Sausage Russian market — a view from outside

According to market research sausage conducted by «Step by Step», namely the Russian market of meat and meat products is currently one of the largest and most have a wide product range.

In the study says that the sausages take up more than half of the total meat production.

About 60% of the Russians include different types of sausage products in your daily diet.

According Marketing.rbc «major players in the market of sausages are domestic manufacturers. Domestic production is about 98% of all consumed sausages. The share of exports, and the share of imports of meat products in the turnover of Russia in 2012 is relatively low at 2.1% of the market "- said in a statement.

Russian exports of meat products comes in several countries. First of all, it Kzahstan (valued at 57.5 million USD), accounting for 86.54% in terms of value of total exports.

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