic, and briefly illuminate it until it is almost impossible);

BAGHDAD — 2003god. Add that "Western values" disastrous for the Russian people, who perceive them unconsciously, as a model of behavior. Hence it becomes clear and their main task for which they were created: As the unification of mankind try to eliminate the Russian people — the only people on earth who bears the Russian language — the language of the Soul, Language free people who have no place in the pyramid of the crowd- elitism.


Notion of morality tried to hide the issue of morality, and zlonravii beznravii, of origin and their relationship.

From here go to the understanding of morality. By itself, the word morality nothing and therefore often confused with morality. This is so because in itself it is not morality. Is there any morality, or beznravie or zlonravie. Dobronravov — a collection of sincere acceptance and measured the behavior of any individual from birth, regardless of their race, religion and nationality. It is given to people by God. This is from the heart. Here it should be added that the measure Dobronravov — are the same for all people shower, as they correspond to the truth — the Truth (edit — the Russian name obschevselenskoy measures) and therefore they are eternal. Another thing is that people are free in their actions, and they are able to create and measure zlonraviya beznraviya with which they attempt to gain power and wealth, but also the power and wealth of time, as our life is temporary. These yardstick they mutilate his own soul. And, despite the fact that a great many of these pacing and they are very diverse, they are all temporary. Speaking figuratively, the DOBRONRAVOV can be likened to a lamp shining and zlonravie and beznravie — stains on this lamp. And if the person knowingly gets in way of purifying the soul, in the first place, he begins to get rid of his Soul and zlonravie beznravie, that is, it washes dirt. After all, no wonder they say that the soul is a kind man Light (light), and the evil — the dark (Soul plastered with mud so that the light through the mud does not pass).

Output. Morality — it sets people invented behavioral assessments for the maintenance of a crowd-elitist pyramid. In a society free people no morality no need to invent, everything is live on the basic concepts DOBRONRAVOV: Truth — Truth, Conscience, Justice.

Value — meaning — an essence. Catholicity, egregor.

In order to define these words, that is, to understand what lies behind them, we have to deal with words like "character" and "information", as they not only cover the essence, but also break the single semantic web Russian.

Sign (symbolism)

Then I wonder how closely our minds drove the word "character", which substitutes the word "sign", thus constantly breaking the semantic web of the Russian language, where the root of the "SNA" is used for anything related to knowledge. It is made so skillfully that the majority of the Russian people have lost the understanding of the phenomenon. And in order to restore the integrity of the site Russian myslepolotna, we have to clear it of the word — a parasite, "information."

Information. This word can be perceived as a way ("… order, image, information — in itself intangible — 'something', which does not depend on the quality of its material support, or the amount of matter (energy) to its carrier. But without financial support this "something" in the Universe itself does not exist, is not perceived, is not transmitted … "), as well as how to read and something that fills the form (matter)« in »- Eng. means "in".

But it seems that more closely matches the essence of the phenomenon, hidden behind the word "information", the word "knowledge." Since it is directly related to consciousness. That is, CO — knowledge.

Software — KNOWLEDGE — the development field of knowledge. The field of knowledge marked up signs (symbols), in which knowledge of both fold and unfold. Characters always denote something. Another thing, how this knowledge and signs can be embraced by the human, and not dumped into the subconscious, and super SUPERCONSCIENCE. As seen in the Russian language this word is the root of all that is related to the perception of human life, handling and use of such universal phenomenon, which is now hidden behind the Latin word "information". Interesting here following. Russian word of knowledge around which built the semantic field corresponding to the nature of their life events and allows to perceive the world, to develop it and develop themselves, substituted the word information coming vseobhvatyvayuschim, philosophical concept, and even translated into the category of self-understanding. And make it so that the word of knowledge has lost its original meaning and moved into the category of private life phenomena. That is, knowledge has become secondary to the information. And, without even realizing, and not realizing that the substitution, but constantly repeating (claiming) INFORMATION, DATA, INFORMATION, we souchastvuem to downgrade the concept of knowledge, and Russian, as this is one of its key concepts. Example: "Egregor" — energy-informational nature. In Russian. Energy — FORCE information — knowledge. So we get the famous "knowledge — force" that Francis Bacon used the matrix for the design of the current development of mankind.

Then there were the following substitution with perversion of meaning and hidden essence of life events:


In our understanding, "egregore" — an assemblage of mind in its various forms, and Collegiality — is a voluntary unification of souls in the love of God and all his creation.

Actually topic of the role of characters (characters) in the lives of people rather closed, but thousands of years people in power, always very serious about the signs (characters), and the last example — a huge buzz in the "top" on the changes in the "Symbols of Russia" when taken with the filing of presidential anthem Alexander and red banners for the armed forces. And it's not that someone like some characters (symbols), some others, and that through the signs (characters) to access the subconscious mind, both the individual and society as a whole. Through signs (symbolism) is in the process of governance. Actually, it's always trying to hide, but after the "information explosion" (mid 20th century), or as it is now about to say — "change the logic of social behavior," when "the system" requires that people as often as possible to update their knowledge (because the world has become more technocratic and security "system" was directly dependent on the people's education, which led to the availability of knowledge), which, in turn, allows for an autopsy essence of the phenomenon. And today, on the example of the computer has become very easy to explain how the characters (symbols). Example. Man, the first time seeing the computer will only see the signs (on your desktop), and he is not coming and thought that for them there is something else. But you, as an educated man, you know that every sign icon on your desktop, hidden definite knowledge (data sets). Moreover, you know that there are hidden entire programs of action (Word, Excel, CorelDRAW, etc.), and that you only have to press one or another digital (alphabetic) characters in a specific sequence, and will launch these programs. And how do you do with these programs (to play, write or hack job bank) — your business. But this is only the level of the user, and there is still a level programmers — specialists. Let me remind you that the person who first sees the computer, see your desktop just a few images — signs, you — the ability to use them, and the programmer will see the program (processes and errors in them). Roughly the same is true when working with conscious and unconscious person. Again, the best thing we see in advertising. Consumer at his level sees only a set of pictures (different sense of color), and watching them, it is often not seeing their programmed, performs an action. On the user level is already clear that the consumer is encouraged to perform a certain action, what programs see when running (this is the level of feelings and emotions and the ability to manipulate them.) And, of course, is the level of professional programmers who know the essence of social programming and manipulating both consumers and users of advertising. At this level advertising technologies are considered as one of the best tools to "manage" society. And in the end theme of semiotics are some excerpts, which, in my opinion, the show depth and seriously affect the issue. Excerpts from the book by Umberto Eco, "lack of structure" (introduction to semiology)

"… Any speech, newspaper article, or even a report of an individual are made by the individual, which is the mouthpiece (regardless of whether it is authorized by anyone on this role or not) a particular group (professional, territorial, political, intellectual) in a particular society. In the group always has its values, goals, codes of thinking and behavior, which — regardless of whether they were accepted or disputed, and to what extent understood, — have an impact on individual communication. Thus, this latter "individualizes" nadindividualnuyu system values, talking about which should be done in a different plane than the conversation about personal communication, and yet, with her crossed. This nadindividualnaya system, in turn, is part of a broad range of values, formed and, as a rule, limited to the social system within which emerging communication … ". And finally designated topic excerpt from the book HH-Vashkevich "system language of the brain": "… Language is not only and not so much a means of communication as a cybernetic machine, which is controlled by not only human society, not only certain ethnic groups, and even individuals but the whole of life, including human physiology, animals, and even plants … The study found that the brain, like any computer, working on specific locales, blocked for obvious reasons from the user. However, analysis of the available linguistic facts can expose the system's language and, therefore, to remove the information from the system files of the brain. As it turned out, as the system language our subconscious uses a language pair: real Arabic and Russian, regardless of our ethnicity. The host computer is connected to noopolyu (similar artificial internet), which is constantly fueled by the morphology of real ethnic groups: Russian and Arabic … ".

This excerpt is given to show that modern science considers the human brain as a computer with their "system language" (although consideration of the Russian language as a "system language" of the brain in our view detract from the truth. Russian language — the language of the soul), and there are already specialists who can work with this "computer." And it is clear that they will work through the signs, with which are the words of a language system. This is the power of words.

Thus, the value is directly related to the knowledge, but any character can have multiple values, these values can be integrated into different semantic levels. But also the values and meanings may not correspond ESSENCE life events can distort, distort and hide it. So what is the point?

Essence — Primal Light. Essence — that effective values, meanings, words, life events Universal Measure — right. This is something that is always in Russia called the Truth-Truth. Only in this case there is a harmony of words, values, meaning, and life events on the right — the Providence of God and merge with eternity. All that is not in tune with God's providence — not forever, that is temporary and it is from the Mira-o, from-alive-o.

Meaning of the word — a sign denoting a particular semantic field. Values can be a lot like semantic fields they represent.

The meaning of the word — the amount of knowledge which determines the position of the semantic field. The more knowledge, the closer to the heart of the semantic field, the more truly and accurately the impact.

The essence of the word — full compliance Obschevselenskoy Mere words — right.

And at the end a little bit about the power of words as spoken or written. Every word is a sign, that is, means something. This is so because for any word are set of values and semantic levels (arrays of knowledge). And it is through the words of people gain access to the different threads of the Universe, and thus through the words as possible involvement of the people in these threads, and "manipulation" by them. But if the written word — it's just a sign of hidden knowledge which, a few words related to the semantic thread (a phrase, sentence, paragraph, chapter, book, book series, etc.) — it is the flow of semantic fields, images, that make up the unified field of communication. A word spoken out loud — is giving it a certain sound semantic fields (vibrational "parameters"), that is, transfer them to a high level of volatility matter levels in which people live. Therefore, the speed impact spoken word (and it is always pronounced in certain color varieties of sense) is much higher than the words written. And it is this difference in impact, or rather no understanding of this difference, and allowed to form an algorithm-trick (stereotype) that the written word — a dead word and the spoken word — the living. In reality, and the written and the spoken word — is a map of life in its various manifestations. And this created a "stereotype" in order to divert people from understanding how a word can influence the course of life, be it written, whether it is spoken: the only difference is in the time of exposure to the life stream. Another thing, when we we're on the language of the soul and the mind. The word that comes from the soul, it is bright, it is Russian, it describes and develops the Universe, not out-turning it, this word, spoken by God at the creation of the universe. And the word that comes from the head and body — distorts world and deadens the soul. So the more we "show off" in order to say "elegant" in the language of science and the "best of human thought," the more we souchastvuem in the destruction of the world, the more we pollute and pervert their souls. The more they are dirty, the farther we are from the Essence of Truth-the harder we understand and recognize the native Russian speech. The less we are in tune with the World and the Providence of God, the further we are from all eternity, that is mortal.

Therefore, the question of the word dead and the living word is an algorithm — a trick to solve the problem posed not of acceptance of the human mind to understand the Russian language, to understand the language of the soul. While it is appropriate to speak of the dead and living languages. Dead languages — the languages that do not have people say, as a rule, because of the disappearance of the people for whom this language is the basis of communication. Accordingly, a living language — the language in which people communicate. For this reason, the Latin language can not be called dead, as there were no such people who speak it (Latins communicated in a mixture of Greek and Etruscan), and also because of its increasing use in the international community (mixed with English). Hence the conclusion: Latin — stillborn (Artifical) language, which gradually revive, accustomed to his humanity, and forcing people to forget their roots.

Ways of knowing (read, think, think):

In Russian, you can find words such as: read, think, think. Links them is that they are somehow connected with knowledge. Often these words are simply indistinguishable to people and how to refer to the same thing, and it is necessary to define what they did do, when they say, I think … and I think that …, I am thinking about that … So what is a busy man, he thinks, thinks, thinks? In our view, it is absolutely three different words used to refer to various acts committed by human consciousness.

Considered — is to commit simple math, based on already existing in the human consciousness of logical steps. That is, people do not get new knowledge, but rather like the counting machine — a calculator, is counting (and no matter what: the numbers, money, profit). In general, if a person says, "I believe," even more and he will be talking about something "sublime", in reality he thinks and does not think he said something, probably his benefit. Account — this is thoughtless and bezsmyslenno scrolling computing programs in an effort to bring a ready answer to the unconsciousness level to the level of consciousness.

Think — then scroll through the known human knowledge, to give them some form, organize them, create one ready to account "programs — algorithms."

Think — means to acquire new knowledge, that is to comprehend coming on perceptual knowledge.

Read and think — this is what is directly related to the activities of one person. We are the same calculus — is a joint activity, regardless of whether a person is at the moment one or not. Complicity is either aggregorial, or else — Cathedral.

Means of knowledge (d. Mind);

"The judicious and ethical always coincide."
LN Thick

The mind and the mind. Since we found that consider, think, and think it's ways of knowing (that is, how to work with the knowledge), the mind and the mind — it is a means of knowledge (means of gaining knowledge). And as in the case of the ways they differ substantially from each other, and here we see fundamental differences. The very name of one of the means of gaining knowledge — "Mind" not only embraces the second — the "mind", but also demonstrates its relationship both with "RA" (within the meaning of God's Light), and with "time" (in the sense of the beginning : One, one, one, one). So, we can say that the "Mind" is a means of knowledge, when a person's mind attuned the world when he is one with God, that is bright, Primal.

The mind all by itself is also a means of understanding, but detached from the Primordial Light. So he did not holistic and subject izkazheniyam and perversions. Moreover, we can say that man lives wisely, when his mind is closed "cocoon alive", but when one opens (again, "one") is a cocoon, and they start to rule soul, he becomes a man of understanding.

Here it should be added that the introduction of human life, "the term Homo sapiens," which in Latin means "a reasonable man" who called all the people allowed to hide a question of the mind and the mind, and the Soul of Givet, to close the human mind in a cocoon make a cocoon for consciousness invisible.

"Cocoon Alive"

We remind the Russian people saw the presence of a man of two souls. One soul animal — alive, the other — the soul feels. Alive to keep alive the human body, The soul is the vehicle of God's light and is responsible for communication with God. Alive dies with the body. The soul — eternal and after death returns to God. Man, in which the rights of a Life — a bright person, he does not need the laws and authorities, he lives by the conscience and justice. Such a person is open the whole world, he feels his soul and conscious Mind. In a world of such people is love and kindness. But if a person begins to boss alive, the first thing she wraps soul, human consciousness is narrowed, the perception of the whole world disappears and in its place comes broken, "kaleidoscopic" perception, and as a result — the same philosophy and world view. A person ceases to live soul and mind, and their substitutes mind. It is a condition we call "Cocoon alive." This is a condition where a person in different ways, supported animal perception of the world. In place of conscience and justice comes to the law and logic, instead of Freedom — Freedom in this world begins to prevail not with love and kindness, and for profit. People pull on a person and masks, and so embittered without them, which themselves is treated as an individual and not as a person. Soul of recall is extremely rare, and even then, it is always confusing to the spirit, from the animal soul. God and the soul, or are perceived as a kind of "abstraction" or as "idols" to worship, and, of course, as a means for profit and control in a "religious environment." In general — the current state of human society.

Hence the notion of "cocoon Alive" can be attributed not only to any person, but to the entire society (community, "Inferno" of Dante and I.A.Efremova). For what would be the world's light began to boss people alive, it is necessary that some of the people in this world possessed by the spirit of pride, and pulled behind him and greed and lust. For peace to people began to live according to the laws are still alive, it is necessary to built "system — matrix", where people were held in the animal state, from birth to death. Talk about a "system — matrix" will go to a separate paper, we should add is that the greatest threat to "cocoon Alive" is the Russian language, as it is just the language of the soul. He carries the keys to understanding the whole world, to the understanding of "cocoon Alive", and hence — is only a step to the tripping of the cocoon. That's what has been broken once a common language of the Soul and appeared languages alive. That is why for thousands of years is a struggle against the Russian language (Single parent language) and against the Russian people — the media keys from the cocoon. That is why the Russian language clog words — traps (do not have a clear understanding) that lead the human consciousness "cocoon alive" and hold it there. Here it should be clear that our understanding of the "cocoon Alive" — a multi-level education. Below — drugs, alcohol. Next — TV and computer "reality", who passed on — faces a "religious" reality "on the trap thinner, less noticeable. This is a trap — the words that lead and trailing consciousness in a cocoon. Obvious examples of such words are the words: reality, God, concept, principle.

Word-tricks (the reality, God, the principle, the concept of) reality.

In our understanding of "reality" — a man-made worlds, without departing from the "cocoon" and serving to hold the human mind in the animal condition. These "realities" can be set, and most importantly — the people themselves create them. Creating a new "reality" and ozhivanie old — a need that has to execute the "system" — at the expense of its development takes place and movement — one of the fundamental laws of the Universe. That's all kinds of "reality" from people close Truth-Truth. Pay attention to how often you and your friends use the word "reality" and how rarely use the word reality. With the frequency of use of "reality" and, therefore, stay in it, can only argue the word "principle" and "God", and that only because unfortunately, most of life while staying in the "principle" and its various "Reality", thinking of the "Lord" and its diverse servants — "the Lord" and not about God. Lord.

The word "Lord", and the concept of domination — bondage in our understanding is the basis for keeping people in the "cocoon alive." They replaced the concept of God. Moreover, the substitution of concepts so tightly into our lives that most of us do not even notice, as on any occasion, and even without it, bezsmyslenno use "Lord, Lord …", immediately lock-in "reality" of every " punishments the Lord "," fear of the Lord, "" wrath of the Lord, "" the inscrutable ways of the Lord "and other turbidity. However, having come to this "reality" come to believe that God really and punishment, and scary, and angry and do not understand where people lead and why. And people, being in this "reality" and start to give all his mental strength "egregore Lord", forgetting God, the Merciful, the Merciful. And taking these mental strength, "Lord" with them embodies the reality and judgment, and fear, and anger, and begins to obscure people game full of sorrow and tears.

In our view, all of these "reality" created as a great mechanism for the closure of the souls of men in the "illusory worlds" in order to pump spiritual power. While holding the Soul in the "cocoon Alive" And this is done because the mental strength — is the main creative force in the universe, it is that which is given to each person at birth. This is the main driving force of the universe. And taking it in human souls, and keeping people in the dark cocoon, "Lord" is building with the help of his world.


This word, which replaced the concept of Essence — The Basics. Moreover, the word is used in the meaning of the essence of something (for example: the principle of the engine) and in meaning: in general — in general (for example: I basically agree with the speaker.) But in both cases the use of the words (value chain) takes on the nature of human consciousness. But the principle itself becomes our consciousness enveloping cocoon. Examples of these words include the word and the concept of paradigm.


This word has many meanings. This belief system, values, methods and algorithms. This plan living arrangement. This fence, designed to protect anything from anybody. But in any case, use of the word takes us behind the fence (fence) of a certain value system that supports his plan living arrangement. And because of this fence will not see any bright future, not the whole world. Concept makes use of the word impossible to realize the vision of the future beyond the "cocoon alive." The word paradigm has many meanings, but because one of them, it means the concept, the detail paint it does not make sense. Except that it should be mentioned that the word is a code word for recognizing us and them in the "elite academic circles."

Mind and Personality

Psyche — This is a set of abilities animal soul of man in the area of perception, processing and learning. Everything connected with the psyche, has nothing to do with the soul senses, so science itself on the mind (psychology), and all that it studies, introduces man to "cocoon Alive", and makes it impossible to understand and realize yourself a part of the Light — immortal and everlasting. It can be concluded that all the words that serve psychology, are the words of traps, normally open our consciousness in a "cocoon alive," thus keeping the person in a given state of the animal, that is, when the person is alive bosses, not the soul. This applies to all types of mind: the animal type of mentality, the type of mental zombies, demonic type of mentality and humane type of mentality. When the man upright soul, then we can say about him: humanity Story of Soul. So how would cleverly and subtly showered on people's psyche, psychological, psychology, and psychiatry, provided that in doing so he does not come to an understanding of the soul and unlike her alive (psyche), it means that such a person at a given time is a slave alive (that is located in one of the states of the animal) and all his arguments are limited to the size of "cocoon alive." But this does not in any way mean that this person can not unlock this cocoon and become a man of understanding with humanity builds the Soul. And this is so because the soul of man is always striving for the Light and the power of her unbearable alive.

Personality — One of the manifestations of the animal the human condition. Actually, a person who is under the authority of Alive, there may be many masks — masks, as they say, on all occasions, but the identity — this is the main line of conduct, which chose a person or which has been forced upon him "an environment of habitation" . The current system of bondage struggles to cultivate human personality in all its forms, as a person, along with the psyche — the basis of the existence of a succession of generations of the matrix of the system — is the foundation to maintain power in the crowd-elite society (where people in a cattle pasture condition zombies, obeying obsessed). There should be one very important thing. When a person is on the very bottom rung "cocoon Alive", scientists call it "animal type of mentality" (in Russian speaking, is in a cattle state), the manifestation of personality is extremely weak. At the next stage, when a person is in a "zombie" — a manifestation of the personality is more pronounced. In the state of obsession (demonic type of mentality) — very clearly visible personality, although it occasionally changes the mask. And, finally, able to chelovekopodobiya (humane type of mentality) — pronounced personality that hides under the guise of animal essence of Virtue. All of the above fully applies to the so-called "Socionics psycho." The lower the ladder "cocoon alive", so they are less manifest, and vice versa, the more — the more manifest. But the man who is in humanity builds the Soul, there is no need of any individual, no psycho, it is outside the "cocoon alive", he opened the whole world. We add that the newborn person comes into this world with no personality and psyche, and only to the year he start to show the first signs of the one and the other, which in our view is a consequence of the "system" and not an innate "program" development. In a world ruled by love and humanity, where people are in a humane structure of the Soul, and the kids will be a man, not individuals.

Will and Freedom

This is very similar concepts and barely visible to modern man. But in Russian, the word "will" can be assigned to the values of good and evil. Presence in the Russian language words and phrases that indicate the goodwill and lack of ill will can only be explained as the fact that the word "Will" can be attributed to one of the original concepts, and only later, when the people who seek to impose their will on others making them with slaves, had to introduce clarifying concepts — Good, bad faith and lack of will, as in the case of morality. That is, "Will" — is one of the original concept, which is closely connected with God, the good, conscience and justice.

And the most interesting thing about the word "will" language discrepancy arises when trying to translate it into English. The will — will; free man — free person; free world — free world; slave — slave; unwitting people — unwitting person.

But if we want to write a will person, then the transfer will turn out as a man of the future (to a man), as will take the value of the "future time." Well, the Russian will — for the future of the British?

But it was in the past, since the will went into many European languages: Vilna Ukraine, Volyn, Vilnius, Vilnius, bagpipes, villa; village (Fr.) — a village, villan (Fr.) — a man, ville (Fr.) — the city; volonte (Fr.) — will, volontaire (Fr.) — Volunteer; vol (Fr.) — 1. Flight 2. Theft.

It is clear that the "Vilna Ukraine" has the meaning "free margin" and has more to the word "freedom" than the word "fork", although writes «i». But forks also have a bearing on the will. In Russian there is such a word and a concept as "fork" — a place where the path is disconnected (consumption path) and the person has a choice. Here we go directly to the concept of "right of choice", the same rights, which have each person from birth. And this is the right directly connected with Will. God is not forcing people to their choice and will (Right Choice) — is a gift of God to people. That is why people tend to deny this gift, deny Will deny the right choice. Another thing is that Will is part of God's predestination, that is, it is immense, it is a universal measure. But the man himself can arbitrarily determine the extent of his will. There are two extremes — a complete lack of will (apathy) and the desire to impose their will on others (rule). Universal measure (in our opinion) is more appropriate when the person is not subject to the will of another, but does not impose its will on others. That is gentle on the will as God's gift, and does not seek to take this gift for others. But what about the word "freedom"? This is a relatively young formation, appeared for what would have attempted to smuggle into the consciousness of the Russian people "a set of Western values." Liberty — Liberty, the foundation of the Western world, by the way, in one of their values (in Turkish), it is translated as "wind blowing from the west", which is close to the point. Making this word in Russian tried it fully compatible with the notion of the will. But the Russian people is to say the two words, as he immediately feel the difference. And in the language it was expressed as follows:

Free man — a free man, a free world — the free world; libertines …?

Here it should be said that, in Russian, the word "outlaws" means about the same as the "anarchy" that is, the pursuit of the will of the unconscious and often not associated with morality, or justice. This is different and "outlaws" from the "free world", where a free man — it's a free man in his thoughts and actions on others and on the "system", but he lives on the conscience and justice, that is, a person who does not accept captivity in all its forms, but seeks to live by the truth, to live in humane structure of the Soul — in harmony with the world and God. This is a person that is subject to the care and responsibility for the world in all its forms, from small insects and people with all their flaws and shortcomings to the universe.

A free man can be free and of conscience and justice, but to be a slave to his passions, and through them to other people and slave "system." So the world free people — a world where the laws can not be invented by people, but there is justice, and the people, feeling her soul, make your way of life and the world in which they live in accordance with it. That is Freestyle World — a world of justice, where people live soul, not mental-mind.

That will have sought to erase from the Russian people, and Trotsky (Bronstein) decimating the Cossacks, and Khrushchev — eliminating northern villages (where the fire, and where alcohol), instead of palming prosthesis called "freedom."

Well, as ineradicable craving for the Light of the Soul, and ineradicable desire of man to the will and the free way of life.

Fix — izlevit.

And at the end of the chapter on why the Russian language there is a word (and concept) to "fix", but there is no word (and concept) izlevit? In our understanding of the rules — a concept Obschevselenskoy Measures — Development of God's Predestination of Genesis. Therefore, the desire to get out of the Government in the Russian language is called — Treason. And if so to conceive of law in a direct way, attempts to turn from it (does not matter which way, and not just to the left, although the phrase "go to the left" means adultery), and there is a change. A correction — a return to the straight path, the return in the right. Therefore, the brain and reduce a bone, that is put in order, setting in place.


Russian language should be the global language. There will come a time (and it's not far off), start learning the Russian language in all the meridians of the globe.
LN Thick

General conclusions we would like to start with excerpts from the work of Teun Moreza "Return of the Warriors":

"… The preface to the Russian edition

When I started to write the foreword to the publication in Russian, I find that I feel a strange mix of feelings — feelings, no doubt due to the current moment, although it was mingled with their amazing sense of antiquity, as the EU-in to the icy fingers of events long past suddenly prostrated through time to squeeze some of my vague memory. Elusive scenes of the last days of Atlantis, immediately preceding the destruction of the world, rose from the depths of memory to soar in it, like ghosts cemetery. Days filled with oppressive heat and unnatural calm, which brought all the priests of Atlantis to the frenzy …

… Perhaps it is because this piece of the deep past acquires a certain content, if we consider it in the context of one of the most obscure prophecies Nameless. Among the many prophesies, there are some that do look dim, as, apparently, are random penetration into the unknown future. Yet, based on past experience, you may find that many of these seemingly strange prophecy is not so vague — may seem strange but some indication of their contents, are not consistent with current events in the world, but not the content itself. Below I present one such prophecy explains the bizarre thoughts that make me think about the Russian people, and that's why during the creation of this preface me back memories of my inexplicable for lost people of Atlantis.

"With the cold North, they will come, brave men and women of the many tribes that make up a strong race and continue to follow in their heart of hearts the way the Secret Truth, — even though they will not remember any reason or purpose of his self-imposed exile. In their search for ancient atonement for sin, which is committed not for them, these people put Sword forces and retained only the Spear of Destiny.

Before the advent of power concentrated in the javelin and break down many of their beliefs, and ruin the walls that separated them for so long from the tribesmen. Because of the exile, because of the separation of the soul of the people will be marked by great poverty and body vsepoglatsayuschim loneliness of spirit. But these bodies poverty and loneliness of the spirit gave them immense power and purpose deep thirst for life. Therefore, in the hearts of these people burning fire insatiable desire and passion, and the flame will allow them to hear the first call by call.

The arrival of these people will fear the rest of the world, but not for spiritual reasons. This fear is based on the reasons generated by ignorance, so their real coming will initially unnoticed. That's why they come invisible and take the world by storm. They do not take it, a sword, and spear, the power of fate and the power of his passion for life and the One Truth, This force mission, the burning passion will sweep away everything in their path, like a huge rush of unrelenting, they will search in all minds and hearts of the Uniform the truth and do not stop their search until they find a sound that echoed forever in their hearts and they were waiting for all this time. This sound will satisfy their inner fire, and around it they will erect a new empire — an empire based not on political power, but only in the single truth — and spread it through all the political and natural boundaries. "

So says an ancient prophecy. The reason that these prophecies seem unclear, it is obvious.

And yet, for reasons already discussed, I feel that this prophecy tells of the Russian people.

Confirms this feeling is the fact that the West is very afraid of the political and the share of nuclear power of the Soviet Union, but now that the Soviet Union no longer exists, the West has ceased to regard it as a threat to their long-term and loosened guard. Moreover, the nature and the position described in the prophecy of the people amazingly suited to the Russian people today, and if we think about what has become quiet and barren much of the West, now that Soviet socialism is no longer a political threat to them, the idea of that spunky spirit Russian Luden will again ignite the minds and hearts of the Western vision of the new world seems not so strange.

I think — and I think it is absolutely amazing — that there is a huge sense that so soon after the appearance of this book is the first Russian publisher speaks to us about the rights of translation into foreign languages. But we can not build our future on the uncertainties, and therefore too much to find the proof before, it may be expected to take at least my feelings about the above prophecy. And yet I continue to remember him, and I am sure that is closely watching the response of the Russian people to the teachings of the Toltecs. Perhaps the Russian people really take the world by storm. In this respect, the West is definitely in need of a new outbreak of vision and inner fire. Perhaps the lost people of Atlantis will be recognized and taken into the arms of the world. Perhaps I am, after all, to unravel the mystery of this obscure piece of his mind.

Teun Morez … ".

The thoughts expressed Theun Frost over the Russian people and the future of humanity, fit well into our vision of the future and are a kind of confirmation of this work. And, of course, not the least is that Theun Morez conceptualize ancient prophecy based on their feelings, that is, the soul, and not based on logic, but to do it in English is extremely difficult.

And really, can the Russian people become the nucleus of the new humanity, the foundation of a new world? In our view, of course — yes! And for that, he's all there. And the most important — is the Russian language. It is only necessary to clear it of slime, and then it will be a means of communication for all people on Earth, communication from heart to heart. Because he language of the human soul, through which flows the Divine Light of Love and Kindness. And then all the people on Earth will be the light (in the sense of the soul, not the color of the skin), that is Russian. Extract from by VV Beekeeper "The Last Gambit":

… — Our family had a patron — the teacher who was particularly fond of my middle brother and encouraged him after graduation to live and work in Russia.

— This is interesting, Prakash, why it is in Russia, where life in Switzerland is much calmer and richer?

— He said that in the next century, all the important things will come from Russia and India must realize that there really is.

— Did your teacher ever been alone in Russia?

— No, but he always spoke well about the country and said that Russia will show the true way of India.

— And your brother has long been living in Russia?

— For over ten years, had there been grown children, studying in a Russian school and when they come on holiday with her parents, despite the Indian appearance, in the image of thought, behavior, habits, they — Russian.

— And that means, Prakash, in your opinion, to be Russian?

— Oh, Mr. Holmes, this we talked a lot with my brother. Russian multinational country, and he has traveled many of its regions. Understand who the Georgians, Tatars, Armenians, Uzbeks, and even the Jews, but often complained about the teacher, when he was still in this world that can not understand who they are Russian. His teacher consoled and promised that one day he met a Russian man and he will explain who the Russian. But to understand his explanation, which will be very simple, the brother should know Russian.

— One day — he began his story — I took the train "Moscow — St. Petersburg." With me in the coupe was a man that looks like him whom I had warned my teacher. I really wanted to talk to him to see how reliable the data I predict, however, a long time I knew how to start a conversation. Apparently, he felt it, and spoke first. After a while, when our conversation came to a quiet bed, I asked him a question tormented me. He smiled and said that it is very easy, because even though I an Indian, but I understand in Russian. He asked me to carefully listen to the phrases that will pronounce. I focused, and it became clear to utter the phrase: Armenian people, French people, the Tatar people, the American people, the Chechen people, the Jewish people and, finally, making a short pause, he said slowly — Russian. After his words I suddenly became really clear, who are Russian, as I said to my companion. And you realize — he asked. Russian — I said — is the name of the future of humanity. See how simple it — he said, and added, — this more than a century ago tried to tell the world Dostoevsky, but then very few people understand, because the concept was not developed vzaimovlozhennosti phenomena and processes. Russian — the ambient concept to all nations, and therefore easy to perceive the concept of consciousness — Russian American, Russian, German, Russian and even Chinese, but it will certainly rise to a standstill before a meaningless phrase — American Russian, German, Russian, Chinese, Russian. It's not the size of a nation, but in a completely new concept, which embraces all nations. And Russian "nationalism" is so dangerous, not because he really exists, so that in the future he can unite all the nations on entirely different moral principles alternative to those that prevail today in the biblical culture … "

Despite the strong exposure of the debris "Latinisms" we still bring it into this work, as clearly seen the basic idea that the "Russian" is the name of the future of man and the "Russian World" — is the future of a united humanity.

One question for the future of humanity today is fairly obvious. Another thing, on what basis it will be built. To date, the choice was not so great. At its heart are two of the world image. In one based around concepts such as justice and conscience, that is the way of the world, who always wanted to live the Russian people. This is a world free people. This is a world where there is rule of conscience, not law. A free people do not need laws and overseers in the implementation of laws. Otherwise, such a world is transformed from a free in the world of bondage — a large concentration camp on the planet. This is the world today are actively building "globalizers". Clearly, in the first case, the language of communication will be the Russian language, in the second — language based mixture of English, which we call "Latin."

It is appropriate to recall the old anecdote:

Met once Russian and Jewish. And the Jew asks:

— Look, Wang. Jews were the ancient Egyptians — Egyptians have not, were the Jews and the Romans — Romans gone, and there were Jews and the Nazi Germans — the Nazis have not, and now the Jews and Russian?

— Yes, Abrash, you and we went to the finals!

It turns out that at the time of completion of the merger there are only two languages that can be the basis of a new one humanity. Here the most important thing is that trying to mix the two languages, and based on a mixture of language to create a new religion, common to all mankind, is doomed to failure. The Russian language and the "Latin" mutually exclusive basis. They are directed in opposite directions. Therefore entertain the idea that the Russian language will "share" in a single language, is not only foolish, but also harmful. Not have the time to drink dirty water — you can die. It is also important to understand that the debris of the Russian language and Russian-speaking Latinisms debris through distortion original essence of words and concepts, through the invention of new slang and individual sayings, do not display the essence of life, after all is a consequence. A CAUSE — littered our souls. Although after so many years they are so fused that sometimes just hard to distinguish. But the reason — still in our souls. And as the cleansing of our souls and the common soul of the Russian people — and the media saver Russian language — will be cleared and our Mighty Living Great Russian Language. This does not mean that we should sit back and wait for all the self-clean. Conversely, the time more vigorously scrubbing foreign language — the experience of revolutions in any business gained enough. No. These are the two extremes between which will be purification of the Russian language (the golden mean — Measure). And as the people will overcome the psyche with all its types, to build (including humane system of the psyche — the intermediate state on the Way to Build a humanity Soul), filling the soul the light of life, finding Humanity, getting rid of the person. Russian language will be healed, cleansed of all abominations imposed on them, and return itself that shine, that power, that were characteristic of him initially. And this work is, it is not visible to most people, quiet, calm, measured, for haste here, as in every good work, do not need. But Russian, as the saying goes, slowly harness, but quickly go. And it's not too far. All the time. And to begin, as we know ourselves to be. We need to open our hearts and minds of the Russian language, and he slowly begins to heal them, washing away the dirt and rust. We should not hurry, when ready, get rid of their lives, "the Latin term" starting to use them instead of the Russian word. In the beginning it will be difficult, as these "terms parasites" and have stuck firmly to the soul and to the mind, constantly sucking the mental strength and clouded consciousness, but it is blessed work. Every eradicated "term — a parasite" soul becomes purer and stronger, and the consciousness of all integrity and clearer. For a start, we propose to understand and begin to consciously overcome such "terms" as: PRINCIPLE, REALITY, MIND. It is time to begin to think and communicate in Russian! And at the end of this paper a few sentences:

VG Belinsky: "Eat a foreign word when it is equivalent to the Russian word — it means to offend common sense and common taste."

H. Barbusse: "In Russia, I saw people who can think. And in Russia, rather than in any other country, is destined to appear in our time the great revelation, both in terms of practical reforms, and in the realm of thought.

Mann of Russia: "The new man and a new era is taking its start. There is a moral world that does not know of any precedents or comparisons. "

Prishvin MM: "The moral is the ratio of the power of reason to force feelings. The stronger the feeling, and the closer to him mind, the more people in its human reality … "

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