Sannikov, Nekljaev and Bondarenko finished acquainted with the affairs of

Alexander Fyaduta met with colleagues from the "Tell the Truth." Andrei Sannikov called the criminal case against him "absurd essay on this topic." Preventive measure for Vladimir Neklyaeva not going to change. The guide Belarusian Orthodox Church was again denied Paul Seviarynets.

April 9 activist Staff Neklyaeva Alexander Fyaduta, which was released on the eve of the KGB detention center, a meeting with his colleagues from the company "Tell the truth." With journalists Alexander Fyaduta until communicates asked not to disturb him until Monday. Was able to communicate only with his wife Fyaduta Marina.

Reporter: "What do you feel when you saw him? "

Alexander Fyaduta

Andrei Sannikov


Paul Seviarynets

Dmitry Bondarenko

"What could I feel? Of course, only joy. Sang for him"I do not believe, do, in fact, you have come, my dear? My lose, come to me rather sweet home"(Laughs). They brought it to the beginning of the ninth hour of the evening. Looks, of course, thinner, tired. Of course, not a sanatorium. But the jovial, joking. He brought a new verse. "

Political analyst and writer Alexander Fyaduta was released on 8 April, and was arrested on December 20. Fyaduta accused of organizing activities that breach public order, or to participate in them.

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, who is charged with the more serious charge — in the organization of mass disorder evening of April 8 completed familiarization with the case. Alla Sannikov son quoted comment regarding the material collected by the investigators:

"He does not admit his guilt and says that it is" absurd essay on this topic. " I believe that this is precisely formulated. "

According to lawyers Sannikov, he kept confident and cheerful.

The morning of April 9, the eighth day in a row, Vladimir Neklyaeva taken to the KGB reading criminal case. According to the wife of former presidential candidate Olga Neklyaeva today must complete acquaintance, because "hurry." Will thereafter changed the measure of restraint for Vladimir — from house arrest at least on his own recognizance?

"I think they said that the house arrest will not be canceled."

Vladimir Neklyaeva accused of organizing activities that breach public order. The same charges are filed and co-founder of the BCD Paul Seviarynets. Paul's mother Tatiana said her son all week with a lawyer familiar with the case, but ended, she did not know. The mother hopes that her son be released under a written yesterday as Alexander Fyaduta, which is the same charge as that of Paul Sevyarinets.

"May be, as much as I was happy! I'd seen enough of him even if he had lived in the house much. "

Also Tatiana Seviarynets reported, from the leadership of the Orthodox Church she was told that Paul's visit Sevyarinets in the KGB prison for confession as he wants, will not work.

"Today I received a call from the office of Bishop Benjamin and briefly said that it is impossible to visit Paul. And when I asked about the second part of our conversation about the contract Diocese of the KGB detention center to visit the prisoners, said they did not know about it. "

He graduated with a business acquaintance activist Staff Sannikov Dmitry Bondarenko. According to the case Bondarenko will be treated in the court separately from the other cases. Presumably, this will happen in late April — early May.



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