SB fan club Lokomotiv

In 2007, on the decision of the "Locomotive", headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SV Lipatov, ceased to exist Club FC "Lokomotiv-MOR", which existed since 1997 and is part of the Club. Then on the board of representatives of associations of fans, it was decided that the assignee Fan Club will be the organization United South, before uniting active fans who support the team, and organizes colorful shares in the stands. It was also decided that in case of normalization of the situation within the club, the fans and the possibility of returning to dialogue and cooperation with club management, fan club will be revived and will once again carry out a full range of its functions. [Cut] This year has seen a number of positive developments, including the return of the head coach JP Semin, a change in the composition of the Board of Directors of FC "Locomotive", and improvement of personnel in the management of the Club. After these events, we saw an opportunity to revive the activities of the Club fans. During the summer months we have been actively engaged in organizational and legal issues for re-registration Fan Club. In particular, it was sight to the decision to change the organizational form of the Regional Public Organization of the Inter-regional, as fans of "Locomotive" is practically in all regions of Russia, many cities already have local fan clubs. It was also decided to increase the scope Fan Club, not limiting it to just one sport, and cover all aspects of the Sports Society "Locomotive". [B] Up to 9 October, all existing regional offices of fans of "Locomotive" will hold their meeting, which will choose delegates to represent their region at the National Conference of the Interregional Public Organization "fan club sports club" Lokomotiv ". [/ B] Unfortunately, the newly established NGO "The club FC" Lokomotiv "Moscow" does not represent all the fans of "Locomotive" in Moscow, as introduced unexplained criteria in making the representatives of associations of fans. Yet through the establishment of the Moscow branch of the IPO "CB SO" Locomotive "possible merger and integration of all the fans, "Locomotive". The organization of the meeting of representatives of the Moscow Department undertakes the organization of "United South". Invitations to the meeting will be presented to representatives of associations of fans, there are at least 1 year and actively participated in the activities of bolelschitskogo movement. List of groups: 1. FC Lokomotiv (Vladimir Maminov) 2. Veterans 3. Ultra Loco 4. Street Band 5. MDF 6. Trains Team 7. BH 8. Vikings 9. 10 South Street. Brave Hearts 11. Steam Engines 12. Mayhem (RTF) 13. 1HW 14. United South (creative team) 15. Reactive 16. 30-ka 17. Adrenaline 18. Loco Engineering 19. South1 20. UltraS4 21. Drummers 22. South Way 23. Ultra groups (3 top) 24. L-oko 25. Bronepoezd 26. Loko Aha [cut]

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